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Kato schemes

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Kato stepped out of the livingroom set, furnished with accoutrements that she could hardly dream of owning herself.

And into a similarly pricey-looking dining room.

After twenty- or thirty-odd livingrooms that all looked like they belonged in the same stuck-up neighborhood, this was something of a relief. She increasingly found herself wondering exactly what the hell kind of outfit this Harken Building was supposed to be, as she could see no plausible use for so much superfluous furniture. Something about this whole setup struck as totally unnatural, making her wonder if Chase’s insatiable nose for trouble hadn’t just found them another fine mess. She had been going in circles ever since she took that door beyond the entrance, which had shut and locked behind her. Figured her power pistol would make short work of such a simple lock.

If she could just find her way back.

She was increasingly certain she had more than covered the ground floor of this building. Earlier, she could think of nothing more important than rounding up her crew and taking the next step in their quest. In her haste to catch up with them, she rushed into this without really considering what to do if this place was for real. Wondered if maybe this Shades guy wasn’t on to something.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to have had some kind of plan.

Though this approach was nothing new to her, she was getting an increasingly ominous feeling, especially in light of her recent experience in Tranz-D, that perhaps she had bitten off more than she could chew. She wondered if it wouldn’t have been more prudent to actively enlist the aid of her new companions instead of berating them as cowards. They had seemed willing enough in spite of their initial misgivings. Now, of course, it was too late; no matter what the building threw at her, she would not let it stand between her and her aim.

Kato had gone this far. She was not turning back.

Given this place’s apparent size, all she could do now was hope Chase and George had the sense to stick together in here. Though she figured that since Chase was well armed, he could probably hold his own against most threats, she seriously worried about George. The kid wasn’t much of a fighter, and next to useless with guns, his mysterious knack with machines and electronics being his chief asset, but on top of that, he was also prone to wandering off on his own. And Chase was prone to simply letting him. To make matters worse, George also had no voice with which to call for help if he was lost or in some kind of trouble. Whereas Chase’s itchy trigger-finger and lack of finesse would ensure plenty of commotion if he was in danger— probably even if he wasn’t.

As she crossed the threshold into the next section of this winding maze, she found herself in another fancy-shmancy dining set. The next room looked different, yet fundamentally similar. So did the next room.

And the next room.
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