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Just A One Shot Which May Lead To Another Story. Ferard, Death and The Remaining Lover Deals With The Loss.

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I walked along the dark path.
The space on my side was vacant
It will always be vacant.
I know in my heart he will be there,
but that is not enough for the outside world.
The shrill words of my mother still rung in my ears.
Its been one year.
I should have moved on by now,
Sometimes they cannot see the pain,
the pain which is eating away my insides slowly.
It seems like just seconds ago we were coming off the stage after playing our very first headlining show.
His eyes were vibrant, alive.
His hair was shiny, moving with every move he made.
It hung to his cheeks like a child hangs to their mother’s hand.
It hung to his cheeks like I hang onto his memory.

The path was getting darker,
But I carried on walking.
I knew were I was going.
I was going home,
Where I belong.
I could see it in the distance,
I could feel him now.
Around me,
Welcoming me back to him.

I knelt down and felt the textured grey surface.
I placed down the red rose I had brought onto the floor in hope I will be forgiven.
My mind is plagued with the memory of our last moments together.
If only it hadn’t have happened that way.
If only my mouth had stayed shut.
If only I kept control.
I traced the letters, chipped carefully out of the hard stone.
“Gerard A. Way”
His name is carved onto my heart like it is on the stone.
Only mine is permanent, and the stone will fade.
I looked down to my hand.
The small gold ring glistened in the subdued moonlight.
I slid it off my gangly finger.
I know you hate me right now,
I think its time.
You will always be on my heart, but this is too much.
It’s a constant reminder of what I have lost.”

The ring fell from my fingers onto the damp grass.
The words on the inside glared back up at me.
F&G Always
“Please Understand.”

My lips pressed themselves against the rough surface.

“I Love You”

I could feel his presents leaving me.
I was alone now.
As I will be forever.
He can be happy now.
He can be free.

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