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During the fight at the Department of Mysteries, Harry gets taken for the ride of his life.

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The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

A Harry Potter/Star Trek Fan Fic.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Star Trek. For that matter, I don’t own much of anything except a lot of debt. If I could claim the two series and all their spin-offs, I would. So please don’t sic the law demons on me ok?

Chapter 1 Whoops!

Harry, Hermione and Neville dove under some desks to hide from the approaching Death Eaters. Harry stuffed the Prophesy sphere into his pocket, to free up his hands. He was hoping to get it to Dumbledore so he could do something to prevent Voldemort from getting his claws into it.

Harry looked out from under the desk he was hiding under to get an idea of where he was. He saw several desks in the room, a cabinet and the large bell jar with the Phoenix egg that had fascinated him on their way in. He ducked back under the desk as the door flew open.

Two Death Eaters came into the room at almost a run. “They might have run straight through to the hall,” said one rough voice

“Check under the desks,” instructed the other.

As the first Death Eater began to bend down to look under the nearest desk, Harry made a snap decision. Poking his wand out from under his own hiding place, he shouted “STUPEFY!”

The jet of red light slammed into the nearest Death Eater and flung him over the desk into a grandfather clock that was standing against the wall. The other Death Eater dodged out of the way of Harry’s spell. He spotted Hermione, who had come out from under her own desk, and took aim.


Harry shot out from under the desk where he had been hiding and collided with the Death Eater that had been about to curse Hermione, knocking the Death Eater's wand arm towards the ceiling.

Neville, in his enthusiasm to help Harry, managed to heave the desk he was under towards Harry and the Death Eater, momentarily distracting the two of them. “EXPELLIARMUS!” Neville cried out, causing both Harry's and the Death Eater's wands to fly out of their hands, clattering to the ground near the door leading back to the Hall of Prophecies. As Harry and the Death Eater scrambled after their wands, Neville yelled, “Get out of the way, Harry!” and shot a stunner at the Death Eater.

The jet of red light shot past the masked man's shoulder and hit the cabinet just beyond him. The cabinet exploded, scattering time turners all over the floor. No sooner did the devices stop clattering to the floor than they shot back into the air and the cabinet reformed itself. This sequence began repeating itself as both Harry and the Death Eater managed to regain their wands.

Harry ducked behind another desk as the Death Eater took aim at him. The man ripped the mask off his face, as it was interfering with his being able to see where Harry went.

Just as the Death Eater began to fire off a stunner at Harry, a loud cry of “STUPEFY!” came from Hermione. The beam of light caught the Death Eater in the shoulder and spun him around, stunned. He collapsed over a desk and went face first into the bell jar that lit the room, with the phoenix trapped inside, forever hatching and returning to the egg. Instead of shattering, the jar reacted more like a bubble and flowed around the man’s head until he stopped, with his face in the sand that was in the jar.

“Let’s get out--” whispered Harry as he headed towards the door away from the prophecy room.

“Look out!” yelled Neville, staring in shock at the bell jar.

All three students were dumbfounded at the sight of what was happening to the man’s head. It was shrinking, hair and stubble receding back into his skin as it shrank. When it stopped shrinking, it was the size of a newborn baby’s head, and then it began growing again until it was exactly like it was when it went into the jar. The cycle repeated itself and the Death Eater began thrashing in an attempt to free himself from the jar.

“It’s Time” Hermione said in an awestruck voice. “Time…”

During the Death Eaters attempts to free himself from the jar, he managed to fling some of the glittering sand out of the jar's interior. As it floated through the air, some of the substance settled on Harry. While none of it got in his eyes, the particles that did get on his skin didn’t feel like normal sand. They tingled and prickled, with a crawling sensation not unlike tiny spiders traversing his skin, crawling on him just like he remembered from his years in the cupboard under the stairs. Harry tried to ignore the sensation as he watched the Death Eater finally pull his head out of the jar. A small baby’s head was perched atop the muscular neck of the man, bawling as loudly as it could.

Harry raised his wand. However he was surprised to find Hermione’s hand stopping him.

“You can’t hurt a baby!”

Shaking his head as if to clear it, he heard the sounds of the other Death Eaters beyond the doorway.

“Come on!” Harry called, pulling Neville and Hermione out into a darkened hallway and hopefully towards safety. Once in the hallway the three teens spotted several Death Eaters come into the room they had just left. Spotting two open doors in the hall, Harry led his group through the door closest to his left into a cluttered office and slammed the door. Hermione began a spell to try and seal the door, but two more Death Eaters slammed the door open and one of them yelled out “IMPEDIMENTA!”

The three teens were knocked off their feet by the force of the spell. Neville went over a desk and out of sight. Hermione flew backwards into a bookshelf and was partially buried under a pile of books. Harry slammed into a wall cracking his head. Seeing stars, he struggled to a crouch.

“WE’VE GOT HIM!” yelled the one of the Death Eaters “IN AN OFFICE OFF…”

“SILENCIO!” cried Hermione. The spell silenced the Death Eater in mid sentence. They could still see his mouth trying to yell out where they were through the bottom of the mask, with no success.

Harry took aim at the other Death Eater “PETRIFIC--!”

He froze, mid-incantation, as the first spark of magic energy flowing into his wand suddenly flared around his hand and up his arm, flowing from grain to glittering grain of the sand from the time jar and sparking them all into incandescence.. Everyone in the room stopped and looked at Harry’s glowing form. The glow grew to an almost blinding intensity and Harry's vision started to spin into a blur of colors and shapes. He was suddenly reminded of his trip with Hermione's time-turner, back in third year, but instead of a feeling like he was flying backwards, it felt as if he were flying in all directions at once, falling and rising and spinning out of control, into infinity. The light grew brighter still, swirling into a kaleidoscope of color and sound.

Just before he faded out completely, he heard Hermione and Neville screaming for him, as if from a great distance. "Harry? Harry?!"
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