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were is your boy tonight

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Patrick Stump is just a normal 15 year old living his crappie life. What happens when a guy named Joe invites him to join a band? And who is that super hot guy he saw at work the other day! Peteric...

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Chapter 1.
Pretty and Punk


Walking off that stage tonight

I know what you're thinking

"He stands alone because he's high on himself"

But if you only knew..


‘ I’m only 15, FIFTEEN!’ I repeated over and over in my mind. My eyes were closed and I dreaded the fact that I had to open them again because he will be there. And no, if you’re thinking about Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter then you’ve got the wrong point of view.

Sighing I opened my eyes to see him again. This time up close, and I mean like right next to me. I squeaked in surprise but I don’t think he noticed. We stood there, not really saying anything and all I could do was stare in to his eyes. I could sense all the emotion held deep within those olive colored orbs.

My eyes drifted downward, past his soft cheek bones and his deep neck line. I couldn’t lie, he was very good looking. And I mean good like he was a fallen angel that had crash landed into this flame engulfed pit of hell.

I had a sudden urge to rap my arms around his thin, lean frame and hold him close, as if to save and protect him from this crappie place we call home.

My thoughts on my wish-educed future ceased when I heard him calling me and obstructing my vision of his well toned body.

“ Hey, uh….Buddy? You ok?” He asked me. All I could think about now was how great his voice sounded with his….well everything!

I blinked and realized I was starring at him. ‘Omg, I was probably starring at him for a hole ten minutes!!’ I thought, ‘ I might as well be a stalker!!’

“ Oh, uh… yeah,” I said with a sheepish smile on my face, “ just daydreaming….”

He smiled back at me. ‘L? GASP!’ I thought, ‘ I made him SMILE!!’ I swear, if he wasn’t standing like, two feet away from me I would have of busted a move.

“Oh, really? It must have of been something good, you had a small smile on your face. I think you look nicer when you smile, it brings out the deep blue in your eyes.”

‘He noticed my eye color?!?! Whoa!’ I thought as I tried to keep the blood from rushing to my face but, alas, I suck at every thing.

“You also look more cute when you blush,” He continued.

From scarlet to maroon in under ten seconds! Wow! A new record!

I used my super cool ‘Not-Moving-my-Head-but-Moving-My-Eyes’ move to see if there was something I could change the subject to and fast when I saw the book he was holding.

“Um,” I stammered, “W-would you like to p-purchase that bo-book?”

I guess he didn’t remember where he was or what he was doing because he jumped back a hole mila-inch in shock. What? Mila-inch is so totally a word…..go look it up!

“Y-yeah, I want to get this book called ‘Twilight’ here, because all my friends are obsessed with it and wont shut the fuck up about it, ya know? I told them that if I read the book they had to stop talking about it and so, here I am!” He said while doing cute hand motions to empathize his point.

“Oooh! Twilight? I read that series. Their freaking awesome, I guaranty it!” I said while giving him a thumbs up.

The guy was taking out the twenty some odd dollars to pay for his book when I did that. “ Your guaranty, huh?” He took my hand that was in the thumbs up mode and put his hand with the money in it and lingered there. I could feel his body sending warmth to mine threw our hands. “Well, I’ll take your word for it.”

He took his hand back but the money stayed. He then grabbed his book and walked out the front door of the Barns and Noble bookstore.

As I watched him leave I couldn’t help but think about how great his ass- COUGH-COUGH…UHHH, I um …I mean legs! Yes, his legs. I couldn’t help but think about how great his legs looked in those jeans. They hugged him in all the right places.

I sighed. ‘what am I thinking?!’ I thought, ‘ I could never get I guy like him….and I’m not even gay!!!…..well…..maybe….Oh who am I kidding!! Im a full blown hom-….whoa…HAHA! I said ‘blown’ HAHAH!!’

I started to giggle aloud, which in turn caught a few weary glances. I just shrugged them off and when to help my next customer.

“Hello, thank you for shopping at Barns and Noble. I hope you found what you were looking for..?” I said with a cheery smile on my face.

This guy was a little taller then the other guy. He had short curly brown hair and his face was more pointed then a usual person would have their face. I think I’ve seen him before….his names…Joe or something like that.

“Yeah, well not really, but yeah I hope so……” He said to me, rambling.

I stared. ‘WTF? Haha….Where’s The Fun?…’ but seriously… is he high on something I don’t know about?

He noticed my confusion and explained. “Well, its just that me and a friend of mine our starting a band and we need a drummer and I’m just telling people who I think would look great in our band…and yeah..”

A band? Drums? Mountain Dew? MARSHMELLOW? All these questions were swimming in my head. “ uh, yeah. I kind of know how to play some things….”

He smiled ear to ear, “That’s great!” Then he grabbed one of my arms and wrote down an address with a mini sharpie that was once connected to his belt loop. “There! Come by any time and audition for the spot! I’m positive you’ll make it.”

When our skin touched I felt….nothing. Not like the other guy.‘ I’m thinking to much about him! STOP!’

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be there.” I said

He smiled again, “By the way, I’m Joe!” He called out to me right before he walked out the door.

“Cool! Im Patrick!” I yelled back. “See you soon Joe!”

‘I REALLY hope I can play the drums!’


I was terrified and would you mind if I

sat next to you and watched you smile


“HEY RAMROD!!!!” I herd one of my friends call me from across Barns and Noble. It was past closing and we were just cleaning up to end our shifts.

“Hey Molly. Do you have to be so loud?” I asked. I mean, she all but screamed one of many nicknames.

Molly blinked and looked at me as if I just said Casey Calvert just died all over again.

“WTF Jail Bait! I’m always loud, don’t you know me?!?!” She cried, fake tears streaming down her face.

Just to let you know, Molly is like the most pervy of my many friends. I’ve come to a conclusion that she has a disease to be freakishly random at the completely wrong times.

A.D.H.D. I swear….

“What are you guys talking about?” A voice from behind me stopped my train of thought. I turned and saw Summer, friend number 2.

Now Summer was the complete opposite of Molly….well, before she even met Molly that is….Back in the day, Summer was one of those innocent church going girls. Then In came Molly! In less the 24 hours Summer was a new person. A Newly converted Emo Kid who listened to My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all…..” Molly said. Oh Gawd. She had that look on her face again. You know the one were she turns in to ‘Super-Perv!’

Before I could even think about moving she left as if a homophobe just burned he Slash picture stash.

“MOLLY!!” I yelled, “We need to get going! Mr. Susuki-Mitsubishi-Handa-Toyota-Sprint-Verizon-Google-HP Computer program will have your none-existent dick on a platter if you spend the night in a pile of manga again!!”

HAHA, our boss is Japanese and his name is like impossible to pronounce so we call him Japanese things to be funny.

“Ok, that happened ONCE!! ONCE I SAY!!!” Molly cried.

“That’s a disturbing image,” Summer joined in from my side.

I made a face, “Ew! Well, yeah if you think about it like That!”

Molly’s evil laughter could be heard threw out all of Barns and Noble. That crapy ‘Muhahah’ shit.


“Hey, Summer? How’s ‘bout we ditch molly and go to Starbucks?” I asked her. Molly can be scary at times.

Summer brightened up visibly. “Hells Yeah!” and she ran out the door. I smiled and followed her out. I turned around to face the door and I locked it totally forgetting about Molly. Oh well.

“TO STARBUCKS!!!” I cried and ran ahead of Summer.


So many kids but I only see you

And I don't think you notice me


“ OMIGAWD THIS BROWNIE IS A CLUSTER-FUCK OF HAPPINESS!!!!” I cried holding my beloved cluster-fuck in my hand.

Summer must have thought that was hilarious because she cracked up laughing.

“I told you Starbucks has he BEST brownies!” She said in-between laughs.

I held my brownie close to me and pretended I was leaving it, like those people had to when they only let ‘women and children’ on the life boats first at the sinking of Titanic.

Summer straitened up and checked her black razor cell-phone for the time. “Hey Patty, we need to get going. Its almost nine in the after noon.”

I stopped mid-standing up and blinked. “Holy crap, Panic At The Disco!!”

She looked at me and blinked. Twice. Three times? “OH!” she gasped.


“Yeah…..” I said trying to start a conversation again as we started to walk home.

Summer walked up in front of we and started to walk backwards, still facing me. “Patrick, what time do you need me to pick you up to go to school?”

I thought about it, then smiled. “4 o’clock in the fucking morning.”

She smiled and laughed. “The Used!!”

I laughed along with her. “We have problems, I swear.” I said.

“Yeah, but mostly Molly so were okay!”

I stopped dead, frozen to the spot. Summer stopped too after she noticed I wasn’t following her any more.

“Patrick what is it??” She asked, concern filling her eyes.

“We left Molly in Barns and Noble!!” I cried.

Summer just shrugged. “So? She’ll leave soon…”

I shook my head. “ I accidentally locked her in!!” I said waving my arms around like a lunatic or something.

Summer just shrugged again. “She’ll either live with it or murder the doors to get out. We do have school tomorrow. She’ll be there.”

‘Well’ I thought, ‘ it is Molly….’

As we started walking again, I started to get more and more depressed. Once I step foot in that house, it all turns to crap. My mom has this new boyfriend, named Frank, and every time I see him I just want to throw up. You now when you see some one and you instantly know that their like, a serial rapist or something? Well, that’s Frank. He’s not a rapist…or at least I hope not, but he just makes me sick to my stomach.

I noticed we were at my walkway when Summer’s phones suddenly started to play the remix of ‘Milkshake’ by Good Night Nurse.

“Nice.” I said to her. She changes her ring tone like she changes ….her ring tone! Not often.

“ I know, right? But I’ve got to change it because my mom throws a shit-fit when she hears it. Oooh, speak of the devil.” Summer flipped open her phone and answered. “Hello? Hey mom….Yes! I’m going to change it! I swear! …..what?! YELLOW?! No, I said Green. Mom. GREEN. My bedroom can NOT be yellow!! THE WHOLE THING?!?! WHAT!?!?!?! Hold on, I am on my way……WELL STOP PAINTING IT YELLOW THEN! Okay! Bye!” She flipped her phone shut with an angered slap.

“ Your mom thought yellow would look better?” I asked in mono-tone.

“My mom thought yellow would look better…” She replied back, same tone. “Ok, I gotta go. Room’s being defiled and im just standing here. Peace homie.” She came me the Peace and Love sign with her fingers and left to her house, leaving me to my Dewm. Yes, Dewm……. Hello? Dictionary people!


Well I've seen your boyfriend

and I don't think he treats you right

But that's none of my business is it?


I started to run up my creaky stair case as soon as I opened the door.

“ HeyMomNotHungryGunnaGoToSleepTalkToYouLatterLoveYouBye!” I said all in one word.

“Patrick! Get back down here and eat your dinner! Frank made the green beans and their delicious!” My mother cried.

‘Ugg……’ I thought. ‘Frank dose everything!’

I turned and walked in the kitchen. There was Frank, sitting at the head of the table, or the foot, whichever, acting like he was the shit.

“Heya, Patrick,” He said to me with a smirk on his face, “We’ve been waiting for an hour. What have you been up to?”

“YOUR NOT THE SHIT YOU KNOW, OTHER PEOPLE TRY!!” I yelled and ran back up the stairs while Frank was crying his eyes out.

XXXXXX- Wait I‘m totally kidding.

Here’s what really happened……

Frank was sitting at the table, eating his own dinner and smiled at me. “Heya, Patrick. We’ve been waiting for an hour. What have you been up to?”

I glared at him. What? He’s a huge buff dude! He could take me to Arizona, kill me, then stuff my lifeless body in a closet some were next to a floral print shirt for all I know!!!

“Um, actually mom, I’m full. Me and Summer got Starbucks on our way home. I’m just going to go to sleep.” I told her.

It wasn’t a complete lie. We did go to said Starbucks, but I was starving. That cluster-fuck of a brownie just didn’t fill me up.

“Are you sure dear? Starbucks is only so much.” Damn. My mom always calls me on my bluffs.

“Really mom. I’m fine. Just tired.” She looked at me with concern in her eyes.

“Okay Patrick, Night. Sleep well, alright?” I hugged my mom. She worries to much.

Suddenly, I had the urge to throw up.

“Night Pat.” Frank said.

‘Pat? PAT?!?!’ I thought, ‘Who the fuck gave you the right to call me Pat?! Fuck you, fucking jackass.’

He stood up and stretched out his arms for me to hug him to and I just snorted.

‘Yeah, like I’ll hug you Bastard.’ I thought as I just left him standing there and ran to my room.


I'm not the way you think I am, no

I'm not the way you think I am, no


I fell into a dream as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was on a break from work and I was sitting in one of the arm chairs in Starbucks eating another brownie, when suddenly I saw the hot punk guy from Barns and Noble at the window. He waved at me and smiled all cute and adorable like and I waved back, smiling too.

He then looked to his left and pointed to it then pointed to me, as if to get me to follow him. ‘Is that what he wants?’ I thought as he walked away, ‘well, only one way to find out.’

I got up from my comfy chair and walked out of the building. I looked to the left, but he wasn’t there anymore. I sighed, ‘ it was just to good to be true…’

“Spsss! Hey, over here!”

My eyes widened, I knew that voice!

I walked forward until I reached the back of Starbucks and then I looked behind it. I gasped slightly because there he was, leaning agents the back wall while looking at me and smirking.

“ You came? Wow you’ve got guts. I would have never walked over to a dark ally where a stranger I just meet and don’t even know his favorite color could murder me…I find that sexy.” He said to me. He walked over to me and put his index fingers threw the front belt loops of my jeans and pulled me so close that I was flush agents him.

I blushed at the contact. His smirk faded in to a sly smile “By the way,” He said as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “It’s the rainbow.”

‘Bloody hell,’ I thought, ‘ Wait, IM NOT BRITISH.’

Before I could add more to my ‘am I British?’ Q&A he suddenly pressed his lips to mine. I felt his tongue asking for entrance which I granted eagerly. I wrapped my arms around his neck in attempt to pull him closer and noticed he was trying to do the same by pushing me agents the wall. After a few seconds I felt one hand lifting my leg by the thigh as if to get me to wrap them around his thin waist, and another traveling up my shirt and roaming around my chest.

I did as he silently requested and wapped my legs around him, successfully pushing our erections to one another. ‘Yes!’ I mentally squeed.

I moaned in to the kiss when one of my nipples was being pinched. I reached behind his head with my ‘not-hanging-on-for-dear-life-by-his-neck’ hand and up in to his hair, running my fingers threw it.

When air was eventually needed, ‘Damn you lungs!’ we pulled apart, and we both stood agents the wall but our heads turned to looking to each others eyes. We stayed like that for a few moments when I finally spoke up.

“My names Patrick by the way.”

He smiled. “That fits you perfectly. Well, Patrick, since we had a estimated 10 minute make out session, I think I should tell you my name.”

I smiled back. ‘Yay!!! I get to know who I was just swapping spit with!!!’

Head stood away from the wall and held out his hand for me to shake. “Pleased to meet you Patrick, I’m-”


I woke up to the most annoying sound in the fucking world. My alarm clock.

I turned over to switch the blasted thing off when I noticed something. ‘I’m STICKY!!!!’

I stood up in a flash. Indeed, I was sticky. The stain was there to prove it. ‘Well, that dream was hot…OH FUCK…I’m soooo glad I know how to do laundry…’

I walked over to a random pile of clothes on the floor and rifled threw it until I found something clean for after my morning shower. ‘God knows I need one…’

‘No, no, Ugh no, maybe, WTF is this?….oh, never mind…L? GASP!’ I pulled out a tee shirt with the HIM™ logo on the front and a pair of skinny jeans with safety pins scattered randomly across the legs. ‘This is PERFECT!’


The only girl who ever gave me the time

was the one who only wanted five minutes of mine

Knocking boots in the back,

How degrading is that?

I decline


I stepped out of the shower feeling clean and fresh. I slipped on my ‘Sponge Bob and Patrick; BFFL!’ boxers and looked in the mirror and saw my reflection.

“Hi Me!” I said to it in hopes it would say something back so I could be sick and not go to school ever again! But, sadly, I’m not crazy.

I shrugged and put the rest of my clothes on and went to get my shoes. Before I got to them at the end of the hall I walked by another mirror. I walked past it at first but then stopped and looked at me and gasped.

“Where the fucks my hat?!?!!!” I cried and ran back to my room to search for the object of my desire.

“AHA!” I yelled in triumph, “What now bitches?!”

I bet your wondering ‘whats so special about a hat?’ Well, One. I NEVER am seen with out one and B. This hat isn’t just any old hat like the rest of my collection. No, this hat was given to me by my bestest friend ever, Marty, who passed away 3 years ago.

‘I miss him so much.’ I thought as I put on my white converse with song lyrics on them and looked at the clock.

6:45 A.M.

“OMIGAWD IM GUNNA BE LATE!!!” I cried as I headed out the door to meet Summer to catch the bus for school.


I'm too terrified and would you mind if I

sat next to you and watched you smile


Thankfully I caught the bus and was now sitting in fifth period, Language Arts.

‘Ugh, this is such a drag...’ I thought as Mrs. Hitch droned on about Predicate nouns and linking verbs.

The bell interrupted her final sentences and we all left the room for the next class. Thankfully it was Thursday and I had lunch next today.

I walked up in line and landed right in front of Kasi, pronounced like Casey only spelt differently, who was another one of my hyper friends.

“Hey Patrick. Thanks for cutting me.” She said to me and hugged me.

“Your very welcome Hoe-Bag.” I said to her. Ah, the fun it was to call Kasi inappropriate nick names like Skankarella, Count Fuckula, and of course my favorite, Hoe-Bag.

Kasi rolled her eyes. “Sooo…..what are you doing this weekend Pat?” She asked me after we got our lunch and were now standing by the salad bar.

“Nothing much. Work, hanging out, band auditions, more work….” I said to her.

“Whoa, whoa speed racer! Band Auditions? When were you going to tell us?” Kasi asked as she motioned to the rest of the crew I like to call friends. There was Ryan and Kolleen talking about the book series ‘Dead Witch Walking’, Gina and Taylor were talking about…sex? WTF? Um okay…and Kasi was standing next to me.

“I MADE IT!!!” A loud cry came from the front of the lunchroom, and it could only be one person…


“ OMIGAWD!!! I LIKE ALMOST DIED YESTERDAY BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!” Molly yelled pointing to me. “ Thanks to you, I had to TUNNEL my way out of there!! TUNNEL! AND GUESS WHAT? My only object to do so was A SPORK!!!” she held up a dirty metal spork. Molly pointed it in my face as if to say ‘I’ve got a dark ally and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth.’ Huh, that sounds like a kick ass song name….

“Whoa…A Spork?” Kasi said from the table.

“Yes Kasi. I only had a spork and it took all night and day to tunnel out! When I reached the light of the out side I saw Mr. Hello Kitty-Tamagatchi-Egg roll starring at me with a key in the door. All I said to him was ‘FUUUCCKKKK!!!!’ and he fired me!! Can you believe that?!?!” Molly cried clinging to my tee shirt for dear life.

“Are you sure it wasn’t the fact that you tunneled your way out, when all employees should have a set of keys?” a new voice said from behind me. I turned and saw someone worse then Frank. Frank! No one should be worse then Frank!

But oh how wrong you were.

The gay-wad of the school, also known as Andy Hurley, was standing there, a smirk set in place.

“What the fuck do you want you fucking…fucking tree fucker! Yeah, I’ve seen what you do to those fucking trees! And after that they still have to be turned paper!!! What the fuck is wrong with you fucking fucker!!” Molly said to him.

Andy looked at me then at Molly and then at me again, then to Molly again! “ What are you on?” He asked with a confused look.

“ It’s sure to jack you up!” Molly said, angrily as she dragged Kasi away from our table.


So many kids but I only see you

And I don't think you notice me


After school I started to walk toward the buses when I herd some sort of cheering from behind the school. I was pretending to be a secret agent/ James Bond with my stealthy ninja moves when I saw that it was just a soccer game.

I sighed, ‘so much for being ninja…’

I was about to go to get to my bus when I saw them leaving the other way. ‘Ah fucktard!’ I thought.

I decided to watch the game cause I had nothing better to do. As I sat on the bleaches and looked on the field. I could have sworn I saw the guy from the book store as the goalie but it couldn’t have been!

Suddenly, I heard a shout to my left and I saw Andy there with some of his friends. ‘ Oh great.’

“Hey faggot! Stop staring at the guys! They aren’t a little gay like you!”

I stood up, angered. “Why do you have to be such a fucking jack ass?” I asked him as I stepped closer.

“Why do you have to act like your high every day?” Andy shouted back.

We fought about absolutely nothing in particular for about another ten minutes until….

“What the fucks up with you and hats? Bad hair or something?” Andy yelled to me, “Lets let every one see!”

He then grabbed my hat, and before I could stop him he threw it toward one of his friends.

My eyes widened. “My HAT!” I cried as I desperately tried to get it back. I can’t just have my head naked now can I?

When the hat got to Andy again he held it high above my reach, “What are you going to now Pat? Go home and cry to your daddy? Oh wait! He doesn’t live with you anymore! So then, why don’t you just go and fuck your boyfriend? More likely in an ally some where?”

That was it. I tackled him, knocking him to the floor, and started to punch him in the face. We turned and now I was being beat, then him, then me again, when suddenly Andy was being pulled off of me. I looked to find my savior and saw Him! That guy from the store and my dream! Yes, Him. Who were you thinking of? Barney the Dinosaur?!

“What the fuck are you doing Andy?” He cried while pushing him backwards.

“ Pete, he’s a fucking Faggot! A queer! Can you believe that?!” Andy said laughing.

‘Pete?’ I thought, ‘that’s so….perfect.’

“Andy, you fucker! Have you not be paying any attention to me at ALL?! IM GAY! How can you be so mean to some one who’s exactly like your best friend?!” Pete said super pissed off now.

“W-what?!” Andy said, shocked.

“Andy! Just Leave. NOW!” Pete yelled and pointed in some direction.

Andy just nodded and left in that direction, not caring where he was going as his friends followed.


Well I've seen your boyfriend

and I don't think he treats you right

But that's none of my business is it?

I’m not the way you think I am, no

I'm not the way you think I am, no

I'm not the way you think I am, no

I'm not the way you think I am, no


End of Chapter one.
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