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When it Rains

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[Neji/Shikamaru] "The pain always comes back when it rains."

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Disclaimer: Naruto and all associated characters belong to Kishimoto-sensei and other people who aren't me. They make the money and they can keep it.
Warning: Implied sex.

Gift/challenge fic.

Neji was stretched across the open doorway, looking out on the slivery rain that was sheeting down onto the garden. Shikamaru was on the futon still, naked under the comforter that only covered him to the waist, but not moving to remedy the situation despite the cool breeze and the drying sweat on his skin.

And he couldn't help but think that Neji should be smoking.

It was illogical; of all the dirty habits he could imagine the Hyuuga picking up, smoking wasn't one of them. But it fit the scene and would have implied in least some acknowledgement of what just happened.

Shikamaru grunted and rolled onto his stomach, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. "Want me to leave?" he asked in a sardonic drawl.

"And deprive myself of your charming company?" Neji said dryly, lifting his knee up so the brown yukata slid open to show pale skin. "No, don't go," he added in a deceptively emotionless tone.

"If I'd known sleeping with you would make you this pleasant, I would have done it sooner," Shikamaru muttered irritably, sitting up and pulling the bedding around him protectively. He wished that Neji hadn't felt the need to open the screen; it would be just his luck if one of the Hyuuga clan decided to take a mid-afternoon walk in the rain.

"Consider it a testimony to your bedroom prowess." Neji tried to run his hand through his hair, wincing when his fingers got caught on the tangles. Shikamaru remembered clutching the dark mass with both hands; remembered Neji's face twisted up and arched back, lips pressed tightly together to hold in his cries.

He shivered, dragging the comforter closer around his bare body. "Close the screen, damnit, its cold. What are you brooding about anyway?"

Neji finally turned away from the garden. Knotted hair and shadow obscured half of his face, leaving only the glimmer of one moon-bright eye and the mocking curl at the corner of his mouth.

"The pain always come back when it's raining..." he smirked slightly "It must be fate."

"Fate," Shikamaru repeated disdainfully and Neji's smirked deepened. Internally, he sighed. Neji and his pain. Sometimes Shikamaru suspected that the other boy kept it like a treasured knife; religiously honed and sharpened so that it never lost its cutting edge. "Well, it's going to be my destiny to go home if you don't close the fucking door."

A scornful snort and Neji moved back into the room, shifting himself into a proper kneeling position before sliding the wood and paper screen closed. He rose fluidly and came back to the bed, hesitating with his bare toes brushing the edge of the futon.

Shikamaru leaned back so that he wasn't being hovered over. "Yes?"

The soft intake of breath and Neji fell gracefully to his knees. "You're being here...doesn't annoy me," he said with considerable feeling.

"Oh, good. I've accomplished my purpose."

Neji frowned, obviously frustrated---with himself or Shikamaru it was hard to say---but Shikamaru didn't let him continue; grabbing the front of his yukata and pulling him down for a still awkward kiss.

"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled against Neji's parted lips, "You don't annoy me either."

Outside, the rain continued to fall, but neither noticed.

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