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Colin meets Violet. Colin loves Violet. Violet and Colin go into haunted house. One comes out.

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Seattle, WA
Friday, August 25, 2008
"Have you seen the new girl?" Derick leaned across the table and asked me.
"No," I replied simply and pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose.
"She is beyond weird," he continued, "It's too bad she is the strangest person I've ever seen,though, because she's hot." Derick, always talking about girls...
I go to Franklin Highschool, it's in a suburb of Seattle. The student population is 564 people for the whole highschool, so when a new student comes its pretty noticeable. The newest victim for this social torture that ensues on new students is Violet Christian. With her unique clothing style and her strange way of speaking and acting she's made it all the more fun for the current students to gossip about her.
She's already an outcast and I have a feeling it will stay that way. I feel sorry for new students but for some reason I feel even more sorry for this girl. I'm lucky that I'm popular because I wouldn't be if my best friend since kindergarten wasn't popular. Derick is all the girls ever talk about. He dates a different girl every two weeks. As for me, well...the last girlfriend I had was um....well...never. But, hey! I'm only 16! I've got plenty of time to get a girlfriend!
Anyway, back to Violet. In fact I have seen her and I must say, she is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on. Black hair, emerald eyes.... Why doesn't anyone see her the way I see her? I didn't think she was wierd at all until Derick mentioned it.
At that moment Violet Christian glided gracefully past me. My eyes followed her as she walked up to the Mr. Louis to hand him a slip of paper. He read it through his bifocals and then said, "Class, I'd like to introduce Miss Violetta Christian." A grimace turned up her beautiful features and she whispered to Mr. Louis. "Oh, I'm sorry, Violet Christian," he corrected himself, "She's coming to us from British Columbia so give her a warm" There was nothing but silence coming from the students as Mr. Louis laughed at his joke. Someone coughed and a pencil dropped as Violet made her way to her seat. I turned in my seat to watch her sit down. She looked up at me curiously.
My ears turned red and I quickly faced the front of the classroom. I could've sworn in my peripheral vision I saw her smiling. I didn't dare look back, though.
My eyes stayed glued on the teacher for the rest of the hour. The bell rang and I swiftly started packing my things but, being the klutz that I am, all of my things fell off of the desk and into the aisle. I started to pick them up when a pale hand with black painted fingernails began to pick up my things. I looked up to see the beautiful Violet Christian smiling at me. I gaped at her with my eyes wide.
Her smile slowly faded as I said nothing. "You're welcome then," she said, her eyebrows pulling together.
I shook my head and blinked a few times. "Oh! Thank, I'll see ya!" I said and got up. I walked swiftly toward the door, desperate for escape.
"Wait! I need help!" she said and caught up to me, "Do you know where my next class is?" She pointed to her schedule. She had the same class as me: Calculus.
"Uh-yeah-I-I-I-have the same class," I stammered, "F-follow me."
She smiled revealing perfect white teeth. "It's fortunate I found you," she said, "Everyone here just seems to laugh and walk away when I make an attempt to speak." She chuckled softly. "What's your name?" she asked.
"Colin," I said.
"Nice to meet you, Colin. I'm Violet," she said and held out her hand for me to shake it. I hesitantly grabbed it and she shook it up and down so hard I thought my arm was going to fall off. "Now, I only have one rule if you're going to being hanging out with me," she stopped shaking my hand. Thank goodness. "Never, ever and I mean never call me by my full name: Violetta." She shuddered with mock horror.
Hanging? With her? The incarnation of pure beauty?! I must be dreaming.... "I won't," I said, staring at her dreamily.
She smirked. "Well, are you going to show me to class or not?" she teased.
"Of, course," I said and walked down the hallway.
"How long have you gone here?" she asked as we talked.
"My whole life."
"Really? I can't imagine that... I've always's because no foster parents can ever stand to keep me for very long I guess..." she said non-chalantly.
"I'm sorry," I said instinctively.
"I've never really understood why people say that," she said suddenly.
"Why someone says they're sorry when they had nothing to do with the tragedy," she explained.
"Oh...sorry..." I said and looked down.
"There you go again!" she said and laughed.
"" I said. I was going to say something but I completely lost it when I stared into her bright green eyes. I hadn't realized I'd stopped until she pointed it out.
"Oh, here's Calculus," I said. I walked in and she followed me. Calculus is the only class I have without Derick so I took my normal seat by myself in the back corner of the room. It was completely unexpected when the seat next to me screeched as Violet pulled the chair back to sit. I looked at her incredulously.
"I'm going to sit here," she stated and sat down. She let her books spill onto the table in a sloppy pile.
"Ok," I said, bewildered. We sat in silence while the class chattered quietly. The teacher had not shown up yet.
"Do you have any gum?" she asked, breaking the silence.
"Gum?," I said stupidly.
"Oh, that's too bad," she said, "'Cause now I'll have to murder you I guess...I'd change the locks on your doors if I were you.." She pulled a key out of her pocket and dangled it in front of my face.
"Wha-what?" I asked wondering if there was something actually wrong with her.
"Just kidding! Man, you so believed it for a second! This is my key!" she said, laughing, and put the key back in her pocket.
"Oh," I said simply.
"Your eyes totally give you away," she said and peered deeper into my eyes, "Grey aren't they?"
"Yeah," I said and quickly took my glasses off to clean them.
''They're very pretty," she said and smiled.
"Th-thanks," I said. Oh my gosh. I'm shaking. Are you serious? She's just a girl! Get a grip, Colin!
"Anytime, Bud!" she said and smirked. I couldn't help but smile.
"Quiet, class! You inconsiderate, unthankful, little brutes! Teenagers should be outlawed! They're the scourge of our society!" Mr. Able, our beady-eyed, 5-foot teacher, rambled. If he hates teenagers so much, why does he teach at a highschool? That man should seriously retire. He's gotta be like 80. Oh, yeah, and he talks like that because he's British. Also, he's a WWII Veteran.
"Back in the war we didn't like teenagers! We just let them die!" he continued. I shook my head. Crazy old man... "Stupid, little, pimple-faced...." he trailed off and went to the chalkboard and started to write an equation. He muttered to himself.
Violet leaned over and whispered to me, "Is there something wrong with him?"
I chuckled quietly. "No, well, yeah there probably is. But, anyway, that's Mr. Able. Quite a character," I whispered back.
"Oh," she said and giggled.
"Now, can anyone tell me the answer to this equation?" Mr. Able asked, exasperated.
I raised my hand automatically. "Yes, Mr. Pickens," he said and rolled his eyes.
"908.67 squared," I said.
"Once again, correct, Colin, but please give the other students a chance to answer next time," he said and sighed.
I nodded reluctantly and looked down at my notebook. I concentrated on the sketch I was drawing. "What's that?" Violet asked, looking over my shoulder.
"Nothing," I said quickly and covered my sketch up with my arm.
"Can't I see?" she asked.
", it's not finished," I said, stammering.
"Ok, I'll remember that though," she said and eyed me deviously.
I just nodded and closed my notebook. I looked straight ahead at the teacher. I peeked at Violet without turning my head. She was watching me. She smiled when she caught me looking. I couldn't manage a smile in return. I looked back at the teacher and my eyes didn't stray again for the rest of the hour. Yes, the last hour of the day! The weekend!
"Now, I want this packet done by the beginning of class on Monday! No excuses! Not even for you," he looked at Violet, "Miss Christian."
"It'll be done, Mr. Able. Promise," she said, confidently. The bell rang and I began to pack up my things. Violet leaned over and whispered, "I really need help! I wasn't listening the entire time he was talking so I have no idea what to do on these problems! Could you help me? Maybe like a study date or something! Like tonight! At my place! Just come with me after school."
I was shocked. Did she really just ask me on a date? No she just wants to study, yeah that's it...
"Sure," I replied.
"Great!" she stood up and walked toward the door. She looked back at me. "Aren't you coming?" she asked.
"Oh...yeah, yeah, I'm coming," I said and hastily packed my things. Then I followed the most beautiful and unique girl I had ever met out the door and into the hallway.
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