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Do you know what they do to guys like us in prison?

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Officer Bryars in town :]

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Shit... shit shit shit fuck bugger shit... What the hell was I going to do!? My hands trembled slightly against my head as I clutched my hair tightly, staring in horror at the white floor beneath my feet. My ass was numb from sitting on a hard plastic bench for what felt like hours, and my split lip was throbbing though it had stopped bleeding some time ago. The cell I was sat in was small, empty except for me and the bench that was bolted against the wall. There were no windows, only the heavy metal door infront of me with the small metal flap at the top for people to look through.
It had turned out that it wasn’t the girl’s screams that brought the teachers running to the room; it had been the Police turning up at the school. One of the kids had called the cops as soon as they saw me and Frank’s dad fighting, and just my luck - the police were only round the corner at the time and had turned up stupidly fast.
Talk about quick response when you don’t want it.
My heart rate was painfully fast, I just couldn’t calm down with so much adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was going to lose my job for sure, there was no doubt about it - there was nothing I could say to redeem myself. The police hadn’t questioned me yet, they were still talking to Franks dad and I was panicking about when it would be my turn to face the questions - what should I tell them? It would be so easy to just be honest and tell them about my hatred for the man due to his sickening actions against his son but Frank... would he ever forgive me if I told the police? I knew he was frightened that they wouldn’t believe him but they might believe me, Infact - maybe Police involvement was exactly what we needed. Besides, he wasn’t six years old any more. Maybe they would trust him more... or maybe being a teenager made him seem even more of a liar.
I groaned and tightened my grip on my hair, my head down between my knees - my body doubled over. I was so scared. I had never felt such fear, and it was all because I didn’t know what to do. I needed Frank here, just to ask him what I could and couldn’t say. I knew that I should really just tell the truth, and if Frank didn’t like it then he would have to get over it, but my feelings for him were strong and I just couldn’t defy his trust...
I looked up in surprise as the door clanked loudly, before slowly being pushed open revealing a blonde haired police officer, he looked down at a clip board he held and then looked back at me, his face was stony.
"Mr. Way?" He asked, I nodded silently and he raised two fingers, bending them forward and back to indicate I should go to him. "Follow me." He ordered, I stood up and walked sheepishly out of the cell. He walked ahead of me, writing something on his clipboard with a black biro pen. His uniform was neat and perfect, even the shoes were so shiny you could see the overhead lights reflected in them. Either it was his first day here or he was a no-nonsense, follow all the rules, don’t mess with me kind of guy. I suspected it was the second one.
We walked in total silence; only the sound of our shoes squeaking on the polished floor could be heard. I kept my head bowed, a million thoughts racing so fast through my mind that I couldn’t focus on a single one. I was so nervous I was starting to wonder if I was going to be sick. But then something made me look around in surprise as we passed the opening for the main reception.
“-Want to fire him then I have every right to do so - fighting infront of the children, it’s inexcusable!"
"Hey! He's my brother and I can tell you now he won’t ever so much as poke a person without good meaning!" It was Mikey; I would recognize his voice anywhere. I stopped and turned to stare along the corridor at the main reception in shock. The receptionist was trying to calm Mikey and the schools headmaster down as they stood facing each other, both red in the face as they argued. I went to call out when I was further shocked to see Frank with tears in his eyes, stood cradled in the arms of my mother who was scowling at the headmaster.
"Excuse me, Mr. Way." The blonde officer I had been following noticed I had stopped and strode towards me with an annoyed expression on his face. "I said follow me." He snapped, reaching out to grab my arm but I moved out of the way.
"MIKEY!" I shouted, I just had to let him know I was here - I didn’t know why. I just had to. Everyone in the reception turned to stare at me, Mikeys jaw dropped and the headmasters scowl deepened.
"GERARD!" It was Frank who yelled out to me, he broke from my mothers embrace and ran full speed towards me, the receptionist gasped and moved out the way as he dived over her desk and went to run towards me. The blonde officer grabbed me as I went to run for him, he held me back as I struggled to break free. Frank was also stopped before he got far, another policeman had been stood round the corner in the reception and he seized Frank by the shirt before pulling him into a bear hug. Frank yelled out and squirmed and kicked, screaming in what I knew was fear.
"LET HIM GO! YOU'RE SCARING HIM! LET HIM THE FUCK GO!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, they couldn’t hold him like that - he didn’t trust them. "I SAID LET HIM GO!" I screamed, the blonde officer pulled at me.
"MR. WAY!" He shouted. "I SUGGEST IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORSEN YOUR SITUATION THEN YOU CALM DOWN NOW!" His words had an instant affect on me and I slumped in his arms, staring at Frank with apologetic eyes. His gaze met mine and I saw the tears on his cheeks as he scratched at the officers’ hands, trying to break free.
"Gerard -" He cried as the policeman began dragging me out of sight. "Just tell them truth - DONT LOSE YOUR JOB BECAUSE OF ME!" He called as I was pulled down the hallway, Frank disappearing from view.
"Frankie..." I whispered, feeling some of my nerves leave. If I could tell them everything, then things would be okay. But my heart ached for the teenager, the look of fear in his eyes when that policeman wrapped his arms around him... it was horrible. I just wanted to run to him and pull him into my arms, to pet his hair and soothe him. But I was being dragged deeper and deeper into the police station, Frank getting further and further away.

"Sit down." Snarled the police officer, pushing me into one of two chairs on opposite sides of a metal table. I slumped into the plastic seat with wide eyes, he sounded pissed off. And I was pretty sure that wasn’t a good thing. The officer flopped into the chair opposite mine and rested his elbows on the table, touching the tips of his fingers together as he regarded me with sapphire blue eyes.
"So..." He sighed. "My first impressions of you are not good ones." He said, his voice unnaturally calm, something I guess came from years of training and experience with some of NJ's finest criminals. I gulped and refused to break eye contact though I said nothing. This whole thing could go really good... or really bad. Either way I had landed myself in a situation where no matter what I did, repercussions were going to occur, and dramatically.
There was a moment of silence as the officer stared at me. I wondered whether he wanted me to say something but I knew how to play it, don’t speak unless spoken to. Don’t break eye contact. And never argue back. Eventually the officer gave a long breath out and leaned back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest.
"Are you ready to be questioned?" He asked. I nodded and he pressed the record button on a small voice recorder that rested on the table. "Date Monday the twenty sixth of September. Time -" The officer raised his wrist and pulled back his sleeve, looking at a fancy silver watch before resuming his talking, voice slow and monotone.
"A thirteen hundred hours. Suspect -" The officer checked his clip board and continued. "Mr. Gerard Way. Twenty three years old. Occupation, art teacher. Interviewer, Officer Bryar." Officer Bryars eyes met mine and he leant forward to rest his elbows on the table once more.
"Mr. Way, are you aware that this interview is being recorded, and do you give you're consent to this." He asked, his eyes daring me to say no. I sighed and nodded. "The suspect nodded - yes." Bryar said and I rolled my eyes, this was going to take a while. "I must tell you that you have the right to remain silent though anything you do mention will be taken in evidence which you may later rely on in court. Is that clear?" I nodded again and once more Bryar dictated my actions for the benefit of the tape.
"So, Mr. Way - are you aware of why you are here?" He asked, eyes meeting mine once more. His face showed no emotion and I wondered what he was really feeling, did he think I was the bad guy in this? Or did he know that I wasn’t and was just doing his job?
"Because I had a fight." I mumbled, feeling like a foolish child. Bryar nodded and clasped his hands.
"Correct. A fist fight whilst in the presence of a class of thirteen year olds with another student’s father." He read off the clipboard, I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. My whole body was beginning to ache as the remaining adrenaline left. I had been beat up pretty good, the stations doctor had looked me over and declared that I would live, but my nose and lip throbbed painfully. Bryar looked at me with questioning eyes.
"So Mr. Way. Do you deny this?" He asked.
"No." I stated bluntly. There was no point in even trying to pretend it didn’t happen. I was sat here, black blue, swollen and red - what else was I meant to say?
"So you admit to fighting with a student’s father, a Mr. Iero?" Bryar checked the clipboard once more though I doubted he didn’t already know all the details.
"I admit it." I said, shrugging in a casual manner. Bryar leant forward across the table, regarding me closely.
"Hm. And do you have a reason for starting a fight -"
"I didn’t start it! He did!" I cried, Bryar smiled and sat back - apparently he had just got the reaction he was looking for. He picked up the clipboard and flicked through a few pages.
"That’s not what Mr. Iero said." He said smoothly, I bit my tongue and fought back the urge to tell him that 'Mr. Iero' could kiss my ass. Bryar folded his arms and smiled at me.
"Of course there’s always two sides to every story. What’s your view on the matter Mr. Way?" He asked. I bit my lip and wondered where to begin. With this morning? With the day Frank came to live with my ma? The first time I met Frank?
"Well... it’s sort of a long story..." I mumbled. Bryar shrugged and leant back, getting comfy.
"No problem. We got time." He said casually. I sighed and blew a breath out, resting my elbows on the table and thinking to myself. Frank had said I should tell them truth, he said I shouldn’t lose my job for him but I doubted I was going to get my job back now whether I told the truth or not. And what if the Police didn’t believe me? Not only would I get into trouble, Frank would too - and I doubted his father would be light on him. I sat there, silent for a moment having an internal battle with myself when Bryar raised an eyebrow at me.
"Mr. Way - if this story is as long as you say it is, I suggest you start now." He said sarcastically and I glared at him. There was nothing for it, I was going to have to tell the truth. I bit my lip and prayed to God this would work.

"Excuse me, Elaine?" I stood with Bryar holding my forearm, he was leant down talking quietly to the receptionist. My mom and Frank were sat on some uncomfortable looking chairs, Mikey no where to be seen. It took them a second to notice me and once they did Frank went to stand up only for Bryar to give him a death glare, causing him to falter.
"Would you send a Mr. Frank Iero to the consultation room please?" Bryar asked, Frank heard his name and his eyes went wide with fear as I gave him a pleading look, begging him silently to forgive me. I knew he had said I should tell the truth but I still felt guilty. I had told Officer Bryar everything and there was no going back now. The receptionist, Elaine, nodded and Bryar dragged me away from the receptionist and back into the depths of the station, to the same cell I had been sat in earlier. I prayed silently that everything would be okay, that things would work out fine in the end.
Bryar stopped as he went to the shut door, watching me sit down with a look of sadness on my face. I felt nauseous, if only I hadn’t hit Franks dad, then none of this would be happening.
"He'll be okay." I looked up in surprise at Bryar who was smiling softly at me from the doorway.
"What?" I asked, looking at him in slight confusion. Sure, he had been very polite and understanding as I told him everything but I still saw him as a slight jerk.
"Frank I mean. He'll be fine, I can tell you're worried about him and that’s understandable. Don’t worry, I'll be nice to him. If he really is being abused then it ends today." Bryar gave me a genuine smile and I couldn’t help but smile back, I got the feeling I could trust him. I dunno what it was... he was really just like a big cuddly bear, I hoped that meant Frank was more likely to feel comfortable around him. I had already asked if I could sit with him when he was questioned but I wasn’t allowed, I guessed it would be best not to argue.
"Thanks." I mumbled and Officer Bryar nodded.
"I'll be back later." He said and then he shut the door, disappearing from sight.
please God... let things be okay.

I was sat in that cell for what felt like forever, just biting my lip, then when I re-opened the split and caused it to bleed I moved on to my nails. Biting them down until my fingers went raw. I was stuck then on something to chew, chewing was just something I did when I was nervous - a habit Mikey and I shared. I was considering perhaps chewing on my tongue when the door was pulled open and a female officer appeared.
"Mr. Way?" I nodded and she stood aside. "Come with me please?" I jumped to my feet and followed her without a word, why wasn’t it officer Bryar coming to collect me? The woman walked quickly and I strode behind her, my heart thumping as I wondered where she was taking me, what was going to happen next.
"In there." She ordered, pointing to a door and then hurrying away as if she had somewhere important to be. I watched her leave slightly confused before turning to the door, it was white painted and windowless, what was behind that door? I gripped the handle and took a deep breath, preparing myself for the worse I pushed the door open to find Frank sat in tears, cuddling his knees to his chest with officer Bryar stood looking at him in sympathy from some feet away.
"Frankie?" I whispered, my heart aching at the sight of him. He looked up and saw me, his eyes red and cheeks swollen.
"Gerard!" He jumped to his feet and with one impressive leap had jumped into my arms. I instantly wrapped them protectively around him, embracing him close to my chest. I pressed a hand to the back of his head and ran my fingers gently through his hair as he sobbed violently into my shoulder.
"Hey, Shhh, don’t cry Frank. Its okay, it'll all be fine - I promise." I was surprised at how strong my voice was but I felt awful, promising something that I had no control over. Would everything be okay? Or had I practically signed his death sentence.
"Frank has been very good in the interview." Bryar spoke up, looking at me with a questioning look. "As you can imagine it was very difficult telling us everything but we have all the details we need, and he was quite distraught by the end. He asked to see you and we thought it best to let him see someone he trusted." I nodded and thanked him quietly. I didn’t give a shit whether it was weird seeing a teacher and student like this, I had probably lost my job anyway.
"Gerard... I had to tell them e-everything... It was so horrible..." Frank sobbed. I nodded and hushed him, gently crossing over to the soft chairs lining the room. The coffee machine and coffee table strewn with magazines, books and files made me realize this must be the staff room.
"I know. I know it was Frankie, but it’s okay. I'm here now." I whispered soothingly, closing my eyes as I cuddled him to me. His heart breaking sobs made him sound so fragile, I couldn’t believe I was putting him through this. How anyone could hurt him in such a way. How could his father live with himself knowing he had broken his son in the most sickening ways?
"We are going to question his father some more, and see what we can get from that. We will also need to carry out some rape tests once he is ready." Bryar sounded like he wished he could tell me something different, anything but this. I nodded and fought back my own tears.
"He says he's been living with your mother?" I nodded and Bryar continued. "That’s fine. But we will also have to question you some more Mr. Way, after." I gave Bryar a confused look but nodded. I guessed there would be a good reason for it, right now all I cared about was the sniffling wreck I held in my arms.
"I'll leave you two alone for a moment." Bryar said with a kind smile before silently leaving the room. I nodded gratefully and waited for the door to close before sighing and pulling away slightly.
"Frankie, are you alright?" I asked. He looked at me through his tears and nodded with a wobbling lower lip.
"It was just hard... telling them all that w - when last time they d - didn’t believe me." He said quietly. I nodded and brushed his hair out of his face.
"I know, but you did great Frank. Things can finally be sorted out now." I smiled and tried to look strong for him, I needed to make him feel completely safe if he was ever going to get through this. He nodded and wiped some of his tears away.
"Yeah... Gerard?" He gave me a pleading look and I tilted my head.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"You won’t ever leave me? Will you?" He asked, voice shaking. I shook my head and cuddled him close to me once more.
"I won’t. I promise."

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