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Talk of hurricanes and...marriage?

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Rae & Gerard have an interesting late night conversation ;)

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Rae constantly wondered how Mikey was doing. Had he thought her a monster? Would he ever come to forgive her? Not likely, she always found herself thinking.

Late at night when she lay in her bed she could just barely hear him creep down the steps toward the kitchen for a late meal to tide him over till the next day. She even swore she could hear his muffled cries during the wee hours of the night…but she didn’t have the courage to check on him. She was weak, too afraid of what she might be confronted with. She hated herself. How could she ever go on knowing she had caused someone as dear as Mikey this much emotional pain? It almost made her throw up several times; the agonizing torment running amok through her thoughts was overwhelming.

She had barely seen the others since the talk. She would lie across her bed, her hair hanging down low, almost to the floor, while the blood pulsed to her head making her dizzy. But she stayed in that position thinking…about everything. She thought about her life before she came here; her friends and how she missed them, the amount of homework she was surely going to receive. She grimaced, knowing that was something she didn’t want to go back to. She continued to imagine how her friends lived their lives since her sudden disappearance. I bet they know I’m gone, I wonder how worried they are? Does anyone besides them even care that I’m missing? Maybe my family…or at least what’s left of it. She wasn’t sure about anything anymore; she didn’t even know how to resolve this problem. All she did know was that she was in pain, Mikey was most likely in a tremendous amount of agony, and Gerard…well she wasn’t too sure about him either.

He had come in and seen her from time to time throughout the days, resting his hand on her head as she lay on her side breathing evenly. He would tenderly stroke her hair, offering her words of comfort, he would sometimes go and lay with her, his body molding to the crooks and curves of her own, his arm gently resting along her side, possibly trailing up and down her form. Rae knew he loved her, she could sense it in the very way he walked toward her, but she didn’t know who loved her more.

Maybe Gerard was right and she was wrong. Maybe Rae wasn’t supposed to come here to mend Gee and Mikey’s relationship, all she seemed to do was destroy it in one foul swoop, maybe she was brought here so she could finally love Gerard. Or maybe she was simply the ‘wrong place wrong time’ girl. Gosh, how confusing life had become for her and everyone else.

“Gerard?” she asked him one day while he lay with her on his bed. He was toying lightly with a loose strand of her hair, marveling at its color and shine in the sunlight.

“Hmm?” he asked her, drawing himself out of a silly trance.

“Do you think this will ever be sorted out? Will we all ever be ok with one another again?” she stopped, looking back over her shoulder to marvel at the concentrated expression he wore while he continued to play with her hair.

“Well I suppose so,” he said. “Everything, at some point or another, will turn out ok. I guess this situation is like a hurricane.” Rae furrowed her brow, completely confused by his analogy.

“What do you mean ‘it’s like a hurricane’?” he smiled grimly and sighed deeply, stretching his arm to once again place it around her shoulder protectively.

“I mean…everything was a sort of mess when I brought you here; you were miserable, I was an ass towards you…I tried to take advantage of you. And then I had to go and make everything worse by giving into my freaking hormones and talk to you, which only worsened things even more when I kissed you…and we got physical. That was before the hurricane arrived.

“We were all relatively happy, I finally had your affection to keep my going, you got to have Mikey and I, and Mikey got to have you. Such a horribly complicated triangle, everyone is connected to everyone else; that’s the eye of the storm.

“Then we had to go and tell my brother the truth, and that was when the aftermath hit. It will take time for everything to be patched up, for the damage to heal, but we’re all strong in our own ways, and I think that someday we’ll all be happy again.” He sighed again, nuzzling his head into her hair breathing deeply.

Rae thought about everything he had said for a moment…seeing the connections to ‘the hurricane’ and how they all felt.

“Gerard?” she asked again, having another question in mind.

“Hmm?” he sort of groaned, whining slightly as he pulled her body closer to his trying to re-adjust himself.

“I have another question I need to ask you.”

“Oh, your questions are so exhausting…you’re always full of them. So what is it this time?” he added with heavy sarcasm.

“Right before Mikey and I walked into your room…I head you guys talking, about things…” she felt his muscles tighten slightly around her making her wince in a brief pain.

“What exactly did…you hear?” he asked. There was an audible hitch in his voice that worried her.

“Well, uh, you and Bob were talking about…marriage? And you were starting to say something about marrying if I were to stay here, and I was just wondering if you meant that if I were to stay, you’d marry……me?” she trailed off, closing her eyes waiting for his eruption. None came. He only pulled his head away, and lightly grabbed her face turning it towards him. She opened her eyes to stare directly into his, his hazel orbs taking on a liquidy appearance.

Though his look was intense and fierce, there was a soft and subtle aura about his features. He gently placed a kiss on her slightly open lips, making her stare back in wonder. Where's the yelling, the accusations of eavesdropping? Why isn’t he mad at me?
“Yes Bob and I were talking of marriage before you barged in,” he cocked his eyebrows making her giggle in apology. “And yes I was actually thinking about the fact that since you are turning 18 quite soon, I could then marry you a little later on. It could be the perfect wedding Rae, with beautiful intricate decorations, you and I could invite anyone we wanted, you could have you dream wedding dress…my god you’d be the vision of perfection, even the angels would gawk in jealousy. There wouldn’t even be a budget limit since we’ve sold so many albums and merch…we’re basically filthy stinking rich! That is if you’d still want me then.” He smiled sadly immediately thinking of his brother.

“Of course I’d want you then, why wouldn’t I? It could be absolutely splendid…I’d be Rae Way.” She laughed making him look at her in curiosity this time. “Sorry…it rhymed.” She laughed again, making him take firm hold of her chin and kiss her with more passion that she’d ever seen in him.

His mouth completely molded itself over hers, her soft innocent lips moving against his older and more experienced ones. He slowly deepened the kiss by applying more pressure as his tongue moved around the edges of her bottom lip before he drew it into his mouth to suckle. She moaned into him at the sheer pleasure of it as his other hand snaked its way along her side becoming entwined in her long almond hair, keeping her latched to him.

She moved her hands, clutching the fabric of his shirt, to pull him closer, as he positioned himself above her. His erection pressed annoyingly into her inner thigh only making her want him more.

“Oh…uhh Gerard…!” she moaned between his electrifying kisses, grabbing the bed sheets and twisting them in her small feeble hands. He began placing air light kisses along her jaw line, each subtle contact sending jolts through her skin as she raised her hips to meet his lower half, which was only a centimeter away.

He ground his hips into her, evoking a gasp, as he continued his love trek down her neck. She tilted her head to the side giving him more access to the sensitive skin and he fully took advantage. He nipped and he kissed, he bit and he loved. He brought pain but he also brought pleasure…pleasure she didn’t even know existed in the world. Gerard slinked his other unused hand down Rae’s side, effortlessly moving it up and under the hem of her shirt to rest on her perfectly toned stomach. He felt her muscles contract from his warm touch, pausing to grin from the response he extracted from her, and slide his hand up her middle towards her breasts.

She stopped breathing momentarily as she felt his hand caress her stomach…from beneath her shirt. But feeling his skin against hers only ignited the fire and urgency between her legs even more. She was throbbing, and surprisingly wet, and it was very uncomfortable.

Oooh sorry to cut off there XD and yes I know, my slight smut was pathetic. I'm not too amazing at writig this kind of thing, but I hope you found this chapter to be enjoyable. Please comment...they mean the world to me. They also help me along in my writing. K'thanks!
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