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Early Sunsets

by xxTragic 1 review

You're damn right that I got that title idea from a My Chem song. And you get a Cyber Cookie Award of Awesomeness if you can guess which one. ;D

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2009-03-05 - Updated: 2009-03-06 - 173 words

Early Sunsets

Have you ever
Dreamt of life?
Dreamt of death?
Dreamt of fright?

Have you ever
Hoped for love?
Hoped for something
From up above?

Have you ever
Felt all alone?
Felt by yourself?
Felt on your own?

We are the weak.
We are the strong.
We are the hopeful
That never got along.

We are the homeless.
We are the pleasured.
We are the ones
With pain that can't be measured.

We are the scared.
We are the brave.
We are the ones
Who just can't be saved.

You're not by yourself.
You're not all alone.
You shouldn't be afraid.
You're not on your own.

So take my hand,
And off we'll go
To a place where early sunsets
Always guide us home.


I wrote that after my motherfucking Algerba teacher took my damn journal, read it, took it to the school counselor, and put me in therapy. I will seek my revenge. And this will be a revenge of string, glue, and a stapler... >:)

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