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My failing heart can't stand this pain.

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ONE-SHOT. The minutes on the clock rolled over slowly, weighed down with the pain of a heart breaking silently.

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And when he found her it was too late. Running through the door the eery silence the halls contained screamed the words he didn't want to hear. There was a morbid edge to every shadow haunting the windows and the eldest gum-tree in the yard swayed in a melancholy salute to the dead. And in his mind it was the calm he remembered. Always. The most absolute calm, the emptiness that resonated through the night, poured out from her soul, the emptiness of a soul that had slowly bled itself out until nothing was left. The colours of the walls all seemed too loud in comparison to her stoney-white complexion and vacant veins. Her death pronounced like a whisper. The only trace of life, a letter to her last acquaintance, the remnants of her soul.

The hero to my broken fairy-tale, I'm sorry you felt you couldn't fix me. It was never your fault, attempting to heal an illness that ran deeper than my blood meant that victory could never be achieved. There was never any hope for me, but I'm sorry I dragged you so deep into my vortex of turmoil that you couldn't fight your way out. You never abandoned me and for that I am grateful, you've been saving my life since the day I first met you, but a time was always going to come when death reached for me with its firm and irrevocable metacarpals.

For me you must follow your dreams and make your mark on the world. Help people who can still accept your help, and know that you cant always save everyone, my darling Frankie. You had five years with me, and held me everyday, trying to protect me from the daemons even you couldn't fight away. You wasted your youth watching me waste away, sixty months of your life that shall never return to your grasp. Know that tomorrow will come, and will bring with it the perspective of daylight, brightening even the darkest corner, do not bask in sorrow, my time was nearing regardless. If I hadn't taken my life, the cancer would have. This way you don't have to watch me suffer any longer.
Your always in my heart dearest, I will watch over you forever.
All the love in my heart,
Z. xx

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