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Seven Prayers Under

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Some poems I wrote.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2006-03-25 - Updated: 2006-03-26 - 357 words

Did you know how much I loved you
In the rain, oh falling, falling down
I would think and wonder
How long until I drowned

You'd tease and treat me bad
Be macho for your friends
And still I didn't wonder
If ever we would end

Did you know that you were
My favourite in the ever
I thought we'd last forever
But she knew love would tether

But then it wasn't love
She told me yesterday
That love is like a play
...It's just an act

And now it's three years later
I thought I knew
That I could handle it
My thought's weren't true

And now I'll spend forever
Standing by this fence
That holds the memories
Of all that time in one year

Did you know that you
Were like my favourite
I still remember every moment
And word that hurt me

I too remember why
I'd never pass you by
And why I thought this thing
Was called true love

And now it's three years later
And I've had many dreams
But this time you weren't in them
They were filled with sky and streams

And during night's forever
I still cannot erase
The ever staining picture
The image of your face

And even three years later
You're not another place or time
Every ring that old bell makes
Is just another warning chime

I have no hopes or honesty
You've stained my hopes of purity
I see the world for what it is
Oh, why's it raining?

But as I stand and ponder you
I see another face in mind
And though I know he is not you
I cannot leave your death behind

And though you're not actually gone
And you still walk this Earth
To me you no longer live
Or this could be rebirth

But now I've got a destiny
I do not fear to say
That you're not in it
You simply don't exist

For I've found the one
That will grant my dreams
Or one of them
That is

And if you ever find this
Don't search for him

For he will either love me
...or kill
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