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independent study essay

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Independent study essay

I want to take a creative writing independent study because I think it will help me with my writing skills. The teachers that will help me on this path are Mr. Morey and Mrs. Rose. I think if I take this independent study it will help me with my vocabulary. This will help me learn not only more creative words but also how to use them properly. It will make my lanuage and papers more lavish. The way I want to be graded is by a well kept binder. I think we should write a n original story every other month. The other month should be devoted to the reading of a story and a remake of it. That way it lets us express our creativity but not exhaust our minds trying to do original story after original story. To me creative writing is going to help me firgure out if I want to get my minor in creative writing or in history. If I feel like I can succeed in the cclass in college then I will continue on with my creative writing courses. Should it arise differently, and I find out I may not be that good at creative writing, I probably will give it up in college and make my minor history.
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