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I'm Not Okay... I'm Confused

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Semi-Frerard. Semi-Frikey. Semi-Bikey. Semi-Bray(?). Semi-whateverRayandGerardare. Fully- hilarious. Enjoy!!

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Hello all! I'll go ahead and say it now, this is pretty hilariously fucked up. If you like slash MCR fics of any kind... I've got your fix. Also, I wanted you all to know that I could leave this as a one-shot, but if you want me to I could continue it and fill every fucking chapter with pure, unedited smut. But I'll only know if you review! Read and review, my lovelies! xoxox -Nikki

‘Do You Know What They Do to Guys Like us in Prison’ was blaring from the amps and speakers.

Gerard headed dead for Frank.

Oh, my gosh! He’s coming this way! I don’t want to kiss him. What would Mikey think? Would that lessen my chances with him even more so now? The thoughts raced through Frank Iero’s head.

Of course he had no chance with Mikey now! Mikey likes girls, not the rhythm guitarist of his older brother’s band—a boy!

As Gerard Way kept inching closer to the worried rock star, Frank had a spur-of-the-moment idea: kiss Mikey. Without even contemplating the possible repercussions of his spontaneous actions, Frank trotted toward Mikey Way leaving Gerard walking to no one. Frank slung his beloved guitar, Texas, around his back and kissed Mikey deeply (with forced tongue) on the lips.

Mikey was stunned.

Did Frank just kiss me? What about Gerard? I know that he likes Frankie... and I just let him kiss me!!

The crowd cheered louder than ever before.

Mikey immediately shot a glance at Bob Bryar on drums. ‘No, Bob!’ he wanted to shout right then and there. ‘He kissed me!’.

Even though Bob and Mikey weren’t dating, Mikey still liked him; those dreamy blue eyes. And of course Bob likes Ray who extremely likes Gerard.

Thank God that was the last song of the night. As soon as they were back stage there was, of course, and unavoidable awkward silence... until Ray Toro was sick of it.

“Somebody wanna to tell me what the fuck that was?” dramatic pause. “Frankie?”

Guilt crept up Frank’s perfect face, but Gerard cut in.

“What do you want him to say, Toro? Hmm? Maybe he wanted to switch things up a bit... for the fans.”

Frank looked down, “If only that were it...” he mumbled, thinking no one could hear; Bob heard.

“What did you say?” Bob spat; not with venom, but with confusion.

“Nothing...” But Frank just couldn’t leave it at that. He never could!

“Guys can we talk. Ya know, stupid labels aside?” Uh-oh. Frank was about to drop something big. “I really, I mean really don’t know how to put this... But,” he turned to Mikey. “I like you Mikey. I mean, I like like you.” Mikey’s face had regret and fear spread all over it.

“B-but I... and Bob...” he muttered out without thinking, leaving the rest for interpretations. Bob stood up.

“Whoa! I’m not homophobic or anything by any means, but I... Well, actually I never really thought about Mikey like that. Because well... I... I was too busy thinking about...” he sheepishly looked at Ray who immediately spoke up.

“No, no, no, no, no. Bob you don’t like me! Don’t like me! I already like someone... no offense but don’t waste your time...” Since things were being put out in the open Gerard looked up.

“Who?” Ray returned his stare with a one-word response.


Gerard freaked.

“You guys are all motherfuckin bastards! You’re only saying this confusing shit because you found out, and I don’t know how, that I like Frank! I can’t believe you guys would do this to me!!” He was genuinely upset.

Mikey spoke up to save his brother from more emotional anguish.

“Gerard, we are not kidding. I hate to say it but we are all in umm... We are all... in like with each other.”

What will happen? Does anyone care? Bob likes Ray WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I know....
xoxox -Nikki
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