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Going Into Battle

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The Council of Elders, Alden and the other watchers, and a handful of new hunters, a hundred-ten in all, are assembled together in the adytum. They sit on the floor holding hands. The lights are dimmed and seven candles are lit on a legless table in the center of the circle. Alden sits across from Fulgor. He has a hunter on one side and an elder on the other. Alden and Fulgor are in charge of reciting the words, while the others focus their energies on the battle, repeating the words. A magic book sits open in front of both leaders.
Earlier, when they first arrived, Alden called the elders and watchers for a meeting. They assembled in the main office. The office is a small building across from the adytum, where the hunters waited for their leaders to return.
Alden spoke solemnly. “I have called you all here because I have a very important request from Vala. The vampire Ambrose has gone rogue. He has stolen Vala's blood and plans on using it to steal her soul,” he starts.
Fulgor interrupts. “What does she need? We owe her family a great deal. I'm sure we all agree that Vala's our best resource against the creatures of the night.”
Everyone nods in unison.
“Thank you,” he bows. “She needs a powerful spell to protect her. Combined with her own resources, it should help a great deal.”
Now they all sit in silence with their eyes closed. Their energies are focused on Vala. Fulgor says a prayer of guidance and strength. Then Alden starts reading from the spell book. Alden's book is in English and Fulgor repeats it in Latin. The hunters, watchers, and elders repeat after Fulgor. Spells always work better in the original text.
As the words are being spoken the candles flicker. The room's atmosphere is charged with positive energy. With their eyes closed they picture Vala in their minds and send the words out toward her. In the middle of the room an evil energy is fighting to maintain a hold on Vala. Everyone in the circle can feel the pull, so they put more force into the words. Alden sends out a silent warning to Vala in hopes she'll hear it and know he's behind her.

# # # # #
Vachss watches the battle from behind his master. His mouth salivates as his eyes take in the many souls surrounding him. In the past he would have attacked no matter what, unfortunately Vachss is too afraid of Ambrose to do anything but watch. The hunter looks at him so he hides behind a tombstone.
Rex, the vampire beside Ambrose, walks toward the hunter. She looks weak but tries to appear strong. Rex smiles knowingly, having smelt her fear. “You must be the illustrious Vala. I've heard so much about you.”
Vala sneers, “Nothing good I hope.”
“Nothing unless you include the taste of your blood,” Rex sneers hungrily.
Vala clenches her jaw but doesn't rise to the bait.
Behind her the battle rages on. Through sheer concentration Rowena and Azahna keep up the spell, which keeps Vala from giving in to fatigue.
She looks at Ambrose with contempt. “Don't bet on it happening again. Ever.”
Rex stands at six-four, with bulging muscles. Before he became a vampire, Rex was a gladiator. Julius Caesar imprisoned several young men, after stealing them from their families, and turned them into slaves. For ten years, until he was twenty-four, Rex fought many prized fighters, including Ambrose. When Julius Caesar was removed from power, Ambrose offered Rex eternal life, and freedom from captivity. Rex accepted enthusiastically. Just like Ambrose, Rex enjoys inflicting misery on others. So as the centuries went by, Rex and Ambrose became closer than brothers. And like brothers, they often wanted the same things, and fought each other for them. Danica was the only thing they could agree on. Rex got dibs on her, although she wanted Ambrose.
Danica watches as Rex attacks Vala. He launches an attack by first pummeling Vala with his fists. She blocks the blows with her forearms. Pain runs up her arms but she stands strong. That is until Rex kicks her in the chest, forcing her to fall back, and slam into a gravestone. Rex smiles as he tries to block her. Instead she uses the tombstone to propel herself at him. She jump kicks him but doesn't connect.
Suddenly he grabs her leg and flips her. She hits the ground and rolls over as his leg misses by inches. Vala struggles to her feet, but not before being kicked in the stomach. His kick causes a tear in the spell.
Rowena gasps as a wave of pain runs through her body. “Oh no. Azahna, we need help,” she warns.
“I've got it,” Azahna exclaims.
Azahna takes a moment to give a signal to Shaea. Both Shaea and Valea are temporarily free of the demon or vampire. The only vampires left are the three by Vala, and several weaker ones. There are several demons left, but the others have them handled, so Valea comes over to assist in holding the spell.
Soon after, the spell cast by the elders takes effect. A current of air blows over the three girls. The air is warm and hardly even ruffles their clothing. It does, however, cause the ground to shake.
Rex proceeds to attack Vala when the Earth moves violently, causing him to fall off his feet. Everything not protected by the spell is caught off guard, including Ambrose. But only for a moment. The next moment Danica hisses a command to the deumus, who follows her inside. Ambrose watches her leave before turning back to the fight. Two of the remaining demons thrash at two wizards, creating a gash in the arm of one and tackling the other to the ground. His minions are being held back by several witches, many of which appear to be quite young. He can smell the magic in the air. The eldest witch appears to be the most powerful.
“Something will have to be done about that,” he whispers gleefully.
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