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There may be trouble ahead

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A storm on the horizon...

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Mikey's POV

So...very...sleepy... I was very tired by this point as you may have guessed and the constant shouting of the emergency staff was not helping. I curled up on my chair and tried to sleep. Then I heard loud footsteps crash past me. Oh bugger off... I groaned inwardly and reluctantly opened my eyes in time to see Frank go storming through the hospital doors.

'Frank! FRANK! Please!' It was my sorry excuse for a brother. He continued to shout apologies until it dawned on him that this wasn't helping so he began shouting obscenities, obviously thinking Frank would definitely come back if he called him a retarded son of a bitch whose mother gets her kicks from old men... Anyway... when he had run out of things to insult the Iero family with he sat down with a sigh.

'Well I thought you handled that very well, you almost had him at man-whore that sleeps with racoons.' I added sardonically

'Go boil your head Mikey, in case you hadn't noticed, our lovely friend Frankie is now terrified (...) of us since a certain doctor' Here he shot daggers at Dr Bryar (A.N not real ones obviously... what are you, insane?) 'might have let it slip that we are not quite human...' I butted in,

'No no my dear Gee-tard, he knows you are a vampire, he still thinks I'm normal... doesn't he?'


'Oh Gee! What the hell! Now we have nothing!'

'Well im sorry Micheral-'

'Shut it'

'Mikey but there wasn't really anything I could do was there?!'

'You could have killed him...'

'Frank?! No! Y- '

'Bryar, you stupid man, you could have killed him before he said anything!'

'But he had my cloak!' He had started whining. Oh god. Once he had started there was no stopping him...

'...and anyway, then we would have to leave and Mama would be ashamed of us--'

'She's dead Gerard. Deal with it'

'I know that stupid, remember I was the one who had to dispose of the remains.' Nice...

Yes I know it's short but hey, if you like it or whatever then review! Alchoholic cyber beverages for all reviewers. Even flamers.

Eli. xoxo
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