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The Difference a Stunner Can Make

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AU Sequel to RWYS! What if Dumbledore had stopped Harry from storming out in ch. 6 of RWYS? Would things have resulted any differently?

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter, etc.; he is the property of J.K. Rowling and a bunch of other people, none of whom are me or anyone I know.

IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an AU version of my current fic, "The Number of Fools." What if Dumbledore had actually prevented Harry from storming out on everyone in chapter 6 of "Reap What You Sow" and made him go back to Hogwarts? Would that have made things any better or different than Harry running away?

Also, please note that this fanfic is NOT COMPLIANT WITH THE CANON BOOK 6.

Furthermore, I quoted Shawn Pickett below because I found his review to be amusing, insightful, and meaningful. (However, I would like to point out that his opinions aren't necessarily my own.)

/Harry Potter, Prisoner of Hogwarts/

By Quillian

Co-written with Areeb14

(formerly deathsith)

Respects to Sheyda and drunkendevil87, whose respective fics "Curse of the Banshees" and "Those Betrayed Emerald Eyes" inspired some of the concepts here. Also to Shawn Pickett, for inspiring me with his words, as seen below...

Infinitus/ est numerus stultorum./ The number of fools is infinite. -Seneca

"I was rather amused by the confrontation between Albus and Harry "I'm sorry, your a minor, I must insist that you return to school." Yeah, that would go so well, pissed off at the world Harry locked up at Hogwarts with the people that screwed him over. Also, news flash, Hogwarts ain't the only magical school in the world, Harry could transfer somewhere else for his education that didn't involve him dealing with a bunch of two faced, sniveling, lieing, hypocritical, little worms bad enough to send Santa Clause, Jesus Christ, or Ghandi into a homicidal rage on a daily basis." -Shawn Pickett, commenting on chapter 6 of "Reap What You Sow"

Chapter 1: The Difference a Stunner Can Make

Having gotten all that out of the way, Harry ground out, "Well, at least now you can go back to your job of pretending to be concerned for your students' welfare, Dumbledore; just don't expect me back there, because I'm /through/."

"I'm afraid I can't allow that, Harry."

Feeling his anger rise up again, Harry disguised it as he raised an eyebrow. "Oh, /really/?"

"Yes. You see, for one thing, you're still a minor. You are indeed an extraordinary and powerful young wizard, but you're still a minor nonetheless. For another thing, I don't think your parents would have wanted their son to have an incomplete education."

That did it. Dumbledore's use of Harry's parents as an excuse for his own ulterior motives was the final straw.

Now, while he was at the Founder's Temple, Godric Gryffindor's spirit taught him a certain code of morality. This code included things like not instigating fights, never using physical violence it was necessary out of self-defense, and not sinking down to the levels of other bad people, regardless of whatever they may have done. There were also several minor rules, such as never using profanity, and other things which were part of etiquette for society and interacting with others.

Harry's rage boiled at the mention of his parents like that. Oh, how he wanted to chew Dumbledore out for that one...

'Oh well,' he thought, 'I'm sure Godric will forgive me on this one.'


But before Harry could ream out Dumbledore with a barrage of nasty swearwords, a powerful red light shot at him, and he knew no more.

"Albus, was that really necessary?" a frowning Lupin asked the Hogwarts Headmaster after looking down at the floor to see where Harry collapsed from the modified Stunner.

"Unfortunately, Remus, yes, I'm afraid it was," Dumbledore said heavily. "He wouldn't have cooperated otherwise."

"So now what?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Well, for one thing, he'll have to go back to Hogwarts to complete his education," Dumbledore explained.

"Are you sure it's for that particular reason?" came a somewhat snarky voice. It was Snape, who was a little disgruntled that he didn't get to see the Headmaster royally reamed out (although he didn't let it show he was disgruntled). "Or is it for some misguided attempt to make him forgive everyone so you can all feel better?"

They all flinched at Snape's words, except for Dumbledore, who stood strong and calmly replied, "An interesting guess, Severus, but no, it's not for that."

Snape smoothly arched one eyebrow, but said no more on the matter.

Dumbledore, in the meantime, levitated Harry's unconscious form, took out a Portkey, and disappeared from Courtroom Ten and its unsettled occupants.

(End of Chapter 1.)

A/N: So, are you guys looking forward to this? In "The Number of Fools" (NoF), Harry leaves everything; in this fic, he can't!

Also, there's an awesome fic in progress by a friend of mine: "Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody," by Fangalla Marie. It's funny and worth reading, since it pokes fun at all the stories of its kind! You may want to consider reading it... -Quillian


It has been a couple years since I started writing this fanfic (I estimate that I started writing it sometime in the spring of 2005), and now, as I go back over it and fix it up a little, I feel that I should point something out to the readers.

When I started writing this fic (and all my other fanfics like I did back then), I wrote it as I went along, not giving much forethought to things like coherence and consistency from chapter to chapter. I wrote this fanfic for the fun of it, wanting to try my hand at betrayal stories like those typically seen in the Harry Potter fandom. All three stories in what I call my Azkaban cycle - "Reap What You Sow" (RWYS), "The Number of Fools" (NoF), and "Harry Potter, Prisoner of Hogwarts" (HPPoH) - are not my most serious efforts in writing, but are meant to be fun as I go along writing them (and hopefully as you go along reading them). HOWEVER, I am determined to finish what I started with this fic, and so I will see it through to the end.

As a matter of fact, even I, the writer, don't consider ay of these three betrayal fics to be serious betrayal fics. In fact, I almost consider them to be like parodies, in a sense, because they're not that serious. They're simply my take on these HP-style betrayal fanfics.

I wrote this fic (HPPoH) because I wanted to write my own take on a fic where Harry was betrayed by the Wizarding World and then forced to return to Hogwarts to complete his magical education (and maybe even forgive those who betrayed him), even though he did not want to do so.

I just felt inclined to point that out.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

-Quillian, 1/24/07
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