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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Chapter Two

Show Them What You Got

Monday, August 16, 2004

It had taken Draco months to finally reach a decision and now he found himself pacing the sidewalk across from her flat anxiously waiting for her lover to leave. At last the door opened and Draco observed Weasley scurry along the street toward Fred and George's joke shop. Draco knew she would be there alone for the next three hours. He decided to give Ron an adequate amount of time to reach the shop before approaching the door.

Samantha had enjoyed an early breakfast with Ron and was now busily straightening out the flat before Timmy awoke. Ron would be back at twelve and they had plans to take Timmy to the park after lunch. Suddenly a knocking at the door startled her. At first she thought perhaps Ron had forgotten something, but then realized he would not have bothered to knock.

She opened the door apprehensively wondering who would be calling at this early hour of the morning. Sam was literally dumbfounded when she and saw his face staring in her direction. At first she didn't say a word; just stood with her mouth open in disbelief. Finally she was able to speak.

"Cedric, in no way did I ever expect to see you again," she said nervously.

"Nor did I ever anticipate for our paths to cross. Samantha. May I come in? It's rather important we talk," the white-blonde haired man replied.

"Now you want to talk," Samantha answered furiously. "You didn't seem to sense a need to chat with me the morning after you took my virginity. I know I was a silly girl, but I thought you actually cared about me. You treated me like a princess and then you just vanished without a word. What makes you think that after all this time, I want to talk to you, Cedric?"

"Please don't call me Cedric. My name is Draco."

Sam just looked at him contemptuously. "I should have known. You lied about everything else, why would you have given me your real name?" Even after all this time tears came to Sam's eyes when she thought of how betrayed she had felt that morning when she awoke to find him gone. "There was a time when I searched for you. I came to England because I thought I loved you. You can't imagine how much I wanted us to be together. But I've grown up Cedric...Draco, whatever the hell your name is. I've found someone that truly cares for me, and I love him. We have nothing to talk about." Sam slammed the door in Draco's face.

Sam did a locking charm on the door and then leaned against the wall shaking uncontrollably. She waited patiently to hear his footsteps depart, but there was no sound.

"Samantha, we have to talk," he shouted through the door. "I was young, I was just looking to fulfill my needs. I thought that was all you wanted. How was I to know that you actually loved me or that it was your first time?"

Samantha turned and screamed at the door, "Like it would have made the least bit of a difference to you. You made me think I was special, that you cared for me. All you cared about was shagging me."

"I want to do the right thing now, Samantha. I was mistaken to leave. You've had my child; let me marry you and take care of you both."

Samantha couldn't trust her own ears. She withdrew her wand and grasped it firmly as she removed the charm and opened the door. She looked at him in both disbelief and revulsion. "You just admitted that you had no feelings for me, that to you I was nothing but a one night shag. Why would you offer to marry me and how narcissistic can you be to imagine I would for an instant even consider saying yes?"

"Because we should both be doing what is best for our child. He should be with his actual father so that he is raised in a suitable way."

"He will be raised in a proper way by myself and someone who truly loves us both."

"Weasley?! Draco glared at Samantha with incredulity. "You consider that pitiable werewolf a fit surrogate to father my son? There is no way I will stand by and tolerate that happening"

"I'm afraid you relinquished any say in the subject when you walked out on me."

"You shouldn't be quite so sure of yourself, Samantha. This isn't America, besides I doubt Weasley will want any part of either of you when he discovers who impregnated you."

"Exactly what do you mean by that spiteful remark?"

"I think you should have the satisfaction of discovering the counter to that question yourself. Be sure to closely observe the expression on Weasley's face when you tell him that the father of your child is none other than Draco Malfoy. You haven't heard the last from me, not by a long shot." Draco turned and hurriedly walked away before Sam was able to remark.

Sam for a short time stood at the door, dizzied by the happenings of the past few minutes. Ron loves both Timmy and I. What possible difference could knowing the name of Timmy's father make in our relationship?

"But I thought you abhorred beauty contests," Hermione asked as the family prepared to head out for breakfast.

"I do. I detest competing against someone in a contest where the primary qualifications are your butt and bust. However, this competition is more based on physical fitness rather than just looks. Plus, my two sisters sort of pressed me into it."

Caitlin gave Jamie a disgruntled look. "You were as upset with Roz as Emily and I. Someone has to beat that egotistical bitch."

"Caitlin!" Hermione shouted. "That is enough of that kind of language. I'm sure this Roz is a nice girl if you take the time to get to know her. What did you think of her, Emily?"

Emily face turned pale at the thought of 'getting to know Roz better'. "I have to pee," Emily said as she ran to the bathroom.

"What's wrong with your sister," Hermione inquired of Jamie.

Jamie simply shrugged her shoulders as Caitlin said, "Roz seems to have a negative effect on Emily's tummy."

"Let's get a move on," Harry called. Hermione and I have a tennis match scheduled for eight and there is going to be a volleyball tournament at eleven.

Jamie laughed. "It seems you've gotten into the spirit of the resort, Harry. I didn't know you played tennis or volleyball?"

Harry reddened slightly. "I've played volleyball a few times, but I've never had a tennis racket in my hands until yesterday. I'm expecting Hermione to keep us in the game."

Caitlin observed her Mum questioningly. "Do you play tennis?"

"Very seldom anymore, but I took lesson from age six to eleven. I did quite well in some children's tournaments, but once I got my letter from Hogwarts, a lot of things took a back seat."

"Do you ever regret giving up the cello and tennis?" Jamie asked.

"Not once," Hermione responded quickly. "The alternative was just too exciting. Besides, now when I reflect back, I question if unwittingly my magical abilities might not have played a part in some of my victories."

"Mum," Caitlin said in disbelief. "You didn't cheat?"

"Not knowingly, Honey. But I did get more than my share of lucky bounces. Perhaps I unintentionally controlled the ball in some magical way.

"Well, I hope you and Harry don't use magic to take advantage of any muggle couple today," Jamie responded.

Before Hermione had the opportunity to retort Emily entered the room still looking to some extent insipid. "Sorry to have kept everyone waiting. Shall we be off to breakfast?"

Caitlin looked sympathetically at Emily. Poor Emily, Jamie just has to beat Roz.

The Miss Nude Teen Pageant has been an annual event for the last twenty-five years, but this year due to feminist pressure some changes have been made in the structure of the contest. Previously the event was held for only one day. The participants were judged in street wear, bathing costumes and nude. A panel of judges decided on the ultimate winner.

This year the event will last four days with the original 'beauty contest' score only representing one fifth of the total score. Day two the contestants will compete in a swimming competition. On the third day there will be a physical fitness exercise contest. And the forth competition day will be composed of a four mile run and a time limit distance race. The forth day's event will have two separate scores; the five scores will be added to determine Miss Nude Teen.

First place in an event is worth one hundred points, second place seventy-five points, third place fifty points and fourth place twenty-five points.

"Harry, you amaze me," Hermione said as she looked at her husband with admiration. "If one were to look at you, they would imagine that you had been a naturist your entire life, not just two days."

"It's not me as much as the people here. They are so accepting. I'm sure that you'd be fine. When no one is looking just cancel the charm and you will fit right in," Harry urged.

"If only it were that effortless. Oh! Harry!" Hermione wanted to kick her prudish self. "I know you're right about the people. Everyone we've met has been so pleasant; I'm sure they wouldn't stare or make comments. It's just me. I'm scared. I simply can't imagine parading around in front of everyone starkers. I envy your mettle."

"You still have four days. I have confidence that the most powerful witch in the world can overcome this impasse."

"Harry, believe me I want to do this more than anything in the world. I want to make the mirror's reflections of the future come true, but I'm petrified. I believe I'd rather face Voldemort again than have everyone see me nude."

Harry squeezed Hermione hand tightly and then laughed.

"What's so amusing?"

"I was just thinking that you should have been naked when we faced Voldemort. He would have been so spellbound by your exquisiteness that Ron and I could have effortlessly caught him off guard."

Hermione blushed a bright red. "Mister Potter, you are quite the self-esteem builder, but Voldemort would have been the last person in the world that I would have wanted to parade naked in front of."

Harry gave Hermione a gentle kiss just as the pageant host announced that they were about to begin the contest.

Harry pretended to understand the host, but in reality struggled to just comprehend the name of each contestant. As the girls were introduced one at a time, they first climbed the ramp to the stage and then walked to the far left where they stopped and smiled at the audience and then turned fully around showing the outfit they had chosen to wear from all angles. Next they went to the far right and then center stage doing the same thing.

Harry was surprised to see that the pageant was being videotaped and also that many spectators were taking pictures of the contestants. It was the first time he had seen any of the hotel guests with a camera. Emily had told him that cameras were frowned upon at the resort as an invasion of privacy. Evidently the contestants were excluded from this unwritten rule.

The competitors varied in age from thirteen to eighteen and there was a great disparity in their builds. One entrant was rather a wisp of a girl that looked like the slightest breeze would blow her off her feet while another of the participants was rather fleshy. At long last, Jamie was announced and Harry noticed Hermione's eyes light up.

Harry had wondered what Jamie would wear for this section of the contest because he knew she had packed extremely little clothing for the trip. He immediately recognized her outfit as the summer dress Hermione had worn to dinner the night they arrived. Just like with Hermione, the dress accentuated Jamie's lovely curves. Jamie, however, must have placed a temporary hem shortening charm on the dress because Harry certainly would have never forgotten seeing Hermione expose such an extreme amount of leg.

Jamie was the last of the ten participants and as she toke her place on the risers, Harry leaned over to Hermione and said, "I could be biased in my opinion, but I think Jamie is a sure victor."

Hermione gave Harry a smile, "I think we both might be rather partial when it comes to Jamie, but I wouldn't rule out number six or eight. Neither is nearly as well endowed as Jamie, but both have pretty faces and looked quite fetching in their outfits."

Caitlin, who had been watching from the edge of the pool along with Emily, put her arm around Emily as the contestants left to change into swim costumes for the next segment of the day's contest. "It looks good. Jamie is by far the most attractive."

"I think so and you think so, but it's how the judges feel that counts. Besides even if she wins today, there are still four more events," Emily answered nervously. "Caitlin, what am I going to do? I get sick every time I think of having to do that to Roz. Would you ever be able to do it?"

Caitlin put her arm around Emily and gave her a hug. "To her, not in a million years. The very thought sickens me as well, but..."

Caitlin hesitated briefly and then continued. "Emily, please don't take what I'm about to say wrong. I'm sure I'm not gay; I mean, I definitely find boys extremely appealing, but a part of me would like to try that, but I could only do it with certain people."

Emily was stunned by Caitlin's answer and backed slightly away. "Who are these special people?"

Caitlin never got to answer because the host was announcing the first girl in the bathing costume portion of the program.

Harry looked questioningly at Hermione who he knew was clothed not in her bathing costume, but by the charm. "Is Jamie wearing your bathing costume also, or did she bring one with her?"

"Neither," Hermione answered. "We picked up one last evening while you, Caitlin and Emily were having an ice cream. It's the kind you wanted me to purchase, one that barely covers anything. When you see her, keep repeating to yourself that she is only sixteen."

The contestants again came on stage and presented themselves to the audience as they had in the first part of the program. It seemed all the girls had chosen to wear two-piece costumes. As contestant number nine took her place on the risers Harry commented to Hermione. "That girl must work out an extreme amount. She is quite muscular."

"That's Roz, she's the one that the girls don't care for. She just missed out on being in the Olympics a few year ago.. Jamie informs me that she is a rather talented swimmer."

"I think her build will be a disadvantage in this part of the contest, but it should definitely help her in the exercises and I imagine she will dominate swimming," Harry commented.

"Number ten, Jamie ," the host announced.

As Jamie climbed the ramp, Hermione saw several of the men reach for towels and lay them on their laps. Difficult as it may possibly be to believe, Jamie in a tiny bathing costume was much sexier and arousing than Jamie totally naked. That could perhaps have something to do with the fact that her bathing costume only consisted of three, three inch blue equilateral triangles connected by rather flimsy looking strings.

Michelle leaned over and whispered to Hermione, "This part of the contest is over. We already know how gorgeous she is nude and that dress and bathing suit were just fabulous. What amazes me about her is that she must recognize how attractive she is, but she doesn't seem to be the least bit toffee-nosed."

Hermione smiled, "I'm certain Jamie would be appreciative of your kind words."

Hermione and Michelle drifted off into conversation and before either of them realized, the girls had left the stage, removed their bathing costumes and contestant number one, Chantal had returned and was now posing nude for the audience. She seemed to be the youngest of the contestants, but that certainly didn't affect her confidence. Her enticing smile caught everyone's attention. When Chantal got to center stage and had her back to the audience, she hesitated briefly and then leaned slightly forward and shook her bare butt at the audience. Everyone laughed and applauded as the young girl took her place next to the host and answered some brief question that were both asked and answered in French, none of which Harry understood. Then the girl took her position on the platform, still blushing quite intensely from her derriere shaking.

"I like her," Hermione commented to Harry. "She reminds me a lot of Caitlin. What I'd give to have that kind of confidence."

Harry looked a Hermione with a confused expression on his face. "You want to get on stage and shake your booty at everyone?"

Hermione frustratingly slapped Harry with a towel. "No, I don't want to shake my butt on stage. I want to have the confidence that she has, to be able to get up there like she is and joke around with the audience."

Contestant, number two, although petite and attractive lacked confidence and social grace. Margot didn't look like she had any interest in being in the contest and picked her nose during the interview. Number three was the girl that Harry had described politely as fleshy. Harry was being extremely kind. Bari's parents should seriously consider buying a lock for their refrigerator.

Contestant number four was a girl you would consider given a sympathy vote. She had a pretty face and what seemed like a beautiful personality. Yvonne's body down to her waist was beautiful, but she had been given a butt terribly out of proportion with the balance of her body. The fact that she had gorgeous legs, if anything exasperated the situation.

Number five was the wisp of a girl who was built like a twig, but had the hair, face and smile of a goddess. You could almost hear everyone commenting that with a few pounds here and there, Felicite would be quite attractive. Contestant six had those few pounds here and there. It can be said of few people, but Sydney was a great deal more attractive nude than in the textiles she had chosen to wear.

It almost hurt you eyes to look at participant number seven. Although Odetta had an adequate figure, her skin was pale white and covered with freckles. It looked like this was the first day she had been out in the sun all year. Hermione even commented to Harry that she hoped the girl had put on a good suntan lotion.

In the looks category contestant number eight seemed to be Jamie's strongest competition, but when she opened her mouth it was evident that there was a vacancy sign where her brain was located. Fluffy was British and therefore Harry could understand all the questions and answers. He greatly wished she had been French.

If this were a bodybuilding contest, Roz would have won instantly. Her arms and thighs were extremely muscular although her breasts seemed to have been diminished by her muscular chest. Harry turned his head to Hermione, the look on his face indicating he was quite turned off. "I realize not everyone is into the smooth look like you and Jamie, but doesn't she ever groom," he said nauseatingly. As Harry spoke Roz had flexed her muscles showing a good deal of underarm hair, but what had really turned Harry's stomach was the over abundant amount of pubic hair.

Hermione suddenly became aware that she was staring at Roz and promptly turned her head toward Harry in disbelief. "I'm certainly no expert on the subject, nor have I ever actually really thought about it before, but I didn't think it was possible for it to get that long and thick."

Harry looked at Hermione beseechingly and she instantly knew what he was thinking. She quickly gave him a reassuring hug and kissed his eagerly awaiting lips. Then she whispered in his ear. "Don't worry sweetheart. It's gone forever. You and Jamie have converted me for life."

They were about to kiss again when the emcee said, "And our last contestant, number ten, Jamie ."

Although every contestant had been greeted with polite applause; Jamie's was much more than polite. It was apparent that she was the crowd's favorite and the disparity between her and Roz seemed to only increase their passion for her.

As Jamie moved from position to position on the stage Hermione's eyes surveyed the crowd. She noticed many men still had towels on their laps, but not Harry. He was simply applauding wildly. Hermione smiled to herself. He sees her now only as a sister that he loves and nothing more.

After Jamie was questioned by the emcee, the girls were all asked to come forward so that the judges could have one final look after which the girls huddled to the side of the stage as the judges made their verdicts.

As Harry watched the judges intently, Hermione watched Jamie and the other contestants. Jamie and contestant number five seemed to be joking with the girl that had shook her butt at the crowd. Although Hermione couldn't hear the girls, it seemed that Jamie and contestant number five were telling the girl she had done it improperly and they were demonstrating the proper way to shake one's rear. Hermione laughed as she watched the girls; envious at their lack of inhibition; just talking and fooling around not the least bit fretful that they were naked or at whom may be watching.

The judges quickly finished their assessment and the contestants were herded back to their positions on stage.

The MC first announced in French, then German and finally in English that today's contest was only the first of five events that would decide this year's winner. The second event would be a timed swimming of eight laps of the pool to be held tomorrow at noon.

He then announced the winners of the personality, pose and beauty portion of the contest. "In fourth place and awarded twenty-five points, contestant number five, Felicite." She couldn't believe she had finished as high as forth. Felicite jumped up and down screaming as the other contestants tried to congratulate her.

"Third place and fifty points are awarded to Chantal." Chantal yelled and waved to her parents and then turned and shook her butt to the audience as if saying thank you.

"I like both those girls," Hermione said softly to Harry. "Of course, I want Jamie to win, but I hope they place high."

"In second place and awarded seventy-five points, number six, Sydney. And I give you today's winner with one hundred points, contestant number ten, Jamie"

All the girls, with the exception of Roz, encircled Jamie and congratulated her. Roz simply walked off the stage despite the MC's plea that they wanted to take more pictures. As Roz passed the pool, Caitlin and Emily continued to cheer enthusiastically. Roz stopped and glared momentarily at the girls.

"I wouldn't get overly excited if I were you 'Skipper'. This was only round one and I've never seen anyone win a swimming competition doing the doggy paddle." She looked at Emily threateningly and said, "I hope you have a nice long tongue. I'm getting excited just thinking about it." She walked off before Caitlin could say a word. Emily couldn't talk either. She jumped out of the pool and ran toward the loo holding her hand over her mouth.

Roz was correct; Caitlin and Emily's celebration was short lived. Jamie, although she loved playing in the pool, had never had proper swimming lessons. She could keep herself afloat and make it from one end of the pool to the other, but eight laps was out of the question. Jamie had to be helped out of the pool after only completing three laps.

Roz finished first for one hundred points. Contestant number four, Yvonne, surprised the crowd with a second place finish and although they didn't look anything like Olympic material, Felicite and Chantal managed to scratch out third and forth place respectively. Contestant number two dropped out of the contest, preferring to sit poolside and watch the other girls compete as she incessantly jabbed her finger inside her nose.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

"Dad, its not even six, Caitlin whined. "Why are you waking us up already? Did you forget that we're on vacation?"

"I didn't forget, but we have an exceedingly busy day in front of us. Your Mum and I are still alive in the tennis tournament, albeit in the losers bracket. We have a match at eight. Jamie's exercise component of the competition takes place at eleven and then Hermione and I are playing volleyball at two," Harry said without stopping to take a breath.

Caitlin smiled. "Admit it. You and Mum are having a great time."

Harry looked at Caitlin quite seriously. "I'm not having a great time. I'm having a terrific time. It astonishes me how easily I've adapted and how much I love it here. If only your Mum...."

"If only she would take off her clothes" Caitlin finished Harry sentence. "I know she wants to.

Emily rolled over and looked teasing at Harry. "Getting accustomed to being around us in the buff aren't you, Uncle Harry?"

Harry looked down not realizing he had walked into the girl's room naked. "I'm sorry," he started to say, quite flustered, before Emily interrupted.

"Get a grip. I'm just teasing. Forgetting about clothes and being comfortable naked is what it's all about. If only Aunt Hermione could take that last step. She's been as naked as the rest of us every day since we got here. All she has to do is say "Finite Incantatum", she's just afraid to let everyone else she her. And I for one will never figure out why. If I'm half as beautiful as her when I reach maturity, I'm going to personally send my pictures to Playwizard Magazine."

Caitlin looked at Emily with a horrified expression. "Would you really do that? I mean pose in the altogether for pictures. Wouldn't it embarrass you to have them passed around?"

Emily gave Caitlin a frustrated expression. "Why would you be willing to let someone see you physically naked, but be embarrassed to have them show photos of you that way?"

Harry gave Emily a bothered look, "I see your point, but I also understand where Caitlin is coming from. Since you both are a long way from maturity, I think we can safely table this discussion until another time. I know Hermione wants to take that last step. I wish there was a way we could help her."

"I could always whisper "Finite Incantatum" as I stood next to her," Jamie playfully suggested as she sat up in bed and started stretching. "Once she's spent a day with people seeing her, I doubt she'd have a problem doing it again."

"We could never do that," Harry quickly retorted. "She'd never forgive us. This has to be of her doing. Now, that's sufficient talk. Take care of what ever business you have in the loo and lets get our morning run underway."

"Harry, is the charm working?" Hermione asked.

"It's working like a charm, Mione." Harry gave Hermione an encouraging hug. It's Wednesday; you're running out of time. Why don't you just take the charm off and walk out that door?"

Hermione stood for a moment looking at the door with determination in her eyes. Then she turned and said desperately, "I can't. We're playing both tennis and volleyball today. Can you imagine the exhibition I'd make of myself with these flying all over the place." She cupped her amply breasts in her hands.

Harry looked at her as if mesmerized by the thought. "I think you'd look spectacular, but then I'm a man and I happen to think you're the most beautiful living thing on earth."

"Harry, you make me feel so extraordinary, but perhaps you should get your glasses checked before the fall session starts." Hermione looked at the time. "We have an hour before our match begins. I'm going to go sit by the pool a bit."

"I'll meet you down there," Harry said. "I skipped shaving this morning and now I feel a bit unkempt."

After shaving Harry decided to take a fast shower and then he rushed down the stairs to meet Hermione. He hurriedly looked around the pool and when he finally located her, his jaw dropped in astonishment. She had actually done it; the charm was off. Hermione was naked and she was dazzling. Realizing that this had taken a great deal on daring on her part and so as not to make her self-conscious, he decide it best to not make a big deal about her nudity.

"Mione, you look fabulous," he said. "Are you ready to kick our opponents butts?"

Hermione gave Harry a gently hug. "I'm ready partner," she said eagerly as she rubbed her eyes. " I must have dozed off waiting for you. I'd in all likelihood still be sleeping if I hadn't just been splashed by some children."

Hermione looked down to the end of the pool where the girls were playing with some of their friends. " I want to tell the girls that we're headed down to the court."

Jamie couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Hermione headed in her direction. "Caitlin! Emily! She did it!" Jamie shouted, elatedly. "Now don't make any comments about it or you'll make her uncomfortable."

As Hermione and Harry walked up, the girls were all smiles. "Harry and I are off to our tennis match. Jamie, we'll be back in plenty of time for you competition," Hermione said.

Jamie looked at Hermione in awe. "You're going to play like.... Good luck!" Jamie was astonished. It had taken Hermione all this time just to let people she her naked and now she was straight away going to play tennis.

"Mum, you're fabulous," Caitlin shouted. Give them hell. I mean heck."

"Way to show them what you got," Emily added, receiving a dirty look from both Jamie and Caitlin.

As they left the pool area and headed down the path toward the tennis courts, Hermione questioned Harry. "Did the girls seem especially happy and cheerful to you?"

"I think they're happy for you," Harry responded.

Harry's response didn't make sense to Hermione, but instead of questioning it, she changed the subject and started discussing strategy for their match.

"What was Jacques suggesting by that remark?" Hermione asked irritated, as they neared the pool area, having easily won their match in two straight sets.

What comment are you referring to, Hermione?" Harry asked.

"When he said that we won because you had an unjust advantage."

"My love, he was paying you a twofold accolade. Jacques had mentioned earlier that he found you to be an accomplished player. He also said that it was difficult to concentrate on the ball with such a vision on the court. Monique didn't seem to mind him complementing your ability, but I don't believe she was extremely happy about him ogling you, rather than paying attention to the game."

"How do you feel about another man eyeing your wife?"

"I feel I have to be levelheaded and take into consideration all the circumstances involved."

"And exactly what, pray tell are the circumstances involved with him practically staring a hole through me the entire match?"

"Well, first he's French and second, I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world and third, he's French."

"Harry, not everyone sees me through your eyes, but then that doesn't matter because I'm not in love with everyone, just you. Shall we rinse off at the showers? I think we have time for a swim before the competition begins."

As they walked by the stage, Harry noticed that it had been completely covered with padding for the exercise portion of the contest. After rinsing and spending a short time in the pool with the girls, they went to claim two chairs for the third leg of the contest.

Harry was amazed at how Hermione was behaving. She certainly wasn't acting like this was her first day being seen naked. They found two chairs next to Michelle who was beaming at Hermione. "I knew you could do it. Congratulations," said Michelle.

"Thanks," replied Hermione, surprised that Michelle had heard about their tennis victory so quickly. "It wasn't easy, but I'm glad we both managed to pull it off."

"So am I. Now you can relax and enjoy the balance of you day," Michele said happily.

"We can't totally relax. Harry and I are playing volleyball immediately after lunch."

"Volleyball!" Michelle said surprisingly, glancing an unnoticed look at Hermione's full breasts. "Hermione, I give you credit. Good luck!"

"If I may have your attention please," The pageant's MC announced as the microphone squealed loudly. "We are about to start the exercise portion of our contest. We've had another dropout so we are down to only eight contestants. The contestants, however, will continue to wear their original numbers so as to not cause confusion."

As the girls were announced they rapidly moved up the ramp and created a line behind the MC. Neither Harry nor Hermione were surprised that the heavyset girl had dropped out. Rumors had spread that this was going to be an exhausting workout.

"This will be the most complicated aspect of the contest to score," the host announced. Therefore, two judges will be observing each of our contestants to insure that they perform all the required exercises and that they are executed properly."

"Initially the contestants will be required to perform seventy-five repetitions each of four different exercises. Should there be a tie we will do an additional twenty-five repetitions of each. If this results in still another tie, we will choose one exercise for a run off."

"The first of the exercises will be jumping jacks."

"I hate jumping jacks," Hermione said dismally to Harry. "Jamie abhors them, as well."

"Why is that?" Harry asked. "I thought you guys loved all exercising."

"Our figures just don't lend themselves well to jumping jacks, especially when done in the nude. Even as young as she is, Jamie's breasts could become sore after the contortions seventy-five repetitions will put her through."

"Is everyone ready to begin,' the host announced. "Judges, by my count. One-two, two-two, three-two..."

Hermione never included jumping jacks in their morning exercise routine and now Harry understood why. He found himself captivated by the action of Jamie's breasts as they seemingly possessed a mind of their own; insisting on going the opposite direction as the rest of her body. Finally the contestants relaxed as the count reached seventy-five. Harry noticed Jamie make eye contact with Hermione. The expression on her face left little doubt about her feelings toward that exercise.

After conferring with the judges the MC announced that all eight contestants had received full marks

"The next exercise will be done on four counts," the MC announced. "Each contestants will start with their hands on their hips. On the first count you will bend forward and touch the stage floor with your fingertips. On two your hands will return to your hips. At the count of three you will reach for the sky and then on four, return your hands to your hips again. Are there any questions?"
Contestant number eight raised her hand and asked, "Must our feet remain together or may we spread our legs apart?"

"If spreading your legs is necessary in order to touch the ground, then you should most certainly do that. The judges will be watching to see that fingertips make contact with the ground on every repetition. If there are no further questions, please place your hands on your hips and begin on my count. One, two, three, four; two, two, three, four...."

It was obvious that this exercise was more to Jamie's liking as the Zacherley smile returned to her face. The girls were midway through the exercise when Harry heard some loud talking near the side of the stage. "What's going on?" Harry questioned Hermione.

"Didn't you see him?!" Hermione responded furiously. "I'm so glad Claude caught him. They should destroy his camera and fling the pervert out of the hotel."

"What did he do?" Harry asked meekly.

"The degenerate had snuck to the back of the stage and was taking pictures of the girls from the rear as they did their toe touches."

Before Harry was able to respond, Michelle said, "Sadly that happens all to often. That's why nudists frown on the use of cameras except at special events such as this. We allow the videotaping and support of the pageant because we feel it promotes the healthy positive aspects of nudism. Unfortunately there are always those who try to turn innocence into pornography for the sake of a dollar."

Due to the disturbance, many in the audience didn't realize that the girls had completed the second exercise.

"Although all of our contestants finished the required number of repetitions," the MC announced, "the judges have informed me that not everyone will receive full marks. The scores are as follows: Contestant number one-seventy-two, number four-sixty-five, number five-seventy-three, number seven-sixty nine, number eight-fifty-three, number nine-seventy-five, number ten-seventy-five.

"The third exercise will be sit-ups. For this exercise, each participant will need a holder. Would a member from each girl's family please come forward?"

Harry hesitated. Although he had overcome his uneasiness with nudity, the thought of going on stage didn't necessarily delight him. He waited, hopeful Emily or Caitlin would go to Jamie's aid. Instead, without hesitation, Hermione jumped to her feet and without comment went to hold for Jamie. Harry was becoming more bewildered as the day progressed. Where was his Mione and who was this self-assured nudist who had taken her place?

"I can't get over your wife," Michelle commented. "Three days ago she was self conscious and afraid to even go topless and look at her now, up on stage and not the least bit concerned."

As Harry admiringly watched Hermione hold for Jamie, his eyes couldn't help but glance to Rosalind's father. He was a burley man, nearly completely covered with body hair, leaving little doubt where Roz had acquired this feature.

Rosalind and Jamie both completed the sit-ups and the pushups, which followed, with perfect seventy-fives. None of the other girls achieved even fifty in either exercise. After all four exercises, the judges were able to award forth place to number five, Felicite and third place to number one, Chantal. Jamie and Roz, however, were tied for first.

The tiebreaker was completing an additional twenty-five of each of the four exercises, which resulted in a further tie. It was nearing lunchtime and as the audience was becoming rather antsy it was decided to pick one exercise at random and have the girls compete until either one gave out. Even before it was announced, Jamie knew what the exercise would be.

When the MC announced that the final 'do it till you drop' exercise would be jumping jacks, Jamie simply looked toward Harry and Hermione and shrugged her shoulders. She gave it her best, but after one hundred twenty-five her breasts had it; she was forced to settle for second place.

Emily and Caitlin had joined Harry and Hermione, waiting for Jamie to depart the stage. She walked up to them dejectedly. "The contest might just as well be over. Tomorrow's events both involve running and my boobs have gone through just about all the contortions they can take."

Jamie gave Hermione a halfhearted smile. "You soak sore feet; what do you do for sore breasts."

"Actually, either Caitlin or I can alleviate that problem for you. You'll be as good as new. Right now, however, we have to rush to lunch or Harry and I will be late for our volleyball match. Harry, it's second nature for the girls to eat like they are. Would you have a problem if we all just went to that little café down the street for lunch as we are?"

Everyone just looked at Hermione, thunderstruck. "I'll be fine," Harry answered, still stunned. "What about you?"

"Well, certainly I'd prefer to get dressed, but since we are so rushed. After all this is a community of nudist, it's hardly a big deal."

At first no one spoke. Jamie could not believe her ears. Hermione was actually suggesting that they all go to lunch starkers. "Let's go!" Jamie finally said. "We certainly don't want the volleyball stars to be late for their match."

"Jamie, don't be so stubborn," Caitlin implored. You're hurting and I can help. You heard Mum. She said that either Caitlin or her could help you."

"But you're rather new at all this hyperempathic stuff," Jamie stated, extremely concerned. "Are you positive you know what you're doing?"

"Jamie, it's not like I'm going to mistakenly shrivel them to nothing. Making simple soreness go away is the easiest thing a hyperempath does. Last week at the Hogsmeade Clinic I learned how to restore milk to a breast-feeding mother whose supply had gone dry. If I can do that, I surely can relieve your tenderness."

"Isn't there a way you can do it without touching me. That seems so... so... not right."

"Jamie, trust her," Emily encouraged. "Yesterday I cut my leg and she only had to touch the cut for a few minutes before it was completely healed. Believe me, she is amazing."

"You're just going to touch them, nothing more?" Jamie asked nervously.

"If that is all you want, I can just cup them in my hands," Caitlin answered comfortingly, "but honestly to do the process correctly, I should stroke and rub the entire chest area."

Jamie leered at Emily, "I don't want to hear one lesbian remark out of you, understood? Let's try just cupping them. How should we sit?"

Caitlin thought for a moment. "It would probably be best if we sat on the floor. I can lean my back against the bed and you can slide back against me. That way I can reach my arms around you and grasp your breasts."

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I just hope this doesn't lead to having sex with Roz," she said jokingly.

At the mention of sex with Roz, Emily leapt to her feet and ran to the bathroom.

Jamie looked questioningly at Caitlin. "What is it with her lately?"

"She'll be fine as long as you beat Roz tomorrow. Now lean back," Caitlin ordered.

As Jamie leaned her back against Caitlin's chest, the younger girl cupped a breast in each hand. "Now try to relax and don't talk," she instructed.

Jamie found that relaxing with Caitlin holding her breasts was easier said than done, but did her best. In a brief time she fell into a tranquil stupor. Her mind seemed to be floating outside of her body. She was able to observe the entire room as if she were floating above it. She saw herself leaning against Caitlin and then watched as Emily reentered the room and quietly took a seat.

Jamie felt transfixed. She floated above the scene, observing what was happening, but either unable or unwilling to move or react. She watched as the fingers on Caitlin's right hand started tracing the nipple on the apparently comatose Jamie's right breast. Caitlin's hand moved outward until she was caressing the entire breast, then the entire right half of the chest from the upper shoulder to the side and under the arm. Then she once again cupped the breast and now using her left hand repeated the process on the left side of Jamie's chest.

When Caitlin finished with the left side, she placed both hands on Jamie's shoulders and whispered, "Okay."

As if being bewildered after waking from a deep sleep, Jamie mumbled, "Okay. Yeah, I'm okay. You can start whenever you're ready."

Caitlin smiled. "We're done," she said. "You and I have an extremely strong bond. That was quite easy."

"I'm not sure how easy it was," Emily added, "but I sure wish I had pictures. I could make a fortune blackmailing you guys."

Jamie looked at Caitlin questioningly, her memory of what had transpired gone. "What exactly did you do?"

Caitlin shook her head. "I'm not sure. I just start by putting my hands at the source of the pain or injury. Once a connection is established, I sort of lapse into a trance and the powers just take over and guide me in the proper things to do."

"It may be best that neither of you know exactly what transpired," Emily said. "Let's concern ourselves with what's truly important. Did it work?"

Jamie got to her feet and then stretched to either side. She smiled and then did a couple jumping jacks. "I feel terrific. That's quite some ability you have there little sister."

"Mum and Madam Pomfrey are amazed at what I can do already. They think that in time I may even be able to regenerate body parts and heal without actually touching," Caitlin said proudly.

"Speaking of your Mum. I want to run and catch the end of Hermione and Harry's volleyball game. Do you guys want to come with me?" Jamie asked.

Emily checked with Caitlin and then said, "No. We have a couple of guys waiting for us down by the pool."

After leaving Caitlin and Emily with their friends, Jamie jogged up the path to the tennis courts; amazed at how the soreness had completely disappeared. She arrived just in time to see Hermione serve a match-winning ace. After shaking hands with the other team, Hermione dashed other to talk to Jamie as Harry remained behind celebrating with his teammates.

Hermione, whose face was glowing, excitedly ran up to Jamie. "I can't believe the game I just had. I've never been that extremely good at sports, but today both at tennis and now at volleyball; I couldn't seem to do anything wrong."

"Maybe it's the luck of a new nudist," Jamie suggested with a smile.

"Maybe," Hermione laughed. "I do love being outdoors and not wearing clothes. If only I had the nerve to cancel the charm and let others see me as I am."

Out of the blue Jamie realized why Hermione was so relaxed. She had absolutely no idea that for the entire day people had been seeing her as she truly is, naked. Hermione thinks the charm is still in place.

"Hermione, have people treated you any different today then previously," Jamie inquired.

"No," Hermione quickly replied and the hesitated a bit. "Everyone has always been friendly, but today I felt more accepted. It was as if they finally got accustomed to me being in a bathing costume and that it no longer bothered them."

"Did you feel more self conscious than normal, like people were staring at you?

"No. Actually with the exception of Jacques, whom everyone realizes is a pig, today was the most at ease I've felt. People obviously finally got used to me being in a bathing costume and stopped staring."

They had been walking slowly along the path, allowing time for Harry to catch up. He hadn't yet, and as they approached an empty bench Jamie indicated it to Hermione. Jamie thought it might be a good idea for Hermione to be seated when she got the news.

They sat for a few moments looking back the path for signs of Harry. "Hermione," Jamie said tentatively. "Do you remember when you stopped by the pool early this morning and told the three of us that you and Harry were headed to your tennis match?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Thecharmwasn'tonthenandithasn'tbeenonallday," Jamie blurted out, her words running together.

Hermione repeated Jamie's words. "The charm wasn't on then and it hasn't been on all day." She sat petrified as their meaning coursed through her body.

End of chapter two


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