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You Said So

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Ah, I love the smell of a Brendon Urie love story in the morning--er, afternoon!

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"Yum. What's that?" Brendon asked tasted the sweet, fruity taste on Ambre's lips.

It was just after a concert in New York and the couple, of just over a year, were celebrating their anniversary. Brendon and Ambre were sitting in this new restaurant: vegan because they were both vegetarians.

Ambre laughed. "Strawberry lip gloss maybe?" she mused kissing his lips lightly again. It was semi-sarcastic. More and more lately Ambre was beginning to think that their relationship was sarcastic, facetious; the pair of them had been together for over a year, they were madly in love and.... that's it. Just a 'couple'. Nothing more.

"No," Brendon protested playfully, "I think it's just your taste. You're just too good." Ambre smiled at his words and stifled a sigh. She couldn't suppress the feelings she got when he said things like that: one, how much she loved him and two, how long were his compliments going to last?

Ambre's smile faded. "Oh you're such a kiss up," she teased, smile returning. He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb, which was simple as their fingers were already intertwined. Brendon leaned in.

"More like kiss you," he said. So cheesy. He kissed her lips softly, but with much more passion and raw, intense feeling than before. When the two parted, Ambre bit her lip out of sheer pleasure.

"So guess what," Ambre said playfully. She looked in his eyes and smiled. Just... just for being him if for no other reason.

He put his other hand on her hip and gently grazed it up her side. He smirked cheekily, "And what is that?" Brendon asked.

"I kinda love you," she said grinning. He smiled back for a moment but suddenly his smile vanished it what seemed to be pure shock.

"Oh, wow," he said in a low, scared voice. Ambre couldn't quite understand what was going on. He seemed shocked at her words but they had said 'I love you' to each other since for ever.

"What?" Ambre asked, taken aback, "Brendon? What?" She pulled out of his arms.

"I..." he stopped, closed his mouth and licked his lips. He stood up out of his chair and faced her. "I love you." Brendon's words were thick with what appeared to be new-found assurance. "I really fucking love you. I in love with you."

Ambre practically laughed. Brendon acted as if it was some big, new thing. They'd always loved each other. Why was he acting so strange? "Ok, Brendon," she said with a giggle, "now that you've established that you love me, you wanna sit down?"

Brendon shook his head and dropped to his right knee. He pulled out a rather freaking large ring. "Ambre Nicole, I love you."

She didn't trust her voice so she just nodded.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you." All Ambre could do at the sound of his words was let out a small noise that sounded something like a whimper. "Ambre," Brendon said.

"Y-yeah?" she asked hesitantly.

"Will you marry me?" Brendon asked grinning wildly.

Ambre blinked and let out a breath. "I'll think about it," she said biting her lip.

"What?!" he almost yelled. Brendon thought for sure she would say yes. After all, they were in love.

"I'm just kidding, Brendon," she said giggling. "Hell yes, I will marry you!"

Brendon slipped the ring on he finger and stood up to kiss her in one swift motion. Ambre slipped her tongue through the part of his lips; he followed suit. Reluctantly, they both parted for air.

"Ambre, you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me," Brendon said looking into her eyes.

Ambre kissed his lips lightly. "Baby, you don't know just how great I can be. You wait 'till tonight," she whispered huskily in his ear.

Brendon swallowed hard.

The couple left the restaurant... Brendon with a considerably noticeable bulge in the front of his jeans.

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