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Finding Freedom

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Sarah is a 17 year old, who can't wait to get away from her hometown. Read the story if you want to see what happens.

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All the people on the street, I hate you all
And the people that I meet, I hate you all
And the people that I know, I hate you all
And the people that I don't, I hate you all
Oh, I hate you all

Oh, how fitting, I thought to myself as I shut off my alarm clock that was screaming out the song "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go. I swear, sometimes that thing reads my mind. I really hate waking up to another dreary day in the delightfully boring suburban town of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. But on the upside, I turn eighteen in a week and I can finally get away from this shithole that I call home.

Sighing, I snapped out of my thoughts of freedom and went downstairs for breakfast before my mom could shit bricks at me about being late for graduation.

"Hey Ma, cheer up a bit. Today I'm this much closer to finally being out of your hair," I said as I walked into the kitchen of the townhouse me and my mom shared.
"What a wonderful day that will be," she replied.

I have such a nice, caring family.
But I know that my mom isn't actually looking forward to me leaving, since once that happens she's gonna be living on her own. Her and my father are currently going through a horrible divorce(the bastard cheated on her)and my brother moved out a couple years ago for college.

"Now eat your damn breakfast, honey," said my mom, noticing how I was just kinda sitting there.
"Alright, alright, don't get your panties in a bundle," I said in response.

An hour later

"Bye Ma, I'll see you in a few," I called out to my mom as I walked out to my red Cherokee Jeep, keys in hand.
My Jeep is honestly like my baby, it's my first car and I bought it the day I turned 16. Ever since I got my first job at age 14, half of my paycheck would go towards me getting a red Cherokee Jeep once I turned 16. As a little girl, my father owned one and I used to always beg him to take me on rides in his Jeep. That was back when I actually liked my father. Before the Army made him move away. Back when I was Sarah Sunshine.

Breaking away from my nostalgic thoughts, I did what I usually do when I get in my car. Turned it on, and immediately put in Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Also known as my favorite album of all time. Satisfied by hearing the sweet sounds of My Chemical Roamnce coming through my stereos, I back out of my driveway and drove to some place in Minneapolis, where they were holding the graduation. That was probably one of the happiest drives of my life, since I knew that now I've graduated I never have to go that hellhole called White Bear Lake High ever again. I hate everything about that place, from the dull, off white walls and black and orange lockers, to all the judgemental idiots that attend there as students. They're the kids that have made me incredibly eager for freedom from White Bear since I was in middle school. Of course, there are a a few nice ones but the majority of them are attention-seeking whores who get their kicks out of tearing down the self-esteem of everyone they see. They stopped saying stuff to me though, considering that the one time that one of them dared say shit to my face, I broke her nose. So basically, I hate most everyone at that damned school.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit I'm here. I'm here at graduation. I'm finally gonna be free from high school,I thought to myself as I walked into the lobby of the place where I would get my diploma. I went to go pick up my robes and cap, and went back to the bathrooms so I could change. As I walked to the bathrooms, I passed some fellow peers who were making out pretty heavily in the corner. Well, isn't that a nice game of tonsil hockey, I thought to myself sarcastically with my nose crinkled in disgust. Some people just have no class.

After getting into my graduation robes, I went back out into the lobby to wait for my family to come. That would consist of my mom, my brother Chas, my Uncle Steve, and my Aunt Joanne. Of course my father isn't coming, he's too busy doing whatever the hell he does with the Army to come to his only daughter's high school graduation. But oh well, at least Uncle Steve is coming. He's probably one of the only people who can put a genuine smile on my face, and is like a second father to me.

"Hey Sarah Sue! What are you up to?" said Uncle Steve while giving me a hug.
"Hey Unca Deve!" I replied with a smile. Unca Deve is what I've called him since I was little, because when I was young I wasn't able to pronounce his name correctly.

"Hey there Sarah Belle, excited for finally getting your diploma?" asked my Aunt Joanne. She is quite possibly one of the nicest, happiest people I've ever met.
"You know it," I said with another smile. This may be a record, I've been smiling for more then 10 seconds.

"Wow, I feel old I'm finally seeing my baby sister graduate," said Chas.
"You feel old? Hell, today marks the day that I no longer have kids that are in high school," said my mom.

"Yeah well, I better go take my seat so I'll meet up with you guys afterwards," I said and started walking off to the theater where I will finally get my long-awaited diploma.

I'm practically bouncing in excitement. After I leave this place, I'll be free from high school forever. I've been waiting for this day for years. I'm thinking that in a week when I turn 18, I'll get myself my own apartment out in New Jersey, near the collge that I'm going to. Thankfully, I've already looked at apartments there over the Internet, and I found a place! And speaking of college, I'm actually kind of excited for it. I hear it's much better than high school, and I get to study Psychology and Music there.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," said my stupid, fat principal into a microphone he was holding onto while he was on the stage in the theater. He honestly resembles a pig. He's bald, and his skin is always pinkish, no matter what.
I've never liked the principal. Whenever someone got bullied at school, he never did anything about it even if he was standing by.
So of course, the principal and all the stupid student council people began giving their long speeches.

Boring, I thought to myself. Why can't they just give us out damn diplomas already? There's honestly no need for these stupid, boring speeches. Good thing my name is near the top of the list they call off though, otherewise I'd go insane. Oh good, they're starting to call off names and hand out diplomas.

"Aeler, Bianca," they called out.
Some blonde-haired chick stoof up to grab her diploma.
"Anderson, Daniel," they called out.
One of the hockey jocks got up.
"Azul, Sarah," They called out.

YES! I cried out in my head. Barely able to contain my joy, I stood up from my metal folding chair. I walked up on stage and claimed what's rightfully mine. My high school diploma. This means I'm finally free. This is what I've been waiting for since elementary school! I heard my family clapping, and looked out to the crowd to find them all smiling at me.

During the whole time that they were handing out the diplomas, I sat in my seat and stared at mine. I couldn't believe that I finally had it. It was like I was in a trance, just staring at my ticket out of high school. I mean, I gotta admit that high school is absolutely terrible. Especially to someone like me, who hates being stuck in places with a lot of people. And like I said before, the majority of those people are mean and nasty. Well, at least the girls are. A lot of the guys were just hormone-driven idiots who didn't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Don't get me wrong though, there were nice guys. But I never liked any of them, it just never felt right with them. But that's besides the point.

After the ceremony and whatnot, I met my family back in the lobby. Ma was practically in tears, which was a first because I rarely see her cry.

"Oh honey, I'm just so proud of you," said Ma.
That nearly stunned me, she's never told me she's proud of me before. But I smiled and said thanks anyways.

"Now can we leave this place? There's too many people," I said and they all nodded and we left.

I hopped in my beloved Jeep, sat behind the wheel, and smiled.

Finally free.

A week later

"Happy Birthday Sarah!"
"Hmmph," I moaned tiredly. I hate being woken up.
"Come on Sarah, get your ass up. You're 18 today! Do you really want to spend all day in bed?" Said Ma, trying to shake me awake.
"But Ma, I'm tired," I replied.
"So what? Get up," said Ma and walked out of my room.

Ugh. So I got up, took a quick shower, and got dressed. Today I wore my favorite ripped black skinnies and a Coheed & Cambria T-shirt. I couldn't help but be happy today though, despite my rude awakening. I mean, I'm 18! I'm finally a legal adult. Next thing I'm gonna do now is buy myself some cigs. I don't have to swipe any of off my mom anymore. That is such a relief.

Today is also the day I leave for New Jersey. Once I blow out the candles on the cake that Ma got from Cub Foods, I'm gonna be out of this place.

Later in the day

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Sarah, happy birthday to you!" my family sang to me. Once again, it was Ma, Chas, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Joanne there. I'm sure gonna miss them when I'm gone.

My father had come over the previous day to wish me happy birthday. He took me out to my favorite sushi restaurant and tried apologizing to me that he couldn't be there on my actual birthday. I'm used to it, so I was like whatever.

As everyone left, making it just me and Ma there in our townhome, I finished my packing. I packed all my bags into my Jeep, got in, turned on my stereos, and uttered my goodbyes to Ma. I'm honestly gonna miss her. But I'm so happy to finally get out of White Bear Lake! So I just set off down that street and I was gone.

Here I come New Jersey.

(A/N) Sorry that this chapter is kind of dull, but it's basically just the introductory chapter to let you get to know Sarah a little bit better. Also, I promise that My Chem will be in the next chapter!

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