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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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MCR fic. Set in the teenage/ young adult years of MCR. Ray, Gerard, Mikey and Bob aren't quite human and Frank is freaked out.

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Hay there. New fic. (hell yes). Enjoy.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognise, not mine, mmk?

Chapter 1

Ray lifted his head, blood dripping from his jaws. He looked down at Luna's mutilated corpse. She lay, gored on the concrete. Growling a swear word, Ray extended a paw, trying to set her head back on her shoulders but all he did was open a fresh wound. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw the fur on his shoulders receding, his claws retracting. He stared, shocked, at the sky seeing the moon, drifting behind a cloud. His human senses returned as did his emotions and, gazing at Luna, he was overcome with grief.

Ray's POV.
We walked, hand in hand, along the road. As we went we passed numerous bars with drunks staggering out of them. Suddenly, with a mad look in her eye, Luna grabbed me and pulled me into a darkened alleyway. She crashed her lips against mine in a sloppy kiss. Pushing her away slightly, I slipped my arms around her in a hug. She pouted, obviously disappointed.
'Can't we take it slower?' I asked. Sulkily she replied,
'I s'pose so Ray but not too slow'. I grinned and pulled her closer into a crushing bear hug. She snuggled against me. Then I felt my senses sharpening and the world becoming brighter. The moon was shining into the alleyway, I looked up. It was full. I pushed Luna away but she staggered and fell hard against the wall.
'Go!' I growled. Her expression changed from hurt to shock. She turned to run but my new instincts were too fast for her and my now clawed hand shot out and scratched her back, tearing her shirt and drawing blood. I sniffed it. Licked it. Blood! I needed it! Human blood. And I could smell it. Luna screamed as I threw her hard against the brickwork. Knocking her out. Forever.
End Flashback

Normal POV
Ray crumpled. He tried to stay standing but it was too hard. He gave in and fell to the ground. Tears dripped from his cheeks and fell onto his bare chest. It was only then that he was naked, covered only by many bleeding wounds on his shoulders and back. Around him lay scraps of his clothing and clumps of fur. Ray curled up into protective ball on the bloodstained concrete and rocked himself to sleep. He lay quietly next to the love of his life. This was how his friends found him in the morning.

Short but hey. Just a taster :) R&R plz.

Eli. xoxo
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