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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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All right here it is folks the next installment. I know that it has taken a while but I just didn't know how to approach this ch. I hope it turned out well Please R&R! I need the feedback.

What's a boy to do? I know I asked for this with my light flirting but my crush happened to be nearby seemingly preoccupied with a search for something. I gently huffed ruffling my bangs and rolled my eyes.

"Come on Romeo; let's get some liquid sense in ya."

With that, I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and tugged him toward what looked to be the living room. I was a bit stupefied by my temerity seeing how much Christian intimidated me. He allowed himself to be towed to the beat up couch; of course, he might have been distracted by the feel of my ass in my pants. How you ask, it might have had something to do with the fact that he was groping it.

Upon reaching the couch, Christian pulled me down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck. I have to say the feel of his soft smooth lips was definitely a turn on. I couldn't help myself and released a faint moan.

"Hey you guys, what's up? I got us something to whet our whistles!" Rayne said coming into the room with two bottles of alcohol clutched in his hands. As if, he didn't know!

"I can tell you one thing in particular that's up, Rayne," Christian said smoothly.

I figured he stated the obvious since it had to be evident to Rayne, even from across the room, that he had an erection the size of Texas. My body was heating to a feverish pitch, having Rayne watch us and from the look on his face, he was savoring every moment.

His blue eyes darkening to navy as he narrowed them raising the bottle to his lips. He watched me as I watched him suck on the bottle, his lips wrapped around the tip and his powerful throat worked it. He had me mesmerized even as Christian looked up to watch our little byplay. I felt his tongue rough and wet on my pulse, his fingers digging into my sides. I squirmed a little on his lap trying to get comfortable. Christian growled low pulling me back sharply. With my back plastered to his chest, I closed my eyes forcing my body to remain calm. He felt good against me and when he spread my legs apart with his knees, I groaned.

Neither of us said a word, but he could hear my indrawn breath each and every time his erection ground against my ass. When I tilted my head back unable to hold it up on my own, opening up my neck to his relentless assault, his hands rubbed my tummy like a well-loved pet.

It continued until he had them wrapped around my thighs rubbing in soothing circles. I loved the way it felt. Rayne just sat down beside us on the couch, his sexy half lidded gaze never wavering. He was so close I could smell his musky cologne. It just furthered the illusion that it was he and not Christian sharing this moment with me. Was it so wrong of me to fantasize?

Christian some how sensing my detachment, captured my mouth in his. The movement of his tongue in my mouth was methodically slow and I reacted with a groan deep in my throat, which he absorbed in the kiss. Closing his eyes, he took our kiss to another level. Moments later he felt my arms reach up and encircle his neck, as I became as much a part of our kiss as he did. I was loosing all sense of self and time.

Rayne's faint moan brought me back from the edge. Startled, I pushed back out of his arms, my chest rising and falling with every uneven breath I took. I must have had my deer-in-the headlights look as frantic as I was. Christian, on the other hand, wasn't through with my mouth yet. He'd barely started.

"Give me your tongue back, Gypsy Eyes," he whispered in a low guttural tone. "Just stick it out and I'll take it from there."

I stared at him a moment. Then closing my eyes I opened my mouth and darted my tongue out to him. Angling his head so he wouldn't bump my nose he captured it with his and drew it into his mouth. Slowly, gently, he set out to seduce me with a kiss he now controlled.

I turned around swinging my leg over his to straddle him. My knees now gripped his waist our groins pressed together. I heard a soft moan from deep within my throat as I stroked my hands through Christian's hair. I was in a state of heated bliss. I had no idea what he was doing to me but whatever it was, I didn't want him to stop. There were certain areas of my mouth that his tongue was touching that were driving me insane to the point that the heat between my legs was becoming unbearable.

I felt him dry humping me and that combined with what he was doing to my mouth was too much. He sucked my tongue deep when I felt the first inkling of desire so strong it shot through my body like a missile and exploded within me.

I groaned, long and deep in my throat. My body began to tremble. Every nerve ending seemed electrified. My knees felt weak, my head began spinning and the last conscious thought that flooded my mind was that I was dying and damn it was good!
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