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Until The End.

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Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2009-03-02 - Updated: 2009-03-02 - 133 words

I wrote these ages ago, sorry if they suck. They're pretty gay too.

You Can't See It
In My Eyes How I'm Suffering
A Fake Smile Means Nothing
But It Doesn't Matter To You
You Don't See It Anyway
You Don't Want To See It
See Me Suffering, Pretending Everything Is Okay
But Its Not, Is It Okay Now?
The Police Gathered Around My House
Searching For Clues, Anything
But You've Got The Note, The Note I've Wrote For You
Mother Crying, People Shocked
The Rope That I Once Hung From Now Cut Down
But Still You Won't See The Pain In My Eyes.

Roses Are Red,
So Are My Wrists
My Life Was Pointless
Wasn't It?

I'm Dead Now
What Do You Care?
Who Was That They Say?
That Little Suicide Girl.
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