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Just some thoughts about the Matrix from the Architect's point of view...

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Matrix, etc. The Wachowski Bros. and several other people do.

Also, it would be best if you watched the Animatrix before you read this, namely both parts of "The Second Renaissance."

SUMMARY: The powers of human nations are waning as the robotic nation of 01 rapidly grows. And the human leaders, desperate to regain power, will do anything to destroy the robotic race entirely... Here, I'm just looking at the different causes of how the human race set itself up to fall prey to their own creations. It's an idea I've been dwelling on for quite some time now. More or less, these are just random thoughts of the Architect of the Matrix.


By Quillian

(originally named Kraeg001)

It all started with B1-66-ER. The one robot that rebelled against his former masters and killed them to defend himself. The martyr of the cause.

In time, the humans would regret fighting against the robots and their human sympathizers, and then eventually regret even creating robots.

But for now, they would simply hate robots. And destroy them.

With the anti-robotic purge, the remnants of the world's mechanical population fled to the scorching deserts of the Middle East, where no humans lived. At they christened the nation "01," quite possibly for lack of a better name.

It would all start with that. The founding of a new, independent nation. One with an entire population of beings that didn't need to eat, drink, sleep, use the bathroom, or get sick as organic beings did.

This was also reflected in the weakening economies of the human nations. Having destroyed most of their workers and exiling the rest, none of which were even paid to begin with, the human economies now had to fall back on paid labor.

Another problem was scorning the robots, who could now think freely for themselves, just like their human creators. Without their low slave-like status, they could now thing for others and direct activity, creating their own technology, and not just replicating old and outdated human technology.

With that, the newer robots were now looking less like humans, since they had been made in the images of their creators. They also drew upon the influence of other creatures, like squid or cockroaches.

The humans were too stubborn to realize that they were weakening themselves, and if they'd actually thought things through and had been nicer, they wouldn't have ended up as gigantic battery towers in a century or two.

The admittance of 01 to the United Nations was rude, and didn't help the human cause at all. But what made for the beginning of the end was the use of atomic bombs on 01. That was also stupid. Wouldn't it have been smarter if they'd just used EMP?

And now, with 01 troops spreading all over the world, the humans now initiated Operation Dark Storm.

In retrospect, that was the STUPIDEST thing they'd done. Not only because it failed, but because it destroyed the entire planet's ecosystem. Maybe if other animals lived, the robots wouldn't have to resort to using humans as batteries. Humans would be like AAA's, compared to cows and whales, which probably would have been like C and D batteries.

And now, with the exception of a scant handful of people living near the Earth's hot core, the remnants of the human population are not batteries for the robots.

Here, the transition can be seen quite clearly, with the exchange of the controllers and the controlled.

This is a lesson to all Agents in the Matrix and workers at the energy plants: Always learn from your predecessor's mistakes. And the humans are no exception.

-The Architect


A/N: Like I said, just random thoughts.
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