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My Confused Love

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3 years later is a long time.

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3 years later.

Talisa sat at the kitchen counter where she sipped her coffee. She let her mind lollygag for a couple minutes to pass some time. Her eyes widened as the memory that just wouldn't go away surfaced into her head. Flashback of when her and Bob were sitting on the porchswing and just staring into the dark sky and seemingly perfect all at once; drunk of course. The night were they shared they're first kiss with eachother and from there it took a complete turn and that night changed everything. Tissa tenses at the mental pictures that replayed over and over, almost like a slideshow. But she had tried so hard to forget; things were different now.

She moved from Belleville into the heart of the busy Newark city. After a year she finally earned her spot as a project designer and she absolutely loved it. It involved mostly music like album covers and designs for band merchandise. Given the opportunity to work with bands she adored,it kept Tissa distracted. Once in awhile she would fill in as a choreographer if some bands wished. She had did part of Panic At The Disco's 'circus' theme. She had never had more fun. At this point in time, Talisa Sabrina Mohr was content with her life. It took her 3 years to let go and forget her past and learn to move forward and to forget...him. Ever since that morning Talisa cut off all ends to Bob. The rejection tore her up to little pieces and it just wasn't the same no matter how hard they both tried to reconcile it just didn't work.

She changed her music class to a volunteer program just to avoid him. Talisa told Tephira of what really happened between them and Tephira never quite looked at Tissa the same way. Part of her was speechless while the other reached out to her best friend. Sadly they both lost touch with eachother when Tephira joined the Peace Corp in South America after graduation, she was never more proud of her. Right when they both got out of high school they began to create a life for themselves, Tissa moved out her parents house 2 weeks after graduation where she moved into her own apartment.

She never really knew too much about the guys after graduation, only that they were in a band called My Chemical Romance where Gerard sang, Ray, Frank, Mikey played guitars, with Mikey on Bass and ofcourse Bob on drums. They were pretty popular and what she heard from they're music she could see why. Aside from that Tissa didn't pay too much notice. Though there was just one thing that kept Bob close to her heart and that was the hardest part. One more thing that was added to her list of regret was that she lost contact with Frank and Jamia who got married a year after graduation. Gerard has a comic out called 'The Umbrella Academy'. Ray was engaged to a girl named Christa and she never knew that it was the Christa that sat 5 seats behind her in Biology; she was suprised. But she couldn't help but miss Gerard the most. She missed his voice, his laugh and his obsession over starbucks, the little things that you would miss about your best friend that you haven't seen in 3 years. But it made her happy that her best friends were living they're dreams just like they used to picture it. She smiled as she remembered Frank and how he use to ramble on about when they were rich and famous that he would have so many fangirls wanting him and that he would one day buy out the Skittles industry. She was thankful that nobody knew the secret that her and Bob shared, except for Tephira which she promised to never say a word and to show her sincereity she made a small cut and rubbed her blood on they're favorite oaktree that carved the words 'Best friends for eternity' on it. I guess her and Bob coincided onkeeping that one secret locked away where it safely rested and vowed to never come out. Atleast they finally agreed on one thing.

Crazy how you never really know what you have until it's gone. Tissa finished the last of coffee and was in full thought when the sound of little feet pitt-pattering that broke her out of her trance.

"Guh morning mommy." the small girl gushed. Her long hair a mess and her blue eyes twinkled. Tissa smiled and grabbed the little girl playfully and put her on her lap.

"Good morning love,is the little princess hungry?" The girl smiled and nodded her head in fast motion.

"Kay,well why don't you sit down while I make you something all right?" the little girl kissed Tissa on the cheek and sat down on the kitchen table where her 'My Little Pony' layed down Tissa watched the little girl in awe. Everything about her was a constant reminder of him. His smile, his stubborness, his thoughtfulness and blue eyes that could make a man drop to his knees that was it.

That was the one thing,no matter what. It was physically impossible to forget. It was the fact that the little girl with honey brown hair and piercing blue eyes was Bob's.
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