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Does anyone notice? Does anyone care?

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Frank tries to get answers out of Gerard, but what happens when he pushes him too hard?

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A/N: Special thanks go to YuleShootYourEyeOut, xxTragic and littlepunkrocker13 for reviewing! Reviews makes my day^_^ A special thanks to my very specialage friend who helped me with the idea and when I have writers block.
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Franks P.O.V

My gasp must have been audible. Gerard's head quickly turned in my direction, looking at me as I sat gaping at the side of his face. So many questions ran through my mind. Who could've done that? And why? Was it unprovoked or were there things that Gerard did that I'd never want to know? Was it linked with the look of pain I saw flash across his face when I bumped into his shoulder? Then I realised he was talking to me.
" there?" I shook my head breaking the trace.
"Hmmmm....sorry did you say something?"
"I said are you okay? Is anything the matter?" He reliped impatiantly.
" it's just" I stumbled over my words. At least I'm not stupid enough to just blurt out "Hey Gerard what the fuck happened to your face?" In the end he just stopped paying me any attention.
"Are you okay?" I blurted out. He stopped and looked at me again. This time his whole body turned to face me, looking a little confused as he knelt about a meter away from me.
"W...what?" He seemed a little bit taken aback. This confused me. Surely he's been asked that before.
"I...was just wondering if you were okay.... you know....." The look on his face clearly told me he didn't know. "What's wrong?" He stared back into my eyes, his own wide and a little afraid. He looked slightly unsure, like a young child.
"I...guess I'm just not used to being asked that question." He mumbled at me. I watched him. He looked a little more relaxed. More comfortable. I nodded.
"okay....but...what happened?" I asked curiously.
"With what?" He asked, tilting his head. The look of confusion shining in his green eyes was so adorable. I reached forward to touch his face. The quick action of moving my hand towards him made him flinch away. He stared back at me looking terrified for a second. His expression changed to annoyance, like he was annoyed I had discovered he didn't just not like to be touched. He was afraid of it.
"Sorry." I mumbled. "Just....what happened to your face?" I asked not looking at him but at his sleeping bag.
"That's none of your business!" He snapped at me. My head shot up. Gerard looked like if I pushed the matter I'd be waking up in A&E.
"Sorry" I muttered again. A few awkward moments passed. Gerard had opened one of his books. I sat watching him, chewing at my lip. After about 5 minutes Gerard sighed in annoyance and lowered his book.
"What?" He asked. Shit! He noticed me staring!
"Why don't you like being touched?" I asked before I realised I had said it.
"Why do you care?" He asked bluntly. I shrugged.
"Just.....I don't like seeing anyone upset."
"I'm not upset."
"I'm not stupid!"
"What do you mean?!"
"Oh c'mon Gerard! Something is going on! You had a pained look on your face when I bumped into your shoulder, Your scared of being touched and you had your face fucking slashed open! What's going on?!" I yelled. I regretted yelling as I looked at his expression. Tears were welling up in his eyes, threatening to spill and he looked terrified. Without saying anything he stood up and headed or the entrance of the tent.
"Gerard!" I lept up and grabbed his arm. He made a little cry of pain and shock. Before I knew what had happened I was lying on the floor, my chest hurting. Okay I shouldn't have grabbed him like that.

Gerards P.O.V

I ran across the field, allowing the tears stinging my eyes to fall. Okay, I shouldn't have hit him, but he did suddenly grab me. I just can't stand it. Not that I'd tell anyone why. I'm the eldest of two. My parents had big dreams for us growing up. But I didn't fit their perfect son image. Mikey did. So he was favoured. I didn't really have a problem with that. It's just the constant comparison between me and Mikey. His grades were brilliant, HE never had any bad habits, HE never embarrassed the name of Way. HE wasn't the embarrassment. The mistake. I hated interaction because whenever it involves me I always end up worse off. I hated my parents because they seemed to like to show me constantly how much they regretted keeping me. How much time they wasted. I couold never hate Mikey though. It's not his fault I'm such a let down. I know he doesn't like what happens behind closed doors. Even if he can't see it, he can hear it. I stopped running when I realised I had gone straight into a clump of trees behind the school's field. I sat down on a fallen log. I thought about that Iero kid. Why was he pushing so much to learn anything about me? Was it some game? Something deep down told me this wasn't true though. I don't know why, but I around him. I stood up, deciding I'd better not leave Iero alone. Not when he doesn't know the school. See I can be a nice guy. People usually just don't want to know. I'm used to everyone not caring. Maybe I should give this kid a chance. When I got back to the tent to my horror I found it empty. A sick feeling rose in my stomach. I ran up to the school. I decided to look around there before searching the school grounds. Since he didn't know the area, if he had any sense he'd be around there and he seemed like a sensible kid. I yanked open the main doors and sped off up the corridor. As I ran I felt something benieth my foot that caused me to stumble. I spun round and picked up a hobo glove. It looked like one of the ones Iero was wearing. It probably would be better if I remembered his name....what was it again? Oh yeah Frank. Anyway it was his. Not many kids round here wore these types of gloves. I noticed it had fallen outside the door of the boys toilet. I slowly opened the door and slipped inside.
"Frank?" I called out, the word echoing round the walls. I scanned the room. When my eyes found Frank my blood ran cold and fear urged me to rush forward and grab him.

A/N: Yay Gerard has a P.O.V ^_^. I'm sorry bout the whole cliffhanger. But I can never help myslef. Thanks for reading xxxxx
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