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It's getting exciting...

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Still Gerard's POV

I shook myself out of the trance I was in and was surprised to see that I was in City Hospital between Frank and Mikey.

'Ahhh...he is returned to our time, thankyou for joining us again m'lud.'

'Shut up Mikey.' I shot him a warning look. Frank didn't know we were vampires but he wasn't stupid. Much. He saw my look and glanced questioningly at Mikey. Mikey looked away.

Mikey's POV

I was bored. Not just bored. Bored out of my bloodthirsty skull... what? Bloodthirsty? I hadn't been bloodthirsty for...615 years! Anyway, my patience was wearing thin. Gerard had so far sung through every single album that we owned and it was getting annoying. It wasn't that he didn't have a good voice, on the contrary his voice was beautiful, tuneful but with a slightly otherworldly edge to it. I was jerked from my thoughts as the doors burst open and a doctor came through. He introduced himself as Dr. Robert Bryar. As he was explaining Ray's condition to Gerard he shot me a look. His eyes were icy blue and his stare went right through me. He knows I thought He knows that we're Vampires.

Later, after a few more hours waiting for news on Ray we were back at home. Frank had decided he was going to stay over at ours tonight as, I quote 'I share a flat with Ray and its scary at night and I don't like scary things'. Then he did his bambi eyes and we gave in. So, there we were vegging [being lazy] in the living room/kitcheny bit whilst Gerard beat Frank at Guitar Hero III. My mind wondered again and I found myself thinking about that doctor at the hospital. Robert Bryar, I thought. It has a certain ring to it. It sounded vaguely familiar.

'Mmmm...' I mumbled, deep in thought. Gerard turned.


'Oh nothin' bro, just lost in thought...' He chuckled.

'Well it is unknown territory' I hit him.

'Sooo...what were ya thinking about Mikes?'

'It doesn't matter' I said, hurriedly trying to close my mind. Straight away, I felt Gerard forcing his way into my thoughts, wrenching doors open that I wanted kept shut.

'You were thinking about Dr. Robert Bryar at the hospital, he shot you a look and you've fallen in love' He said, teasing.

'No I haven't! I'm not gay!' I pouted and turned away.

'See you're so gay!'

'Am not!'

'Are too'

'Am not!'

'Are too!'

'Are too!'

'Am not...Oh Mikey! Heehee I thought.

Rays POV

I opened my eyes. And closed them again. The light was so bright. I laughed to myself. Despite all that had happened so far I still saw the funny side. Actually no. It wasn't funny and I wasn't laughing.

'Ah, good, you're awake' I jerked back into reality, Dr Bryar was standing over me holding a clipboard.

'I've never had one like you before,' he muttered.

'What?' I asked cockily before continuing 'A Jersey boy with multiple wounds that will need to be stitched and will probably scar?' Bryar laughed.

'No,' He leant in 'A cross-breed werewolf with unrestrained powers that has no idea what's happening to him.' My eyes narrowed and I tried to see past the facade of 'Dr Bryar' and see what was underneath. But all the gates into his mind were blocked up. I tried to force my way in, using all the supernatural power I could muster and eventually burst through, unleashing all the thoughts that were trapped inside his head. Pictures flickered in front of my eyes, I saw hellfire at the earth's creation, flames burning, burning the sky. I saw angels creating rifts, reviving the dead and forming all manner of beasts, Vampires, Zombies, Harpies and, I saw, Werewolves. Shocked, I recoiled and looked 'Dr' Bryar in the eye. I opened my mouth to say something but at that moment, Gerard, Frank and Mikey all burst in with squeals of delight.

Frank: Yeeee!!! Torosaurus is awaakkkeeee!!!!

Gerard: -not squealing much- you're Awake!!

Mikey: YAY!! -jumps up and down-

They crowded round my bed (actually Frank tried to climb on the bed but Gerard held him back).

'Whoa guys!' I exclaimed 'What's up with you!!' I looked from one happy face to another.

'Nothing is 'up' as you say Ray -hey that rhymed! - we are simply overjoyed at your speedy recovery' I raised my eyebrows at Frank's usage of words with more than 4 letters.

'Also we found a Starbucks!!' squealed Mikey (that explained a lot). I noticed that Gerard hadn't said much since they had come in. I turned to him and found him staring straight at me. The air seemed to ripple with energy.

'What?' I asked. Gerard turned away.

'Nothing!' He said brightly and gave me a big cheesy smile. It was then that I noticed the fangs; Gerard's canine teeth were long and pointed. I ran my tongue over my teeth, just to check if Gerard's were abnormally long or like mine. My teeth weren't long. They were sharp. My canine teeth were, well canine.

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