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I'm a killer and I'm not lying--Courtside seats to this car chase)--in the action

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WOW! guess what!? Its exactly what you think it is...A SEQUEL!

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Karey Black...The government's most wanted criminal.

She never got caught, thanks to her skills and many years of practice.

She always found a way to spend stolen money, never counterfeit.

And She never had to hold a single weapon in the 8 years of her charade. That is until today...

"Can't your cars speed up!? I'm losing ya!" Karey yelled out the window of the car-she stole, of course. Money spilled from the windows as she threw it out. "Take it back!" She yelled, she was bored. She sighed as the cop cars tried to keep up with her, but she sped up and exited the highway. Once she was positive they lost her she slowed down to a stop at light. I stopped? This is a first, she thought, Weird. But she nudged the thought away and hit the gas petal and jetted for a hotel. Out of the many times she had been to a hotel or motel or didn't matter, she was never noticed. She rarely changed looks(Just proving how much the government wanted this a secret).

She stepped quietly into the hotel and made her way to the front desk. She leaned against it as she waited for the clerk to turn around from whatever they were doing. As she waited she messed with her shoulder-length hair that was dyed blue at the tips and swarmed with dark-brown, almost black.

"May I help you?" The clerk said dumb-struck a bit.

"A room would be nice," Karey stated.

"Uh, yeah...I'm sorry but your," As he struggled to find the right word Karey tilted her head to the side in confusion, "Hot!" he finished.

Karey smiled, "Thanks. Now, about that room..."

"Right! umm..Here." the clerk handed her the key. "Are you...single?"

"I'm too old for you," she lied. She smiled again and walk towards the elevator.

Before the doors closed the clerk shouted, "Room 307!"

"Thanks!" Karey got out before the door closed. She sighed for the second time tonight. Somethings missing..., she thought. Then she remembered, "GINGER! I can't believe I left her!"

Ginger, was Karey's companion in crime and woman's best-friend. Yup, a dog.
Karey waited for the elevator to open which seemed like forever, and as it opened there she saw, Officer Urie...


I know its short but...ill double the next chapter.
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