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Life and Death Influences

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A christian student deals with peer pressure.

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Charlie drug his feet down the hallway of Owyhee Highschool looking at the floor as he walked. His straw coloured hair hung in front of his bright green eyes and he carried his books close to his chest. Amidst those books was his black leather bound bible with his name inscribed in gold lettering. This he held closest to him.
A large boxy teenager walked by him, slamming his shoulder into Charlie. “Watch where you’re going, runt!” he sneered. He then shot out an arm and knocked Charlie’s books out of his arms causing them to fall to the floor with a dull thump.
“Hey!” Charlie exclaimed as he clumsily picked up his books.
Before Charlie could grab his bible the bully snatched it up and inspected its cover, turning it over in his hands. “A bible? What a goody-goody!” He then threw the bible at Charlie and he again dropped all of his books.
Laughter was heard coming from two large teenagers that had walked up behind their abusive friend.
“What do we have here?” a red haired boy asked as he circled Charlie. “A Jesus freak?” He let out a mocking guffaw.
Another boy with brown hair walked around Charlie laughing. Charlie was now surrounded by the group of intimidating bullies.
“Your God gonna save you now?” the first boy taunted. A lock of his jet black hair fell in front of his menacing eyes and he brushed it away then gave him another hard shove.
Come on, you can’t seriously believe in this ‘God’ of yours. You are so naïve.” The red head pushed Charlie and he fell to the floor.
The brunette stood over him and demanded, “Admit it! There is no God!” then kicked him in the gut.
Charlie grunted then curled into a ball holding his stomach where he had been kicked. Without looking at the group towering over him he moaned, “You’re right. God is only an illusion.”
Satisfied, the boys left Charlie to pick up his books. Leaving his bible on the ground, he walked toward his next class.
Sunday morning Charlie’s mother walked into his room and flicked on his light. She walked over to his bed and shook the lump of blankets that was his son.
“Honey, get up. We’re leaving for church soon.”
Charlie rolled over and groaned. “I’m not going,” he mumbled. His mom coaxed him to go but he refused. She turned from him and left his room disappointed and concerned.
The next day at school Charlie’s three harassers walked past him and body checked him into the lockers. Charlie lost his temper and yelled cusses at them. When they heard him and turned around smirks crossed their faces.
The black haired teen grabbed Charlie’s shoulder. “Glad you came to your senses.”
The group led him off and he joked and laughed with them fitting right in.
That weekend Charlie went with his friends to a house party. They stood in a dark corner cheering each other on as they took turns chugging beer.
The large black haired teen suddenly held out a small white dot on the end of his index finger. “Try this. It’s a total rush!”
Charlie took it and carefully placed it on his tongue. Seconds later he was swimming in euphoria. He hooted and laughed uncontrollable. He grabbed another beer, chugged that down then went on to drink more and more alcohol until he vomited and passed out on the floor.
Charlie slowly opened his eyes then blinked into a bright light. The whole scenery around him and everything in it was pure white. He could hear a faint crying sound and sorrow struck his heart like a flaming arrow. He glanced around and saw a glowing figure stepping out of the light and walking toward him.
“Do you hear that?” the figure asked. “This is heaven, Charlie. The weeping is for you.”
“Dad? B-but… does that mean I’m dead?”
“No, Charlie. You are very much alive.”
“Grandma? What’s happening?”
“We are here to help you find your way back.”
“Grandad? Back where?”
“Back to Him of course.”
“Sis? Wha-? I don’t understand.”
“Have faith, nephew.”
Charlie was now surrounded by a group of his deceased loved ones; his father, grandma, granddad, little sister, uncle, all with tear stained faces. The sorrow was now crushing. Charlie fell to his knees and broke down crying. Sobs violently shook his shoulders as he held his head in his hands letting the tears stream through his fingers.
He then heard a beautiful, powerful voice. It floated in the air around him and seemed to rush through his body. “I love you, son,” it said. “Remember me.” He knew it was the voice of God.
Suddenly other voices and sounds filled his ears. They were different though. There was no more weeping. Only bleeps, whirrs and hurried voices. He squinted at the bright light shining into his eyes.
“He’s waking up!” a voice announced, hurrying over to him.
Charlie sat up and started to stand but the body accompanying the voice forced him back to a lying position. “You need to rest. You’re suffering from a severe case of alcohol poisoning.”
“I-I feel fine,” he replied. “I don’t even have a headache.”
The nurse quickly checked all of his stats and stammered, “But that’s impossible. Seconds ago you were close to dying!”
“What can I say? God performs miracles.” He got up and left the hospital, leaving the nurse stunned and confused.
When he was back at school on Monday he ran into his group of friends.
“Hey, man! Glad to see you back on your feet,” the brunette said, patting him on the shoulder.
“Yeah, thanks to God,” Charlie replied.
“You’re not back into that are you?” the red head asked. “I thought we broke you of that.”
“Well, an influential group of people brought me back to my senses.” Charlie wasn’t ready to tell anyone about his encounter with the after life. He needed people to believe that he was sane. He smiled then turned from the boys and left. “I have to go to youth group.”
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