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A collection of short chapters depicting the life of a fictional drug addict.

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I have been an addict for two years, eleven months and twenty-nine days. Addiction suspends all time and growth, emotion or other human need. All you can think of is the high, which is why, when addiction teaches you a lesson, it sweeps you off your feet and afterwards; when sober, you are amazed by the insight and wisdom you can gain by watching life pass you by. The most valuable lessons I have ever learnt, were taught to me by other damned addicts, the godforsaken drugs, or my own twisted mind.

1. People will do anything to get what they need.

2. Love will never fail to startle you, and always comes gift-wrapped in layers of pain. The further one delves into love, reversing the pain that has been branded upon your memory becomes impossible.

3. Addiction places you on a tight-rope, where everything above you is unattainable and below you lies insanity. Each hit you take, you rise; but the point where you start falling isn’t easily discerned from rising. Suddenly each hit lowers you an increment, until your lying at the bottom, wondering how you got there; if you could ever climb high enough again, Wondering how to get off your back for long enough to claw your way back to the top, and as always the answer remains. Take another hit.

The moment when an addict begins to hate themselves, hate the drugs the drugs they had once loved; but still need is monumental.
A point of realisation.
Where need is realised to have roots in entrapment.
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