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Yay! more drama!

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Scince we didn't sleep last night I decided to take a shower. No he didn't come with me. But I love his shower. Such a good water flow. So after I got out and blow-dryed my hair, I decided to go for a walk. I walked about 2 miles then walked back. But it was time for school! So Matt drove us to school. We walked in together holding hands. Everyone was staring at us. I didn't care and neither did he. We didn't have a care in the world. Now we have someone with simaler issues and likes and dislikes and things, we couldn't give two shits less. It was great, that is, untill Jackie came up to me all worried and sad. " Jackie what's wrong?"

"This girl, Dulci, she's looking for you."


"She wants to fight you."

"Mtayyy ... I really don't care." Just then Dulci turned the corner. Matt looked like he did something wrong. "You little bitch! Get off of him!"

"Excuse me, slut, but I have no idea what-so-ever on what you are attemting to say."

"I swear to go i'll tear you to shreds." I let go of Matt's hand. "Try me." She ran twords me, attempting to tackle me. I swung around and hooked her by her neck. Then I pushed her up agaisnt the wall, with her hands behind her back. "Now, you were said what to me?"

"Get off !"

"Not a chance." She sturggled. I just put more force on her. Then the security gaurd came up and put her in hand cuffs. I didn't get in trouble scince it was self defense. Matt was just .. Struck with confusion and looked worried.
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