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Meet the Neighbors

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Frank had always known he was gay, but does that mean everyone else has to know as well? How long can he keep his sexuality a secret until word gets out? (Frerard)

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Aha! I told you I would be writing extras while rewriting the Kill Book!
Anyways, this is more of a side- story I hope to continue for a little while. I've got a good feeling about this one. ;D
And yeah, it's kinda cliche. But everyone just loves high school Frerard.
Without further hesitation, the fic.


What a move! I thought while falling contentedly on my newly-made bed when the very last box of my possessions was packed in its proper place.

My name is Frank Iero. I'm fifteen years old and my mother and I just moved to Belleville, New Jersey.

I sighed, taking in and enjoying the first and last moment my new room would ever be truly clean. I looked up at the band and movie posters on my walls, my seemingly endless stacks of CDs, horror movies, and comic books on the old black shelf nearest the window, my guitar named Pansy sitting all by her lonesome in the corner, and the itsy bitsy stereo that was probably old enough to play classical music without a disc in on my desk.

It isn't much, and most of it isn't normal. I'm not exactly normal though, either. I'm kinda short; only five' three. I've got dyed black hair stuck in the middle of my head while the sides are shaved and dyed red. My eyes are this weird brownish-hazel color. Oh! And I have tattoos and a nose and lip piercing. Plus I wear a lot of black among other "emo" colors.( And the occasional pink or purple if I'm feeling good.)

Add all that up with being gay and you have your basic walking disaster.

My mother knows I'm gay, and she's very supportive. I mean, just a bit too supportive. As in she tries to go online and find me dates. Yeah, you can just laugh it up now.

My dad, on the other hand, hates my homosexuality. That's why my mother and I moved. My dad just couldn't stand having a gay son. I remember on several occasions he'd try and beat the heterosexual into me.

Does it appeared to have worked to you? Didn't think so.

I used to get picked on a lot, too. You know, just the simple shit. Like being shoved into lockers, spit on, and thrown into trashcans by nuns with rulers. Yeah... I had the good life, eh?
I went to a Catholic school where somehow everyone knew I was gay, even the teachers. (Which explains the nuns.)

All that led to self-mutilation. The cutting and whatnot. However, that all ceased when my mother found out and sent me to a private mental health facility to "heal me".

So, the basic point of all that was to explain to you that I, Frank Iero, am not normal. I suppose you get the point, right? Good.

I suppose I had been laying on my bed for about half an hour because I soon heard my mother call me from downstairs. "Frank! Come down here and meet our new neighbors!"

I swallowed, slightly nervous, and reluctantly got off my ass and trudged downstairs. As I reached the first floor and stood by my mother in the front door frame, I got my first look at the new neighbors.

There was a woman with semi-poofy blonde hair standing with a teenager who I presumed to be her son. He was taller than me (Like everyone I've ever come across) and he had shaggy strawberry blonde hair similar to his mother's, only he seemed to need a shave as well.

My mother turned to me and smiled. "Frank, darling, these are our new neighbors. This is Marie Bryar and her son, Bob."

I gazed the teenager up and down; not being sexual, only hoping to see a bit of resemblance to my style, which I did. After seeing the similarities- his clothes, lip piercing, etc.- I grinned and introduced myself. "Hey, I'm Frank."

The dude eyed me in a suspicious way and then scoffed. "Hey..."

I frowned, but then soon restored my once-real smile with a forced one. I needed this friend, so I decided to keep up my polite host act. "I've got some awesome CDs upstairs. Wanna come listen?" I looked to our mothers and then motioned to Bob that I wanted to escape their presence.

Before Bob could reply, his mother responded for him. "Go ahead, Bob. Frank is a nice boy."

Bob gave a look of protest which melted into a grimace as he reluctantly followed me to my room.

"Oh, you must come in, Marie! We have to-" I heard my mother invite Bob's mother in as we headed upstairs.

We entered my room and as soon as the door was shut I turned to Bob. "Look, dude. It's pretty obvious you've got some problem with me so spill it."

Bob sighed and glared at me. "Are you, like, a faggot or something?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes and decided then that I wanted to start over new; completely. "No, dude. I'm straight." I lied through my teeth. "I don't need someone who hates my existence already for reasons that aren't even true." I walked over to the nightstand by my bed and pulled a brand new pack of cigarettes out of the little drawer, along with an ashtray. "Need a smoke?" I mumbled around a cigarette I had already stuck in my mouth and lit with a lighter from my pocket.

The look on Bob's face showed pure relief. "Thanks, Frank." He said, accepting a cancer-stick and lighting it with his own lighter. "I'm sorry for acting like a complete dick to you. It's just... a long time ago, like, five years or so ago, a really close friend was raped by some gay dude, so I'm apprehensive. I really have nothing against gay people. My best friend's brother is gay." Bob took a deep drag from his cigarette. "I trust you now, though." He said as he exhaled a little white cloud of smoke.

"No hard feelings." I said, somewhat relieved that he didn't mind gays in case he discovered my sexuality later. "I'm used to shit like that. I mean, I know I can dress and even act gay sometimes, but most people automatically assume that I am. Like yourself." I gave a mock glare before laughing a bit, more to myself.

Bob gave a weak laugh, still feeling guilty about "falsely" accusing me. "You do look gay." He said, referring to me slim-fitting Bouncing Souls shirt, pink Converse, skinny jeans, and pink belt. "But you don't act very gay."

I took a drag of my own cigarette and slowly exhaled. "Oh, you'll see, Bryar. You will see."

Bob gave me a slightly nervous look before putting out the remainder of his cigarette in the ashtray I had set out. "Um... Should I be scared?"

I laughed as I put my cigarette as well before putting the no-longer-clean ashtray back in the drawer with the pack of cigarettes. (If you think about it, it's kind of like cigarette torture. You know, being stuck in a small, dark place with the half-smoked bodies of their siblings.) "Yes, Bob. Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Bob laughed once he saw that I was only joking. Then looked at the time. "Hm, still half the day left. Want to go meet the rest of the freaks with me?"

I raised an eyebrow. "Freaks?"

"The kids like us." He motioned to our dark clothes.

I grinned. "So your friends, basically?"

Bob laughed. "Yeah. You could call them that."

I yawned, suddenly realizing that I was worn out from packing. I turned to Bob. "Can we get some damn Starbucks first?"

Bob jumped up with an excited expression. "Ooh! I know! We could all go get coffee together! That way you could meet them!"

"Suuure." I looked at Bob apprehensively. "Now look who's gay."

Bob stopped jumping and shrugged. "It kinda rubs off when you spend so much time with them." He said smugly. He changed the subject. "Can we go to Starbucks now or what?"

Rolling my eyes, I nodded. "Let's go."

We left my room and headed back downstairs. "Lemme let our mom's know real fast-like." I said, emphasizing the word I had made up.

Bob chuckled and nodded. "Meet outside."

I nodded back before walking into the kitchen, where our mother's were chatting. "Hey, Mom. Is it OK if Bob and I head to Starbucks so he can introduce me to his friends?" I inquired.

"Of course, honey. As long as Marie agrees to it." I looked to Marie Bryar who nodded enthusiastically, urging me to go.

"Cool." I said. I leaned down to my mom's ear as she sat at the kitchen table with Marie. "And ,Mom, could you not tell anyone that I'm... y'know..." I whispered.

My mother sighed, but nodded. She had never liked me hiding my sexuality. "Sure thing, dear."

"Thanks, Mom!" I said happily. I ran out of the kitchen, shouting an 'I love you' to my mother as I left. I walked out of the front door to see Bob waiting for me.

"Ready?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yep."

Bob and I were walking to Starbucks, making stops at the houses of his friends on the way.

"So how far to the first stop?" I asked, sticking my hands into my pockets as we walked to avoid the cold as much as I could.

"Eh, we'll be there in a few minutes. We all live relatively close to each other, thank God." Bob responded, pulling a black pull-over hat out of his pocket and pulling it onto his head.

Not long after that we arrived at our first destination. "Here we are." Said Bob. "The home of Ray Toro."

We walked up the front steps of an average-sized home. He knocked on the door and soon a rather tall teenager with a big red afro opened the door. "Hey, Bob. Who's this?" Asked the boy, glancing momentarily at me.

Bob motioned to me. "This is Frank of the Iero Clan. Frank, this is Ray of the Toro Clan."

"'Sup, dude?" I asked, lifting my hand in a small attempt at a wave.

Ray smiled. "Hey." He looked back to Bob. "So what's going on?"

"Frank is new here so I thought I'd introduce him to the gang. We're going to get Mikey and Gerard next and head to Starbucks."

"Alright." Said Ray. He grabbed a Queen hoodie and pulled it on. "I'm going."

So now the three of us were on our way to the next stop- the home of the two brothers, one being gay.

Ray and I soon got into a very heated discussion of music and were currently arguing over which guitar-playing methods were best when Bob butted in. "We have a band!"

Ray laughed. "Yep. I play guitar, Bob plays drums, Mikey is on bass, and we're respectively forcing Gerard to sing."

"Wow..." I admired. "I would kill to be a band." I muttered, more to myself.

"Well, we're looking for a second guitarist. Are you any good?" Ray inquired.

I shrugged. "I suppose. I can do some screamo, too."

Ray looked pleased. "Seriously, dude? Gerard and I will need to discuss this..."

"Does the band have a name?" I asked.

Bob nodded. "Yes. We are calling it," He did a hand motion to paint the mental picture that it was a very important name. "Bob and the Dark Pebbles."

Ray smacked the back of Bob's head, earning an 'ow' from him. "No, we don't have a name yet. But we're considering a few."

"We're here." Bob announced. He guided us to a somewhat rundown looking house. Standing at the front door, he knocked. As soon as the first sound has been made, a rather scared looking teenager opened the door. He was tall and skinny, with glasses and brown hair.

"What's wrong, Mikey?" Bob asked the frightened teen.

"G-Gerard... bathroom... r-raz-zor... so much f-fucking b-blood, Bob!" Mikey sobbed, collapsing onto Bob's chest and releasing the waterworks.

We all stumbled inside and Bob sat on the couch with Mikey. "Calm down, Mikes..."

I felt panic rise to my throat. What the hell was going on? Razor blades? Blood? Suddenly I had this even weirder feeling prick my stomach. I began to walk down a hallway until I across an open door. Looking in, I saw who I guessed was Gerard. He was laying on the bathroom floor in a pool of his own crimson liquid. He was pale with black hair, and vampiric hazel eyes that seemed to be staring off at some object that was invisible to me. His right arm was riddled with open wounds. There were at least ten gashes, each of them obviously made by the razor blade in Gerard's other hand.

I gagged at the sight before me. This teenager that I had never even met laid in front of me, bleeding from wounds he'd made himself. I gasped when I saw his eyes flicker towards me. It was then I noticed that he was breathing.

"Who the hell are you?" He mumbled.

I couldn't speak, and for some unknown reason I felt pure relief that this boy was alive. Gerard was alive... but why did I care so much?

"Shit..." I heard Gerard mumble as he sat up. He gazed down at himself as I stared at him. (I know it sounds creepy, but what would you have done?) "I really fucked up this time." He turned to me again and met my gaze. "Who are you?" He repeated.

"F-Frank..." I stuttered, looking down at my Converse instead of meeting his eyes now. I didn't know why, but I was feeling extremely shy towards Gerard now.

"If you're here, whoever you are, then that means the guys are probably here, too. Please leave, I need a shower."

I held out my hand. "I may not know y-you very well, but I can see that you're bound to hurt y-yourself again. Give me the razor first." I stated bravely, my voice barely wavering.

Gerard's eyes showed a silent form of anger mixed with something else that I couldn't place, but he gave up the razor blade nonetheless.

After getting the small blade, I left the bathroom- Gerard shutting the door behind me- and slid down to the floor, hugging my knees close to my chest as I clutched the said blade. I felt sick. My first fucking day here and there was already trouble. There were two extremely obvious reasons for that. One: I had come across my new friends' friend bleeding on the bathroom floor. Two: I already had a huge crush on him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes to see Bob crouched next to me. "Gerard is okay. Just cut up." I mumbled.

Bob sighed. "I'm sorry your first day here got fucked up. Gerard just suffers from depression and sometimes no one can stop him."

I nodded in understanding. "He's taking a shower now. I got this from him, though." I opened my hand and showed Bob the razor blade.

Bob grimaced and took the razor blade before tossing it into a nearby trashcan that I had failed to notice. "Gerard is gonna be pissed when he gets out. The most we can do is ignore what happened for now." Bob stood up and pulled me up along with him. "Ray is in the living room with Mikey. Let's go and wait."

I followed Bob into the living room. Ray was sitting on the couch with Mikey.

"Gerard is fine." Bob announced. "He's showering now."

I saw Mikey sigh in relief. "Thank God..." He muttered. Then he turned to me, looking red eyed and worn out. "Hey, I'm Mikey Way." He said as he tried to force a friendly smile.

"I'm Frank Iero." I said, doing the same.

Things just stayed frozen in a tense silence after that. We simply waited for Gerard to get out of the shower. So, combined with anxiety, exhaustion, and having to piss really bad, it was a really, really long wait on my part.

I growled inwardly to myself. It's not right... I shouldn't like a boy I just met, let alone a probably straight one. Wait... There was hope! I remembered Bob saying something about a gay brother. Maybe Gerard- No... I forgot. I was supposed to be straight. Damn it...

My internal battle was interrupted when everyone noticed the sound of the shower shutting off and the bathroom door opening.

A rather tired- looking Gerard walked into the living room (Looking quite attractive, I must add) wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, some black jeans, and a pair of Vans. He stood in front of Mikey who immediately stood up when seeing his brother. They merely stared at each other for about... eh, I'm going to say roughly five seconds before they launched into a brotherly hug.

"I'm so, so sorry, Mikes." Gerard whispered, letting a few tears slip down his face.

"F-Fuck it, Gerard. Just don't scare me like that again!" Mikey sobbed.

After a bit more sobbing and apologies, the brothers finally separated. Once again, another awkward silence ensued.

"Well, then." I said, clapping my hands together and breaking the silence. "How about that Starbucks?" Everyone turned and stared at me. I felt a blush creep to my cheeks. "Um... Or n-not..." I mumbled, looking down at my Converse.

Then everyone began to laugh. Astonished, I looked back up at everyone. Even Gerard was laughing at me. What the fuck? "W-What?" I asked, embarrassment flooding through me.

"Wow. That was incredibly random." Gerard said, wiping away tears of laughter that had started to form. "I suppose we haven't even had proper introductions yet. I'm Gerard Way."

I smiled in relief. "I'm Frank Iero, captain of the Short People's United Club." I joked.

Gerard laughed and raised an eyebrow. "I can see why." He teased.

I gasped. "Hee-"

"Before we all start joking on Frank's size how about we live up to what we came here for and actually get some Starbucks so we can get acquainted?" Bob cut me off.

Mikey yawned and nodded. "I could kill for a coffee right now."

Ray, finally putting his part into our conversation, stood up. "Shall we be off then?" He suggested.

I let a pure smile slip on my face. "Hell yeah!" I cheered.

We began to walk down the street. We must have looked like a gang due to our dark clothing and the quantity of people in our group, because the others on the street were avoiding us.

"So Frank," Bob began. "Are you ready for your... initiation?" He said mysteriously.

I felt a bit of panic rise in me. "I-Initiation?" I stuttered.

"Yes..." Bob said dramatically. "You must... drink a cup of coffee!" He yelled and began to laugh maniacally.

"Yep." Gerard added. "If you're our friend, we need to make it official."

Bob sighed in a dream- dazed way. "And what better way than with coffee?"

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