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You Said You'd Keep Me Honest

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Just a little one shot that was origionally an English assignment. Morals and such. First time posting so it's nothing spectacular.

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A/N: It never happened, and probably never will. Also, I'm typing this from my ipod because my computer fails at life, so sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes in advance.

"Hey- What's that?" Patrick pointed to the small black object on the ground. Pete walked over and picked it up.

"It's a wallet..." his voice trailed off and he took a peek inside. His face lit up with excitement when he saw its contents. He continued in a hushed whiper,"It's full of money!"

"Thankths, Captain Obviouths," Joe rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his fro.

"How much is it, Pete?" Andy interjected before Joe could say anything further.

Pete stood still for a minute while he counted the cash. Suddenly his body went rigid and his face drained of color. "It's... five hundred dollars..."

Joe's chin hit the ground and his eyes grew wide. "Dude!!" he yelped. "that can get me some major po-"

He was cut off by a smack to the back of the head from Andy.

Joe coughed and finished,"Pancakeths!! I-I was gonna thay pancakeths..." He looked around nervously at his friends faces.

Andy raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "Yeah... I'm sure..."
He noted that his friends lisp was heavier then normal, but he credited that to the excitement of finding so much money. He continued,"That would be great to give to the local animal shelter."

"That could get me a new bass!" Pete joined in their lackidasical expressions.

"Guys..." Patrick took his hat off and ran his fingers absentmindedly through his strawberry hair and fixed his think rimmed glasses. "This isn't out money. How could you even think of using it?"

Joe and Andy suddenly seemed to become very interested in their shoes, but Pete stood firm and looked hard at Patrick.

"Are you kidding Trick? We could get some new equiptment now! Your always saying we need a new amp or microphone."

"Yeah, but not like this. I like to earn my money," he returned his friends hard look and added, "honestly."

Peres face faltered, but he quickly regained his composure.

"PattyCakes, it's the guys own fault for dropping his wallet. We need this money. The cash we get from our shows all goes into shopping for food or for rent," Pete reasoned.

"Well, PeterPanda," Patrick retorted, emphasizing the nickname he knew his best friend detested,"stop eating and get a box and use your new found money on whatever you want."

Pete sighed, knowing he had lost the argument. He tossed the wallet to Patrick, mumbled something about wanteing to get a smoothie, and staked towards the snack bar.

Patrick turned to Andy and Joe and saw their crestfallen expressions.

"Guys, you know it's the right thing to do." He hated playing he bad guy, but he couldn't bring himself to take five hundred dollars he hadn't earned. Momma Stump taught him better then that.

Andy and Joe nodded in agreement and Trick heard Joe mumble something along the lines of,"It sthtill would have been cool to have five hundred exthra dollarths..." as he slouched after Pete.

Patrick sighed and Andy put a comforting arm on his hat-clad friend's shoulder.

"They'll get over it. Don't beat yourself up, Stump."

"I know but..." he looked up at his long haired friend. "You know, in just the right light, you look like Jesus."

Lemme know what you guys think, and if I should post any of my other stories on here.
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