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1. Wake up Sonic the Hedgehog!

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This story takes place after Sonic and Robotnik fought in issue #50 of the Archie comic book series "Sonic the Hedgehog". Sonic wakes after a five year coma to see what has happened in his world.

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“Ugh… where am I?” thought a lone voice into the darkness. With his memory coming back to him after what had seemed to be an endless rest, it showed images of himself and a rather portly villain coming to massive blows. The last piece of his memory showed everything going up in a huge amount of pink energy.
His eyes ease open to see the dim orange lighting of the room. The ceiling had one-hundred forty-four ceiling tiles in them with eight recessed lights set to a sultry atmosphere. He rubbed his eyes to get a better glimpse of things when he saw his peach complexioned hands and started to turn them over and about. He grabbed the stiff blankets that were across him and revealed his body. He wore the provided robe that the hospital gives out to patients and a pair of bright white socks.
His legs still true blue and lanky he started to smile.
He stretched his limbs out while giving a huge yawn in the process. He looked over at the clock and noticed the time; 11:59.
“I still can’t manage to get up early.” he smirked. He eased out of bed and stumbled to the personal bathroom just feet from the bed. During that time, a well-respected doctor came in approached and opened the hospital door. He had slick yellow fur, and a nicely colored orange bill and webbed feet, with his professional doctor coat over his shoulders. He had clipboard in one hand while the other was stuck on the, now activated, light. His face said it all - a look of joy and confusion will always give you a weird look.
He heard the toilet flush and the sound of running water emanate from the bathroom. The doctor clutched his clipboard at his chest as he stood impatiently for the door to open.
He had his wish.
Emerging from the bathroom door, a hero had returned.
“Sonic the Hedgehog!” yelled the doctor. The doctor ran through Sonic’s mind putting forgotten images back in its place. Sonic reeled back from the memory gain and voiced words.
“Dr. Quack!?” Sonic returned.
His sharp blue shines had grown considerably and his tail as well. Sonic looked toward the door to see the elated doctor explode with joy. He rushed over to him and hugged him.
“Whoa, whoa, Doc I still play the straight line, not the curved one.” said Sonic pushing the Doctor back.
“Sonic, how do you feel? You okay? How was the bed? Was it too springy? Not firm enough? What’s going on?”
“Um… Good, Fine, Meh, A little, could have been better, and you tell me!” Sonic answered in succession.
“It’s good to see you on your feet kid.” said Dr. Quack, “But we don’t have time for semantics, you need to get ready.”
“Whoa whoa, get ready for what?” asked the blue hedgehog while being pushed out of the room. Dr. Quack escorted Sonic out of the hospital room past many woodland creatures with expressions of joy across their faces. Sonic politely waved as he was being shoved through hall after hall by the yellow duck. Sonic was pushed deeper and deeper into the catacombs of the hospital where Dr. Quack used security clearance to get past. He entered into a lab laced with technology. Sonic looked around and then proceeded in to find a new person in the lab.
“Hey Doc, who’s down there?” asked Sonic.
“Sorry Sonic I’ve got a surgery to run to, but go introduce yourself. After all it is home.” said Dr. Quack.
Sonic grabbed his head when images of Knothole Village started to pop around in his mind. The wooden structures surrounded by large trees were throughout his memories, and now it’s a complete hospital.
What’s going on?
Sonic walked down to the lab to see multiple versions of the same creature. She was in a purple dress with two beaded strands of hair flowing down her back. The top of her hair draped over through her large ears with three bundles of hair atop those ears. Her fur was mostly brown but had black at her ears, hands, and feet. Sonic made his way downstairs and looked up and around.
“Send in the clones!” said Sonic. Her large ears twitched when they all froze in motion. The other copies blinked away leaving the true one with her back turned to the hedgehog. She turned around and smiled at Sonic through forest green eyes.
“Welcome back Sonic the Hedgehog.” she stated.
Images flashed through his head of a small handheld computer that was used time and again. Sonic started to smile and then chuckle a little bit.
“That voice, there’s no way you are who I think you are!” stated the hedgehog.
“Processing.” she stated. She blinked away and then appeared right before Sonic. She leaned in toward him and examined him.
“Heartbeat stable, blood pressure normal, and vitals are okay.”
“You know if you wanna look some more it’s gonna cost you.”
“Wit seems to be normal as well.”
“Okay who are you lady?”
“But your memory seems to have holes in it. You remember when you see them, correct?” she inquired.
“Your good. Yeah it seems that’s the case, like when I woke up I remembered who I was, and the same with Dr. Quack.”
“Your memory loss is very temporary, but shall heal once you tour the city.”
“City?” Sonic questioned, “You mean village right?”
“No Sonic the Hedgehog, the village you seek has been destroyed.”
“Knothole? Destroyed? Who did this?”
“Relax, Sonic the Hedgehog, things are at balance so far. New Mobotropolis is the new city founded by the remaining tribes of the Freedom Fighters.”
Freedom Fighters triggered high velocity images of people and the villages throughout the world into Sonic’s brain.
“Another memory gain, I see.”
“I still don’t know who you are.”
“I am Nicole, the queen’s personal hand-held computer turn moderator of the city.”
“Nicole?!” Sonic exclaimed. “How did you? When did you? What did you?”
“It’s a holorealmatic image inducer that allows me to have a physical appearance. Although tied to the city limits I run the mechanical functions throughout the city; even keeping us out of evils radar.”
“I understood all of that.”
“I’m certain you did Sonic the Hedgehog, but now is a time that you understand all things.”
“Really? Like what?”
“My job is only to clothe you and inform you of your upgrades.”
Nicole vanished and reappeared by the lab and hit a button. Behind Sonic a drawer opened up with steam emitting from its sides. Nicole appeared in mid-air and grabbed the contents of the drawer. She appeared in front of Sonic and handed him the contents.
“I’m guessing you don’t walk.” stated Sonic.
“Please try these on.”
“Or make a joke either.”
Sonic went behind a screen that Nicole provided and changed into the gear. He reemerged before Nicole and presented himself.
“I wear shorts now?” asked Sonic.
“A law has been passed no longer making the Freedom Fighters an optional nudist colony.”
“Otherwise, the gear we’ve made seems to be just the right fit.”
Sonic wore finger-exposing gloves with a Japanese kanji written on the backs of his hand. On his wrist was a golden band that separated the end of the flaring gloves. Across his waist was a black belt with a golden buckle. He wore baggy white shorts with a light blue band down the very middle and silver thigh armor. His trademarked red shoes had been upgraded from previous adventures that he had traveled on. The famous white stripe covered a yellow tongue with grey and yellow soles. Across the back was technology known as Light Dash which allows him to travel across a path of golden rings.
“Can I ditch the pants? I think I’m stating to get a wedgie.”
“Sonic the Hedgehog, please put your tail through the provided hole.”
“Oh, that makes sense. Okay so tell me, what do these kanji mean? I understand it means wind but why are they here. They’ve never been on anything else I wore.”
“Technically Sonic the Hedgehog you’ve never wore anything but gloves and shoes.”
“Oh now you make a joke.”
“Not a joke but a simple observation.”
“That, Nicole, is gonna cost you.”
Sonic laughed as Nicole still held her solemn stiff posture.
“As for you, Sonic the Hedgehog, my part of the mission is over, I suggest you leave the hospital and head straight to New Mobotropolis Palace, where the Queen has longingly awaited your presence.”
“Queen?” asked Sonic.
“Please make with your usual haste and speed over to their throne.”
Sonics’ mind showed images of himself traveling at lightning fast speeds wherever he went. He nearly felt the wind through his spines and the nearby pat of his own feet. Sonic remembered why he was called Sonic.
“Speed!” said Sonic crouching down.
Sonic blasted off through the lab doors, up the stairs of the hospital, onto the first floor, out the building and into the sunlight of the afternoon. He posted his hands on his hips under the Timmy Turtle Memorial Hospital sign as he gazed at the city.

“Bye.” Nicole finished, “Wow he’s fast. But I am too.”

Appearing before the King and Queen was Nicole. She bowed and then returned to her normal posture.
“He has returned from his coma and is on his way here.” stated Nicole.
The queen shifted back in her chair.
“You mean that blundering old fugitive has finally come to his wits?” asked the King.
“Yes, but without your use of insults, sire.”
“Thank you Nicole.” the queen expressed. “We will await his presence.”

Sonic looked around at the tan buildings and up into the sky. The Freedom Fighters have come a long way from what he remembers. Even though certain buildings resembled Knothole Village’s style, the tech added into was the cheese on a very delectable chili dog. Sonic licked his lips as the pungent smell filtered through the air. Sonic darted to the source of the smell and stopped in his tracks. He gazed upon the sign when memories ran across his head.
“Uncle Chuck!” yelled Sonic.
The roboticized hedgehog emerged from under the counter wiping a glass cup.
“Sonic!?” questioned the old-timer as the glass fell from his hand. Sir Charles blinked when Sonic appeared next to him holding the glass he had dropped.
“Still fast as ever!” said Uncle Chuck as they embraced.
“Uncle Chuck, how are you?” Sonic asked.
“You don’t wanna hear about an old coot, I wanna hear about you. How’d you sleep?”
“Like a log, but I got a bit of memory loss goin’ for me right now.”
“Really, are you sure son, I mean you recognized me instantly.”
“That’s the thing I won’t recognize anyone until I see them.”
“Oh that’s some abnormal thing you got goin’ on there.”
“Tell me about it… so my loving and metal chassed Uncle, how long was I out?”
“Sorry son, but I’m not at liberty to discuss those kinds of things wit’cha, but the King and Queen should set you straight.”
“Yeah about that…”
“Center of the City, the immaculate building with the flags on it.”
“Thanks Unc’.” yelled Sonic as he blasted off to his destination. The glass he held was spinning on the counter as he had blasted away.
Passing many Mobian citizens along the way, Sonic was before the doors and the guard dogs. Huge and burly bloodhounds they had their arms crossed like bouncers before a club.
“C’mon guys, just one dance and then you can throw me out.” Sonic pleaded.
The hounds look at each other and then grabbed the doors handle.
“Yes, time to party like its 3199!” said Sonic as he walked into the entrance. The Palace was immaculate with blues, reds, and yellows everywhere. The stained glass windows let a little light seep in through the windows as many different colors of the spectrum. The rug was soft under Sonics shoes as he walked toward the throne while keeping his eyes on the ceiling and upper walls. There were huge banners with different Freedom Fighter insignias on each of them all the way up until the throne where a golden altar sat for the King and Queen. Dressed in the finest of linens of deep purple and gold they watch Sonic the Hedgehog approached slowly.
“This is new, even for you hedgehog, your actually walking.” said the King
Sonic got a good look at the king when images ran through his head. The last time Sonic saw him he is when he was being chased through the Devil’s Gulag, but then teamed up with him after a certain reptile had helped him out.
“Geoffrey St. John!” Sonic pointed at him.
“You haven’t lost a beat!” The skunk chuckled a bit while flashing his pricey rings on all fingers. This guy was the leading commander of the Kingdom’s Secret Service back in the day. He looked as pompous as ever brooding with that cocky smile of his.
“Welcome back, Sonic the Hedgehog.” said the Queen.
Sonic turned to the queen to see the familiar face he had immediately recognized. Her fur was just as brown while wearing royal cloth in light blue. She had rings on each of her fingers and a loose-fitting belt across her waist. She dropped the boots and wrapped her legs in the same blue cloth all the way to her toes. Her crown held back her curly dark red hair as it flowed to the center of her back. Sonic nearly capsized when he looked into her light blue eyes; she was as breathtaking as ever. Heir to the Acorn throne from her father was none other than that familiar chipmunk.
“Princess Sally Acorn.” said Sonic.
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