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A collection of short chapters depicting the life of a fictional drug addict.

Category: Drama - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [Y] - Published: 2009-03-17 - Updated: 2009-03-17 - 111 words

I was fifteen the first time I sampled heroin, and at a price, that still seems a bonus. The dealer I met with demanded not payment in notes or coins, but in the tempting flesh of another tortured soul.
The dope, as highly anticipated as it had been only quietened the deamons of my mind, pleasure pushed me over the brink into pure oblivion.
He was two years older than me, and I still don't know his real name, (What is a name once you have met a person's soul?) but that night I fell in love.

With heroin. With freedom.

With an addict who shared my longing to forget.
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