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Chapter 2- patrick

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Chapter 2 – Patrick
Oh great. I’d given Jess enough information to figure out that things aren’t as they seem.
As I got home, I tried to think of how to handle my dilemma.
“Trick, did you tell someone?” How like Pete to ask what you least want to answer.
“Not really.” This was true, as she shouldn’t have heard me.
Well, sort of, I did- I stopped short when I realized it must’ve been easy for someone to hear what I was thinking.
Not. It’s possible to lie with thoughts. I’d just proven that.
Mike was outside, waiting for Pete to leave me alone, but there was no chance of that. We’d be out hunting for the rest of the night.
By the next morning I wondered how I could stay awake.
I screwed up. Big time.
I met Jess at school and she asked what was going on.
“Yesterday you said something about werewolves being… a pain. There wasn’t even a full moon. What are you talking about? I thought they were fine aside from the moon.”
“Oh, I should probably tell you. Your friend Mike is one. He keeps trying to kill me. And that moon thing is a load of crap.”
“What else have you not told me?” Jess was like Pete in that way… always asking what you hope she won’t.
“Well… if Mike doesn’t finish me off, I’ll tell you. However, he looks like he just figured out… I need to go. Now.”
I ran off, “forgetting” a book on vampires. With any luck she’d read it. I knew she deserved the truth, especially since her friends were so dangerous.
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