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Fang Is Kidnapped

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Chapter 4
Fang Is Kidnapped

Last Time:
Fang: They left or betrayed me. My “mom” killed herself for having me, my dad tried to kill me, and my cousin framed me…………. Don’t you just love life?! (he gets mad and slams the cup on the table and the cup breaks)

The soda splashes on Mina’s and Fang’s face. The soda drips off the side of the table. Mina holds Fang’s hand and says….

Mina: No matter what happens I won’t betray you. I’ll be your 1st friend. (she smiles then hugs him)
Fang: (he almost hugged her back but stopped to think) I know she’ll run away. Like everyone else.

Now: This chapter’s date is Saturday Feb. 23, 2008 – Sunday Feb. 24, 2008

Mina and Fang are in their homeroom.

Hana: Hey Mina! I didn’t talk to you yesterday. :D I see you have a new friend. _ (she whispers in Mina’s ear) Is he gonna be with you all the time? -_-
Fang: I don’t like you either. -_- (he looks at Hana)
Hana: I didn’t say I didn’t like you! (she gets nervous)
Fang: It was intended.
Hana: Uhh, Mina I’ll talk to you later.
Mina: Ok. l_l (she turns to Fang) Why’d you scare her away. -_-
Fang: She hates me I’ll hate her. _
Mina: (sighs) Whatever.

Classes go on and Fang sleeps through all of them. At the end of the school day Hana runs up to Fang and Mina. Hana pushes Fang out the way.

Hana: Hi Mina. :D Why are you walking home with that thing? TT.TT
Fang: (thinks) Thing? -_-'
Mina: Because he’s my friend. o.o
Hana: What! When! XO

-The scene breaks to the police headquarters-

Seto: Ok Tomo, we need to collect information from the crime scene.
Tomo: Where was the crime scene Sir?
Seto: In the forest.
Tomo: But Sir, why would a young boy be in the forest that late at night?
Seto: He may not be a boy. No boy can run away from a car and helicopter going 95 mph.
Seto: He may not go to school but he’s really smart when it comes to the streets.
Seto: Tomo we’re going out tomorrow.
Tomo: Sir, I’m sorry but I don’t like men like that. (he salutes him)
Seto: I ment we’re going to solve this case! I don’t like you!
Tomo: Oh. l_l Sorry sir. (he puts his hand down)

-The scene goes back to school. –

Hana: You’re thing’s friend!! :o (she points at Fang)
Fang: (he pushed Hana out the way and puts his arm around Mina to make Hana more mad) I have a name. It’s Fang. _
Hana: Hmph. (her cheeks got puffy and red then turn to Mina) Mina, I’ll walk you home. (smiles)
Mina: Umm, Fang is already taking me home. o.o
Hana: ...Fine, I can tell when I’m not wanted. (she sobs then walks way)
Mina: This is not what I wanted. -_-‘
Fang: Who cares? Let’s go.
Girls: (they look at Fang and Mina walking together) Is Fang going out with Minako?

Fang and Mina go home and eat, talk, then go to sleep. Fang sleeps at the end of the bed. It became the morning of Sunday. No school but Mina’s mom is home.

Mina: Fang, we’re going out now.
Fang: Why?
Mina: Unless you want to stay in my room closet the whole day I think we should go out. Besides my mom is home and she’d come to my room to take laundry or something.

Fang: Ok, where are we going?
Mina: To the mall, so get ready. (she smiles)
Fang: (thinks) She always smiles. Like nothing’s ever wrong.

They get ready to go to the mall. Fang always jumps out the window and Mina goes through the front door. They walk to the mall. Pictures of Mina and Fang shopping are supposed to be going through your head. Mina picks out clothes for Fang.

Mina: Ooooh! Try this. (It was a red shirt that said wild)
Fang: No. _
Mina: Please. (does puppy face)
Fang: ………. Okay. -_-‘ (he goes to the changing room. Then he comes out) _
Mina: Awww! You look soo good! Let’s buy it! (she jumps up and down clapping her hands)
Fang:……………… Fine. -_-

Mina buys the clothes the goes outside with Fang. A car is driving quickly around the corner and curves.

Mina: I love shopping. :D Let’s go to the next stop.
Fang: Whatever but-

A car zooms by Mina and Fang seems to be gone. Mina’s hair blows trough as the car went by. Mina realizes Fang as been kidnapped. Mina runs after the car screaming. All the people on the streets look at her like she’s crazy.

Mina: Fang!! (she runs through a bunch of people) Nooo!! Stop them!! Fang!! (she runs out of breath then stops running. She puts her hands on her knees.) No…. Fang.

Seto and Tomo are in the front seats of the car that kidnapped Fang. Seto is driving but Fang is in the back seat hand cuffed.

Fang: Let me go! (He struggles with the cuffs in his seat. He looks real angry.
Seto: Sorry but we need to ask questions.
Fang: I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t do anything!
Seto: That’s what they all say! (he’s serious)
Fang: I swear if you don’t let me go I’ll… (his eyes get wider and his muscles get bigger)
Seto: You’ll what! Kill us! I wish you would! That would make this case alot easier.

They arrive at the police station. Seto and Tomo try to hold Fang down while they get him out the car. Fang fights back to get out their hands.

Tomo: Sir, he’s moving too much.
Seto: I can see that!

Fang elbows Tomo in the stomach and back flips Seto in the jaw. He runs off to the shopping center where he left Mina.

Fang: Mina! (he breaks the cuffs that were on his hands) Mina! (he starts to breathe deeply) Minaaaaaaaaa!!

-To be continued-
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