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Oneshot: I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)

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A oneshot, (dunno why I picked the title, I love the song though- it's by The Used if you don't know it :D) FRERARD! Cute, Please read, rate and review, it's my first oneshot out! LOVEYOUGUYS! xoxo...

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The door slammed in my face as I started to cry. I banged on the locked door for what seemed like ages, only to hear no reply. I opened my phone, scrolling down my contacts list until I found the one person who I knew I could go to. ‘Hey… Can I c-come over?’ I asked, trying to hold back desperate sobs. His comforting voice on the other end of the phone made me smile a little.

‘Sure, are you okay?’He sounded worried which again made me smile, at least someone cared.

‘N-no… I’ll exp-plain when I g-get th-there’ I mumbled before hanging up and breaking down into tears. It was raining and I was stood outside Jamias house. She was probably up in her room shagging Mark or Tom or the next poor sap she’d moved on to. I can’t believe I ever loved such a slut.

I made my way through the rain to Gerards house, luckily he didn’t live far from Jamia so I didn’t get too wet. When I knocked feebly on his door, however, he answered, gasping at the state I was in.

‘Oh Frankie, come in, quickly you’re soaked!’ I loved Gerard, he was my best friend and always took care of me. I let him put his arms around me, pulling me into a comforting embrace as he helped me into his house and up to his room. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked with a certain urgency, as if he’d been worrying ever since I hung up. I said nothing for a while, I was too choked up. I just couldn’t forget her, how she won my heart and stamped on it like it was a worthless fairground prize. I clung closer to Gerard, sobbing into his shirt. He held me tighter, sitting us down on his bed. When I could eventually compose myself, I looked up at him with swollen eyes,

‘J-Jay and I broke up.’ We’d been together for four years now so Gerard understood how upset I was.

‘Oh Frankie’ he said softly, pressing my head to his chest as I cried the last of my tears. ‘She’s not worth these tears, please don’t cry’ he begged. I looked at him and saw he, himself was pretty close to tears. This is what I loved about Gerard so much. Out of all our friends, he was the only one prepared to get this close without assuming it was gay, so long as it made me feel better. I tried not to cry as I didn’t want him upset so looked up and tried to crack a smile.

‘I know…’ I mumbled ‘But, I thought she was the one, Gee, I thought I could trust her, but now it turns out I can’t trust anyone anymore!’ I cried hard into his chest, not aware Gerard had just pulled me on to his lap and had wrapped his arms round my waist, nuzzling his face a little in my wet hair. After a long pause of just holding each other he whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek softly,

‘You can trust me…’ I turned to look at him, leaning into his hand which he had just placed gently on my sodden cheek where his kiss print remained. I smiled, the warm touch of his palm making me realize I could trust him without getting hurt. I looked at Gerard and caught his shining hazel eyes, glimmering slightly orange from the reflection of the streetlamps outside. His hand moved slowly to the back of my neck, Gerard giggling a little as I bit my lip slightly. My lip ring shined in the evening light also as Gerard pulled me closer to rest my damp forehead against his dry one. ‘I promise I won’t hurt you, Frankie’ he whispered again, his warm breath feeling like heaven as it sailed over my lips, washing all my thoughts on Jamia away.

I shut my eyes, softly whispering ‘I know’ back to him, then gasping at what happened next. He closed the small gap between us, pressing his lips ever so softly on mine, as if unsure whether I wanted this or not. I quickly confirmed his worries by wrapping my arms round his neck and deepening the kiss. He pulled away, giving me another playful kiss on the cheek and smiling. ‘I’ll never hurt you, baby, I promise.’ I smiled, and felt myself welling up a little. He awed at me, drying my tears with his thumb ‘I love you, Frankie, so fucking much.’ Gerard pulled me in for another kiss, this time more passionate as we fell back on his bed, giggling as our light kisses turned into full on making-out.

We kissed for hours, our lips colliding together and our tongues working like magic. Gerard explored every inch of my mouth, taking time to suck lovingly on my lip ring and making me moan.

Before long, the skies had turned dark and our heated evening had cooled until we were just laying entwined with one another, talking in between gentle kisses. I saw Gerards eyes drooping a little, as did mine and rested my forehead against his like before. ‘Gerard…’ I mumbled, tiredly, my warm breath on his lips lulling him to sleep like some sort of drug.

‘Mmm?’ He asked, snuggling closer to me and pulling his sheet over us both. We didn’t care that we were fully clothed (even though his shirt was nearly undone), or that my body was making a large damp patch on him and the bed, we were together and that’s what mattered.

‘Don’t leave me… Don’t be like Jamia’ I said after pausing, worry overtaking me. Gerard only held me closer, opening his eyes slightly,

‘I never will, promise.’ He kissed me dreamily on the lips before shutting his eyes completely and drifting off into a deep slumber. He mumbled 'love you...' almost inaudiably in his sleep, a tear nearly coming to my eye as I kissed his nose softly before falling asleep myself. I have to say, this was the best break-up I’d ever had.
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