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Well,after watching a movie I got an idea,and so here is my idea for a new story.Thankfully it's not another oneshot-so i'm prepared to write another chaptered story.Anways after watching Tyler Perry's 'Daddy's Little Girls' it kinda popped into my head and for once I liked it.*if you haven't seen the movie,you should watch it,it's sad but has morals.I kinda have good feeling about this one,I wasn't too fond of my latest oneshot so maybe this will makeup for it.So,here's the full summary.....

Alissa Kingston didn't exactly win the gold medal for best childhood but as she got older she was able to let go of things like cutting the strings to her mother.The only thing she regrets was having to leave her two younger sisters behind as she left for school.Now 22,Alissa is struggling to finish her last year of school to become a pediatrician while working as an intern at a record company,now she lives in Newark with her boyfriend of two years,Bob,who works as a drum technician for famous bands that come to local venues. But what Bob really wants is his band to take off that was started by his four best friends. Together,they are both just trying to live they're lives while striving to make they're dreams come true.All is well for the young couple,the only thing that seems to bother Alissa is the fact that for two weeks now she has been getting calls from strange numbers..mostly at night.Alissa just ignores them but they keep calling but never leave messages or nothing. When Alissa does call back the phone is either busy or disconnected.Alissa put its off,until one night her two younger sisters,who she hasn't seen in almost 3 years, comes to her door and begs for her help.Alissa knows why.It was the promise she made to them when she was younger.After learning the real reason of them coming Alissa has no choice but to help them.After spending time with the two girls Alissa decides she will do anything to make that promise.While juggling her career,her sisters,and Bob;Alissa tries her hardest to organize everything and fights her hardest to protect her sisters,even though the responsiblilties may come between her and Bob.Despite the consequences that lie ahead,Three sisters have to stick together,and soon Alissa is forced to dig up the dark secrets of her childhood she had buried along time ago........
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