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Never coming home

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Based on the Ghost of You video, Gerard's P.O.V. Rated for obvious violence. Makes people cry! Its powerful stuff!

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A/N: I know I should really get a move on and finnish I'll never let them hurt you I promise but this just randomly came into my head in a free period while I was watching the Ghost of You video on my Ipod. It may be obvious I don't know much about the technical terms of war.....
Disclaimer; I don't own any rights. Appart from the rights to write.....

Gerard's P.O.V

On the stage behind me the band began to play, pulling me out of my horrific thoughts. I opened my mouth and began to sing, trying to forget if only for a night, our purpose tomorrow. This night was for enjoyment, a relaxed atmosphere to socialise and have fun. As I sang I watched couples join in the centre of the dance floor. Tears threatened to escape as I realise most of these men including us onstage would never see their loved ones again. We finnished our song and exited the stage. As I walked I glanced over at Ray who was calming down Frank. Being the youngest out of our band of 5 friends he would often get terrified at our future.
"Forget about it" Ray tells Frank, "tonight is for you to be happy, to enjoy and have fun." We each took a seat at the bar. Bob sat next to Ray who was on my right, I purposfully took a seat next to my little brother, Mikey, feeling that I needed to be there for him. Frank occupied the seat next to Mikey. As the night wore on, as we drank more, we became more and more relaxed, general banter passed between us. As Ray, Bob and Frank gaged into a heated discussion about which girl in the room was the prettiest, Frank jumped up using his 4.9" to make his point and sent his drink spilling across the bar. Eevryone, Frank included began to laugh. I looked at Mikey. He was slumped on the bar, his head propped up on his hand, lost in a world of thought. I put a comforting arm around him.
"Are you okay?" He nodded I frowned a little, not quite believing him, but I decided to forget about it. I didn't want to upset him by questioning him. The night wore on and I noticed Mikey get close to one of the girls. I smiled and turned back to Bob who was demanding my attention.


I stood, squashed, in the small metal boat, feeling trapped. I felt sick. This was it. The beach was looming. I could feel the men I would soon be commanding shift nervously. I glanced around at them. One was giving orders to watch each other and be quick on our feet, another was being as sick as I felt. I noticed both Frank and Ray put their faith in the last hope; God. Frank kissed his crucifix and Ray made the sign of the cross. Mikey and Bob just stared ahead like many of the others. All we could do was wait, wait for an agonisingly long time for our hour. I looked out to the sea, hoping I would be able to do my job, that I wouldn't be the cause of these men dying. The boat hit the beach. The front fell. Our hour had come.
"Go!" I yelled. We all surged forwards. All around me I could already hear and feel men fall. We kept low in a struggle to stay alive, to reach the sandbanks. I wached the scene around me. Already the beach was littered with the fallen. Any other time I would have stopped to grieve, but I didn't want to join them. I waited for the next orders. When they came I cried out to advance with a wave of my arm, should my voice get lost amongst the confusion. We ran forward to the second set of sandbanks, shooting ay the men we were told were our enemy. We didn't have time to think about it, we just did what we were told. What we believed to be right. We got to the second sandbanks. I heard a cry of "NO!" I glanced over my shoulder, and saw one man seporated from us running to keep up. He looked familiar he-Shit!
"Mikey!" I shouted "No! Mikey!" I tried to run to him but Frank and Bob grabbed my arms and used all their strength to hold me back. All I could do was call out to my baby brother, stranded, out in the open. In mortal danger. C'mon Mikes! Make it! You can do it! You can-NO! I watched in horror as he tumbled to the ground his side spilling pools of dark crimson blood.
"NO! Mikey!" I pushed against Bob and Frank's strong hold, wanting to be there with him. Watching, hearing his pain, it was unbearable. Ray hurried to him and instantly set to work,adding pressure to the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. I tried to break free of Bob an Frank's grasp once more. They pulled me to the ground pinning me down by holding my head, shoulders, throat-anything. I called out to Mikey. NO! Don't die! You cant! I pulled myself up.
"Never coming home!" I yelled, tears spilling down my muddy face as I watched him die. Watched his life slip from him, watched him leave forever. I was shaken and wracked with shock. I stared out as Mikey joined the still brave, lying motionless on an unnamed beach. Gazing out at the field of death I realised we were all going to die. I was going to die. Don't worry Mikey. This war will keep us like we were in life. Together.

*A/N: Thanks for reading! I was nearly crying by the end of typing this out. I really wanted to caputre Gerard's emotions and thoughts and the horror of war. Tell me if I have done so!

Sockprincess xxx
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