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Journal of Hope

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A less fortunate boy writing a journal about the hope he holds on to.

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September 17th, 2205
It hasn’t even been a month at this new school and I’m already being made fun of by the students. They tease me about my tattered clothing, the fact that I don’t own a holographic communicator, and that I walk on the ground because I can’t afford anti-gravity shoes. I see my peers on the speedway making rude gestures as they zoom past my old rusted Lexus in their fancy new race cars. It isn’t my fault that my father is no longer with us and my mom can’t get a job. With the high population all the jobs are taken so we’re left with welfare, which isn’t enough to live off of. Maybe tomorrow she’ll find a job. We can only hope that life will improve.

October 6th, 2205
I wore through my only winter jacket today. Since my mom still doesn’t have a job and we can’t afford a new one I guess I’m going to have to brave the cold this winter. Hopefully there won’t be as much snow as last year but it would take a miracle for the weather to stay above negative forty degrees. I looked out my window just now and saw a snow flake drift by. I could feel my hope of a mild winter fall with that first snow flake of the winter. If it’s already snowing then there’s a guarantee that there’s a lot more snow to come. Maybe I can find an old unwanted jacket that somebody grew out of.

December 2nd, 2205
I once heard it said that the younger generations have a harder life than the older generations but that’s not what if feels like. My mom and I are having equally hard times living in this modern world. In the richer families it seems that both generations are equally well off. As I reflect on this statement about which generation is better off I realize that it must be false. Older generations do not have a better life than younger generations. I just thought of something; I may be able to use this falsehood to my advantage. An employer might want a young and strong employee, such as me, rather than an older, weaker employee, such as my mom. If I can get a job then maybe I won’t have to give my mom a homemade present for this coming Winterfest.

December 12th 2205
In school today we learned about a man named Terry Fox. He decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer. The amazing thing is that he not only did this without anti-gravity shoes but he also did this after he had lost a leg to cancer. Today if you lost a body part the doctors would just grow you a new one but because of the primitive medicine in his time he had to run on a false leg. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. This man must have had an overabundance of hope and perseverance to attempt a feat like that. If Terry Fox could muster up enough perseverance to try to run across Canada I’m sure I can muster up enough to get a job. Tomorrow I will work at finding a job. I will work harder than I have ever worked for anything!

December 24th 2205
Yesterday I was hired for a local storage facility! The employees need to move heavy objects so they needed a young, strong employee. Before now I have never understood how important hope can be to changing one’s life. This job should greatly improve my family’s living conditions. I haven’t told my mom about the job yet. That’s going to be part of the present I give her tomorrow for Winterfest. When she rips off the wrapping paper of her present and sees how much it must have cost I’ll tell her how I got the money. She’ll be so proud! I think I finally know the feeling of success. I’m glad I took a risk and hitched my wagon to a star.
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