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Akward Intoductions

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You had me at your argyle sweater...

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I woke up the next morning to sloppy dog kisses. My mom called up asking if I was awake. I told her yes, and sluggishly rolled out of bed. I picked up a David Bowie shirt that seemed clean, my favorite jeans, and my chucks. I managed to do something cute with my hair and slap on some eyeliner and mascara when my mom called again.

"Celeste! He'll be here any minute. Get a move on."

"Yes, mother."

I walked down the stairs, and fed Copernicus and my fish Swimmy. I was half way through my hot pocket when the door bell rang.

"Uhm, hi. I'm here to see Celeste?" I heard him say.

"Come on in, she's in the kitchen. Follow me."

I took a deep breath. Here we go. My mom walked in front of him, blocking my view. Then he stepped in. I dropped my hot pocket on the floor. I snapped out of it and grabbed it off the floor.

"Celeste, this is Patrick." My mom was grinning ear to ear.

"Hey what's up?" I faked some confidence, even though I was nervous as hell.

"N-Not much." He sort of stared at the linoleum. God, he was cute. Patrick wore thick black glasses, a black cadette hat,an Aquaman shirt, a green argyle sweater, jeans, and orange chucks. He had shaggy strawberry blonde hair that he tried so desperately to keep out of his face, but failed. He just looked so... so... damn huggable!

"Well, we better hit it. We have a mental Russian bus driver, and he waits for no one." I got a smile out of him. It was adorable.

"Bye Mrs.Laux"

"Bye, Patrick. Love you, Celeste!" She called out.

We walked towards the stop sign at the end of the street. We stood there in silence for a moment. Suprisingly he was the one to break it.

"I really like your shirt."

"Thanks, I got it at his concert. Front row."

"No way! Lucky!"

"Yep. I worked an entire summer for those tickets."

"There must have been tons of old British chicks screaming for him. David, oh David!"
I laughed at his fake accent.

"Aquaman is totally under appreciated. Nice job."

"Huh? What? Oh the shirt. Thanks."

The bus arrived and he sat by me, which I didn't mind one bit. He seemed nice. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.
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