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chapter four

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You gasp in excitement as you walk into the backstage room.
“So this is were the bands go when there’s like a two minute break in the show and someone is stalling by screaming into the microphone if you want to see more of that band?!” Said Cassie excitedly. You roll your eyes. She thought about the weirdest things.
“This is also where the bands chill before and after the show!’ Rick said with fake enthusiasm.
“Oh ha ha. Make fun of me some more why don’t you.” Cassie says, storming away from Rick.
“I would but your walking away!” He yells after his sister.
“Thank you again Rick.” You said, giving him a small smile before you run after her. You aren’t watching were your running, and you run into someone, and fall back. You hit the ground and let out a huff. You look up to see who you had run into. You see that its Trace Cyrus from Metro Station. You suppress a girlish squeal. He was so pretty.
“Oh! I’m sorry.” He says with a smile. He holds out a hand to help you up. You take it eagerly.
“No problem! I wasn’t looking where I was running.” You say, smiling.
“Are you part of the stage crew?” He says, tilting his head to the side.
“No. My friends brother works backstage here, and he got us backstage passes and all that fun stuff.” You say, your smile growing.
“Oh. Awesome!” He says, smiling also.
“Yup. And if you don’t mind me saying, your music is amazing.”
“Why thank you.” He says in a very proud sort of way.
“Bree! Get over here!” Yells Cassie from behind you.
“Well, I have to get going. I’ll talk to you later okay?” You say, hoping that was true. He nods and turns back to who he was talking to. You look at him, and you almost faint with excitement. It was Pete Wentz. He sees you staring at him and he smiles at you. You try to say hi, but your speechless. You open your mouth, but no words come out. Your hero was less then ten feet away from you, and you couldn’t say the word hi. ‘Say something you idiot!’ You think inside your head.
“Can I help you?” He asks me, his perfect smile on his perfect face.
“H-h-h-h-hi.” You stutter out.
“Hey. What’s going on?” He asks, telling Trace something, making him walk away.
“N-n-nothing.” You say very nervously, a huge smile plastered on your face.
“What’s your name?” He asks, clearly trying to make small talk.
“Bree.” You say, without stuttering this time.
“That’s a pretty name. Is it short for something?” He asks, looking you right in the eyes.
“Yeah, but I don’t like it. So it’s just Bree.” He was about to say something, when a voice you recognized yelled his name.
“Pete!” He yelled, walking over to were you where standing. It was the man you couldn’t wait to meet. The man that was in your dreams every night. It was Patrick Stump, starring right at you.
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