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Love Always Has An Ending ):

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cute little story with a the most smallest R rating even possible ;) aww trickyy and peterrr (L)

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The sun hung lazily in the sky as white clouds floated around it, hazing the blue with smallish specs of white here and there.
A young man with dark hair and a large grin was laying haphazardly in some tall grass next to a small flowing stream, beside him was a man similar in height but a bit chubbier and with a head of blonde hair beneath a purple hat.
“Trick?” the smiling boy asked
“Yeh Pete?”
“Do you love me?” Patrick twisted his head to face Pete, with an crooked grin gracing his lips.
“ what kind of stupid ass question is that, of course I love you!”
Patrick smiled and hugged his best friend in a sideways manner
Pete bit his lip and stared intently at Patrick, sliding up onto his elbow he raised himself so he was hanging above Patrick.
“does this make you uncomfortable?” he said calmly as he placed his free hand on Patrick’s thigh.
Patrick gulped but shook his head, unable to speak; he obviously was uncomfortable but no way in hell was he going to miss out on Pete’s touch.
“okay” Pete said edging his hand higher up Patrick’s leg and curving around slightly so his finger tips were resting just above Patrick’s inner thigh.
“How about now?” he said hotly leaning closer to Patrick letting his breath fall onto the shell of Patrick’s ear.
Patrick was really finding it hard to breath, with Pete this close to him. He just stared blankly at Pete and dared to shake his head, wondering where this was all headed.
Pete nodded and bit his lip in a seductive and cheeky way; he leant his head downwards and lightly nipped at Patrick’s Adam’s apple earning himself a throaty moan from the now suffocating singer.
“Pete err what’s -OH GOD- what are we doing here!?” his sentence was interrupted half way through by Pete’s hand roughly stroking Patrick’s semi hardened arousal through his tight jeans.
Pete began to kiss Patrick’s jaw line moving closer and closer to his lips with each dainty peck, finally pressing his lips hard onto the blonde boy, slyly slipping his tongue into Patrick’s mouth and massaging his now rock hard erection.
“I love you Tricky” Pete said hastily removing Patrick from his pants and cotton confines.
“I love you too Peter Panda”

Pete stood up and walked to the alter and turned to face Patrick.
“Patrick I love you so much, words cannot and will never be able to describe the love passion and lust we both give each other”
Pete walked forwards and admired the jeans and shirt pat was wearing, everything made him glow, numbly Pete took Patrick’s hand in his own.
“Tricky, you made me the happiest man alive, and even now im still smiling, something I thought I had forgotten to do a long while ago” dropping Patrick’s hand Pete edged away from the black coffin and allowed himself a few moments to recuperate.
“And now even in death you still look amazing and I just want to kiss you back to life, hold you and warm up your body, send away the chills like all those times you had to hold me at night when I was scared or just needed the comfort” Pete let out a slow sigh
“So I came to this conclusion, life before you was meaningless, life with you was amazing and now im back to meaningless, I need…I can’t…” Pete pulled a small vile filled with a strange orange substance from his pocket, he flicked off the cork and downed the liquid in one, slowly he climbed into the coffin and laid himself in Patrick’s arms, falling asleep for the last time in the arms of the man he loved.

admit it, did you think they were getting married? ;)
aww i hated killing trick really i did, but i have to do some kind of death in fics at some point =/
Rate & Reveiw pleaseee xx
Gina xx
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