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poem i wrote kinda with a reference to Gerard at the end...

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Shivering frame,
Choking and crying.
Tired, exhaustion.
Alone and abandoned.
Bleeding wrists,
Broken soul.
Begging, pleading, screaming for help.
Why does nobody hear her?

Blind to see how the smile is just a façade,
Deep down she is hurting and begging.
Its not her fault, just something that’s there,
Gnawing at her mind and killing her slowly.

All she seeks is a friendly face,
To rescue her from the darkness.
The darkness that consumes her,
She’ll fade away until there’s nothing left.
A helping hand that says she can make it through.
That’ll listen and understand her pain.
If she is left to rot away alone.
Who knows when it will be too late?

She needs an angel,
With black messy hair.
A voice that only he possesses.
I need an angel,
He is out there somewhere.
In a far away place called New Jersey.

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