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Joe booty for the lovely Evie. (Moocow) It's short and sweeeeeeeet.

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Heres some Joe booty for my lovely Evie.
She's obsessed with it so, if anyone wants to be her best friend I suggest you write one too. Hahahaha. PS - Read Brothers and Sisters. You'll see it on the first page in the FOB section. Just read it. haha
Also, Evie, I better get a good (OH MY FUCKING GOD, I WAS TRYING TO MAKE A NAME UP FOR PETE/IZZY, YOU KNOW, LIKE, PEVIE PAZZY JOVIE / JOFFANY ETC. SO I MOVED ONTO LAST NAMES BECAUSE 'PIZZY' DOESN'T REALLY WORK, AND LMFAO - 'WEED' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (For those who don't understand that, my last name is Reed. Wentz + Reed = Weed. LMFAO.)) anyway, yeah, I better get a good WEED(LOL) scene in Bros and Sis' for this ta ;)

“Fuck you,”

Evie ran out of the room, tearing threatening to pour from her eyes. Joe ran out of the kitchen too, following her closely when she stopped in the living room.

“Evie please, I didn’t do anything wrong! Why are you-” Evie spun around suddenly, making Joe jump.

“Didn’t do anything? Joe, we’ve been together for a year and a half, yet you have no idea what colour my eyes are,” Joe rolled his eyes and smirked.

“Evie it’s not the end of the world, I just didn’t know if they were blue or green-” Evie squealed angrily.

“AGAIN! They’re fucking brown, idiot,” She stomped up the stairs, and Joe followed her, wishing this subject had never been brought up.

"God, what the hell is wrong with you today? You PMSing or something?" He asked, immediately regretted it when Evie turned around, fire in her eyes and she poked his chest.

"Fucking bastard," She whispered, and stomped up a few more of the steps. Joe gulped slightly and sighed, wondering how to make things right with her. He knew it wouldn't take much, considering Evie got mad easily, but also was a type of person who calmed down easily too. He took a deep breath and stood in front of her when they were in the hall upstairs.

“Evie I’m sorry, I’m just not very observant when it comes to these things,” Evie glared at him when they were on the hallway and pushed his chest slightly.

“Fuck,” She moved closer to his face and glared right into his eyes. “You.” Joe frowned and thought for a moment, before kissing her slightly, Evie getting annoyed when he thought he could just make things better with a kiss. She slapped him in the cheek slightly, and then widened her eyes at her actions. Joe however smirked and pinned her against the wall, forcing her mouth open with his tongue. Evie pushed against him, but Joe put her arms above her head, holding them with one hand, while the other held onto her waist.

Evie soon gave in and kissed back, making Joe moan when she ripped her arms away from his hands and put them into his wild hair.

“Joe, fuck-” Joe smirked.

“Me?” He asked, and Evie smiled evilly.

“Yes. Fuck, me,” Joe grabbed her waist again, pulling her into the bedroom that was adjacent to where they were standing. Locking the door he attacked her again, pushing her against the side of the bed and using his hands to pull her top over her head. She smiled and did the same, Joe quickly getting to work on her bra, finding the hook and undoing it, throwing it to the side. He didn’t bother to tend to her breasts, simply pushed her backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her neck whilst undoing her jeans.

Evie grabbed his crotch unapologetically, and heard him groan from the back of his throat. She smirked and watched as his eye dilated, and he stared back into hers for a second, Evie’s eyes no doubt doing the same thing. Joe smiled.

“Brown,” He muttered, and Evie rolled her eyes before flipping them over.

“Shut the fuck up,” She whispered into his ear, making Joe dominant again and flipping them back to their original position. He pulled her jeans off, smiling when she bit her lip, something she always did when he was turning her on.

He kissed her again, more forcefully, and felt his eyes roll when she pulled his own jeans off, putting her hand inside his boxers and wrapping her palm around him.

“Shit, Evie,” He mumbled into her neck, and she smirked.

After pulling both his boxers off, and practically ripping her underwear off too, he knelt in front of her smirking.

“Maybe I don’t want to, anymore,” He whispered, and Evie glared at him before positioning herself in front of him.

“You’ve got no fucking choice, fro-boy,” She climbed onto his lap and guided him in, him taking pleasure in this new dominant side that he hadn’t seen from her before. She moaned as he slid inside her, and smirked, rocking back and forward slightly, making Joe throw his head back and growl slightly. He held onto her ass as she moved faster, and then threw her back onto the bed after a few minutes.

“Turn over,” He ordered, and Evie bit her lip again, turning over and laying on her front on the bed. Joe pulled her back into the air, and slid inside her again, Evie moaning louder as he grabbed her sides and thrust into her from the back. Her face was pressed against the pillow and she grabbed onto the sheets, smiling happily as Joe got faster and harder, unable to contain himself due to the animalistic position they were in.

He thrust harder and felt himself near the edge, Evie too, clenching slightly, making Joe throw her back onto her front, wasting no time in laying himself onto her and thrusting in again. Evie clawed his back, making him groan again, and pump into her even harder than he already was. He leant backwards, pulling her hips closer to him as she met his thrusts. He hit his hips into hers and groaned again, making Evie grin and moan in pleasure.

He felt himself about to come, opening his eyes to see if Evie was anywhere near. She locked eyes with him, and he knew she was near the edge when her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He grabbed her hips and thrust a few more times, before he felt Evie clench him in her own pleasure, making him too, fall into bliss.

He rested his head in the crook of her neck as they both finished, collapsing on her chest as he had no energy left. She smiled at him and gently pushed him off, pulling the covers up and lying on her back, unable to move due to lack of energy. Joe turned to her and smiled.

“God,” He whispered, and Evie giggled slightly.

“Mhm,” She answered, and Joe wrapped an arm around her waist and closed his eyes.

“So, brown eyes then.” Evie raised an eyebrow and opened one eye at him.

“And don’t you dare forget, I’d be forced to kill you,” Joe smirked and sighed. Evie looked at him and frowned.

“Joe, when is my birthday?” She asked, and Joe shot his eyes open.

“Er, it’s, 15th of, no, 3rd of-” Evie glared at him and Joe looked like he was ready to cry.

“Oh, fuck.
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