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Now to learn about the demon.

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The deumus is a swift and cunning demon, admired for its talent to escape, and feared for its taste of human souls. Throughout the centuries this species of demon has been trapping souls and devouring them. There has never been an account of a deumus being captured. During the past few years there have been stories of vampires using these demons in their dealings with humans. Without the capacity to think for itself this demon is the most reliable predator. Vachss, in particular, has been a valued member of Ambrose's army. Deumus are very nervous creatures, which make them easy to control. A deumus can taste the human soul through their aura. The aura is an energy field that reflects life energies within the body. To humans it appears like pale smoke clinging to the body. To a deumus it has a physical texture, from which a soul can be harvested.
After retrieving the hunters blood Vachss headed back to Ambrose through underground tunnels.
Abney House Corner holds the only proper mausoleum in Abney Park Cemetery, which was built to commemorate Doctor Nathanial Rogers, a wealthy doctor of medicine. He'd donated the stained glass memorial windows to Saint Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. He died in 1884 at 67 years old. It is here where Ambrose is residing.
The mausoleum itself is made of granite and marble, which is chipped and covered in moss. Stairs lead up to the main entrance with torches lining the sides. Two female statues, one missing an arm the other a head, stand in front of the stairs. There are five arches with a door in the middle. The door is solid steel and locks with a thick metal bolt. Inside are benches on both sides, and torches in brass holders above them. On the back wall is a sixteen inch Celtic cross, which matches the cross on the roof. The ceiling is covered with original sixteenth century paintings, which include both angels and demons. In a false panel on the floor are a set of stairs leading down to the catacombs. It smells of mold and something unidentifiable. There are several tunnels with numerous exit points. There's also a room which is designed to accommodate a multitude of creatures. In another room parallel to this room is a machine designed to purify blood, and created by Dr. Nathanial Rogers, who was killed by a vampire before his supposed death.
Vachss enters the catacombs through an underground tunnel, which comes out directly across from the entrance. Inside are a handful of vampires, six men and only one woman, with Ambrose standing in the middle. The vampires are all young and largely built. The female vampire is Danica Farella, slim and infinitely beautiful, with long flowing brown hair, pale skin and strikingly violet eyes. In her day she was well-known and feared among men, for the torture and dismemberment of several soldiers during the Renaissance. Her bodyguards, which include three of the vampires in this room, are scattered among several cemeteries around England. The other remaining vampires are the ones who survived fights with the hunter, Vala Amaris.
Ambrose waits impatiently for the deumus to return. Ever since entering Vala's dreams Ambrose has been fuming silently, outwardly calm, though it is easily seen when you look into his ominous black eyes. He was so close to attaining her soul willingly. It was like a deep ache inside both of them for release. If only he had pushed harder!
Now he is even more determined to break her.
Vachss bows before Ambrose and holds out the vile containing Vala's blood. Ambrose removes the vile from the deumus's claws without touching it. Then he hands the vile off to one of the vamps who takes it down a dark tunnel. Even though Vachss is a trusted ally Ambrose can't stand touching or even smelling Vachss.
“You have done well, Vachss,” Ambrose says calmly.
The deumus smiles a crooked smile and then slinks off.
Ambrose instructs the vampires to head off to the cemetery and recruit demons, warlocks, and any vampires that are willing to help. They split into two groups of three and take different tunnels to the surface.
Danica and Ambrose have been fighting side to side for over thousands of years. Neither one of them crossed the line from servitude into companionship. Yet Danica still yearns for him to look at her the way he looks at the hunter. “What do you plan on doing if this doesn't work? Will you give up or allow your obsession of her to consume you?” Danica demands.
Ambrose remains quiet with his back to her. Then suddenly he whirls around and grabs her by the neck, putting enough pressure to show her he won't hesitate to squeeze. Even vampires breathe despite not having to. Plus Ambrose would be happy for a reason to crush her voice box. Danica holds his wrist in both of her hands to try and remove it. His hands remain motionless. Soon Danica's breathing gets labored. Ambrose's eyes smolder and hers show intense fear. When he speaks his words are laced with warning.
“I plan on doing what I have to do. And I don't need you second guessing me!” he growls.
Danica nods reluctantly.
Ambrose removes his hand and leaves the room without another word. Danica rubs her throat and then follows, this time keeping her distance.
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