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Part 5

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Author's Notes: Poorly described sexual content in this chapter.


Zelda had grown accustomed to the contradictory atmosphere of Ganondorf’s room. She had spent hours upon hours here, either simply enjoying his company or attempting to decipher his enigmatic nature. And he often indulged her whims, answering questions with only enough honesty to satisfy her curiosity. Though this only served to add to the mystery of Ganondorf and Zelda was unsure if she possessed the determination to solve it. Her curiosity pestered her though, which she reasoned was the reason she continued to seek his company.

She found him to be rather pleasant, a nice change of pace from the people she normally spent time with and thought the silences they shared more thought provoking than the conversations. It was comforting to a certain degree, because it was unchanging. As she became more at ease with his presence, she often times found herself rambling about her day or something she had found particularly interesting before she even realized it. It was embarrassing to say the least. But Ganondorf never seemed to mind. He simply smiled a charming smile and allowed her to ramble on.

Such was the case this evening. She stood before a display case depicting antiquities from a time long past and from a people now extinct. She had spent the better part of an hour describing the time she had spent with Marius. “I cannot believe he would even suggest...” She bit her lip and shook her head, “He is just so…so intolerable.” She shuddered and ran her hand along her arm.

“Indeed.” Ganondorf’s expression was rigid, hands clasped in a contemplative manner in front of his face, and he was grateful that Zelda kept her back to him so she could not see just how displeased he really was.

There was silence and she sighed, “I wish I understood why Father is so insistent upon enamoring me to him. We have absolutely nothing in common.”

“Your Father has his reasons. Perhaps he is thinking of the sake of Hyrule. Or that you need a strong partner at your side. Or perhaps he believes that our people will prosper under Marius’ rule.” He did not sound at all convinced of such. Prosper under that insolent whelp? The very notion was absurd and angered the Gerudo more than his expression let on. If anything, Marius would be Hyrule's end. He was the only rightful ruler of Hyrule and in due time, the King, Marius, and Zelda herself would be made aware of that.

Zelda scoffed and turned away from the display. Prosper under Marius? How absurd. The boy was self-center and far too arrogant for his own good. He was not what Hyrule needed, Zelda was certain. She crossed her arms and turned to look Ganondorf. “Father is very sorely mistaken. I would rather be alone than with someone like Marius.”

Ganondorf waved his arm toward the chair close to him, indicating he wanted her to sit. She did so and hugged her arms to her chest. “You needn’t worry yourself over this, Zelda. I am certain your father would not act rashly. He loves you and only wants to ensure your future.”

Zelda shrugged her shoulders. She supposed that was true enough. Her father was simply the trusting sort, an optimist when it came to the intentions of others. Zelda did not possess that optimism, though she was never initially suspicious of a person’s motives. She did, however, know when it was time to put distance between herself and those with a hidden agenda. At least, she thought she did.

Ganondorf touched her arm gently and she looked at him with a soft smile. He appeared as though he wanted to say something, though instead, he drew back and clasped his hands in front of him again. “It will work out. This I am certain of.”

Zelda nodded though her gaze never wavered from Ganondorf’s chiseled face. That was not what he was going to say. And she, being the curious creature that she was, wanted to know what it was. But she remained silent and easily reasoned that it was most likely something trivial. Ganondorf just did not strike her as the type to keep his true feelings to himself. He was bold and brazen and Zelda admired that about him. He carried himself with a confidence she wished she possessed.

Their gazes remained determinedly fixed on one another as though each were waiting for the other to blink. It took several seconds, but she suddenly became aware that the gap between them was nearly closed and Ganondorf's dark eyes were studying her features. How, in Nayru’s name, had he gotten so close to her without moving, she wondered. Zelda was hesitant, but in a moment's time, she tilted her head back to accommodate his height and pressed her lips to his. Her small hands settled on his broad shoulders and his arms encircled her waist, though he pulled away seconds later. “Princess, we cannot.”

“What's wrong?”

“It is inappropriate.”

Zelda lowered her hands though Ganondorf kept her gently, yet firmly in place. “Impropriety was not your main concern when you kissed me.”

Ganondorf chuckled lightly and adjusted his arms, “So you are correct.” And he smirked when her forehead rested against his. She had risen up on her knees and she clasped her hands about his neck. She had no real idea of what she was doing. Perhaps it was her attempt to be more like Ganondorf; brazen and unafraid to go after the things she desired. He kissed her again then, though not as delicately as he had before or when she had kissed him. It was fierce and hungry and when he pulled away, it felt as though her breath left with him.

Her chest heaved in an attempt to regain some sort of composure, though she felt her skin contract, when his hands found their way to the binds holding her gown in place. “Ganondorf,” she said, her voice almost urgent, though she was unsure if she meant for it to stop him or urge him to continue.

He glanced at her, his lips poised at the curve where her neck and shoulder met. “Princess.”

She bit her lip, a hesitant hand resting on the back of his neck. “Nothing.”

His lips brushed her neck and she felt her skin flare. It was an entirely new feeling, a heat that managed to travel her veins and pool in her stomach. The soft fabric of her gown slipped past her shoulders and she shuddered at the breeze. His fingers trailed along her flesh as it slipped further down and eventually was discarded on the floor. Zelda blushed and lowered her head. He grasped her hand gently and pulled her to her feet to guide her to his bed that rested in a dark corner of the room where a shield with a shiny glass surface hanged proudly above it. She had never noticed it before as she reached the bed.

Her attention, though, quickly returned to Ganondorf and he drew her to him. Her hands began removing the pieces of his armor slowly. He chuckled at how delicately she handled each piece and laid them to the side, until he was in nothing but an ornate robe. And even then, she worked slowly, untying the robe and standing on her toes to push it from his shoulders.

The dark fabric fell to the floor in a heap and Zelda inhaled. Her cheeks continued to burn as he guided her back to the bed and her heart beat excitedly with anticipation. She idly wondered if such a pace was healthy as he nudged her head back to kiss her throat. A knot had formed in her stomach and tightened when he parted her legs and moved between them, his hands resting on her hips. He captured her lips in a kiss to muffle her groans as he eased himself into her. She groaned against his mouth and almost twisted away from him. He whispered soothing words against her neck and moved her arms around his neck.

Slender fingers curled into bright red hair while her other arm rested limply against his neck. She felt the knot ease and she began to relax, though her body remained tense as he continued to thrust into her. She opened her eyes to look at him and noticed his dark eyes became fixed upon hers. His expression remained largely unchanged and it made Zelda wonder if she was doing something wrong. Tightening her arm around his neck, she began to move with him to remind him that she was still there. And she was answered with an occasional soft moan or grunt.

He jerked against her finally, burying his face into the curve of her neck and releasing a long shuddery breath. With her own breathing ragged and uneven, she began to wonder what she should do next. He slipped away from her and she turned her head to watch his head land against the feathery pillow. He made no move to pull her to him or touch her again. She touched his hand gently and he cast his gaze in her direction.

The silence remained and he did not object when she curled up against him, tucking her head beneath his chin and resting her cheek on his chest. She listened to his heartbeat and allowed it to lull her to sleep. She would not let this bother her. She was happy, because it felt for the first time that she was Zelda and was not expected to be anything more. Maybe he felt the same way. And if that were true, maybe there was no need for words.
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