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Yup Cloud makes it in... and Reno is struggling to keep his hands off Ada ;)

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Cloud came down and sat at the table as Ada sat one side and Tifa sat the other. He felt like he had been arrested! The two women explained the situation. Cloud listened to them but Tifa could see he wasn't entirely sure of the situation because he kept fiddling with his hair or a badge, the loose parts of his jeans or an imaginary fray on his jumper. The one thing Cloud didn’t like is that that whole sordid mess had got the President involved again. Rufus 'bloody' Shinra and his people always ended up involved in trouble. This was probably one of the few where he had to admit the spoilt brat hadn't caused in some way.

"I don't see how I am going to need to get involved Tifa." The blond’s soft voice finally broke a small silence.

"I don't think we can but," she looked at Cloud and took his hand, "I just want to help if we can. I never really noticed before how cut off Rufus and the Turks are from people. I mean Reno's a sociable person but they can't talk about their work to anyone and Rufus really looked lost when Dark Nation was hurt."

"Good that dog had its share of my flesh." Cloud spotted the glare from either side and groaned. "Fine so the child lost his puppy what can I do about it? He tried to kill me enough times... he ordered our executions. I don't want to get involved in it."

"I think you should." Ada said softly. "Whatever is going on, I can assure you we have had our fair share and if working together stops an outbreak with people surely it is a good thing."

"I am going to regret this I am sure." Cloud sighed and got up. He found his sword and wandered back their way.

"He compensating?" Ada looked at the Buster Sword. Cloud missed the comment as he began to check the weapon over.

"I assure you," Tifa gave her a knowing smile, "he isn't." Tifa stood up and smiled to him. "Take Ada over to meet with Rufus and her partner at the Headquarters okay?"

"What about you?" The blond ex-SOLDIER regarded her quizzically.

"I'm going to go over to sit with Dark Nation. If anything should happen and the animal is infected those people might need me." She hugged him and patted his shoulder before heading up to get ready to go when Cid arrived.

"Hope you don't mind bikes." Cloud looked at her and her attire.

"Oh don't worry I'll take a trip in anything from a bike to a helicopter."

"I wouldn't say that near Reno." Cloud muttered and headed to open the garage doors. So much for a day in bed.

The rest of the day at Shinra in the Presidents office was quiet, waiting for leads from Elena, Rude or information from the medical team. Cloud had taken a comfortable position on the couch against the back wall and had got into a chat about the benefits and withdrawals of the Mako in his system. Neither of the seasoned fighters said a word when Rufus ended up asleep over his desk. Cloud sighed audibly the man looked tired of life not just of being awake for a little too long. Cloud found himself watching the cream suited President's slow rise and fall of his chest as he slept. Tifa's words were soaking in slowly. Rufus was lonely but she was too. He rested his arms on the hilt of his sword and closed his eyes.

Ada had kept herself amused by looking into the Turks floor and sat on Reno's desk filing her nails. It was obvious the redhead's thoughts were not on his work despite the way he had been trying to pay way too much attention to the keyboard on his laptop or stare at the screen for a little too long. She spotted his eyes would roam slowly upwards and he'd end up darting them back down again moments later. She found that it was quite enjoyable to make his life a mini-hell.

"Do you need to be in my office?" Reno asked finally.

"No but I don't have many places to go and we are waiting for an intelligence update or several." She cocked her head and teased him by adjusting the strap on her bra. Reno's eyes watched the breast move. Damn it... at this rate he'd be doing the time honoured hand-job in the toilets. He needed to get laid. It had been easily two days since he last went on an outing.

"Yo well go annoy Tseng or something." He muttered.

"His office is closed." She shrugged, again he tried to hide the fact he was watching her chest.

She could see he was a man used to getting women on his terms but he'd already been made aware of her partner and no matter what Reno had a code. Never fuck another man's girl knowingly and never let trouble in your door without checking you had the only key in and out. Control your environment, pick your woman carefully. It had kept him alive this long. Ada chuckled to herself when the feisty and loud-mouthed Turk stood up and stretched with a dramatic yawn.

He headed to the toilet and Ada closed her eyes, a small fantasy of what he might be entertaining in there came to her mind. She almost considered bursting in but reality struck home and she put herself off with the idea that she'd catch him with a magazine and his pants down enjoying a sabbatical removal of his lower guts. Her fantasy destroyed by her own mind Ada looked over his computer screen and smirked.

Reno had a list of various tasks all labelled beneath something now coded as Project T.V, which seemed a little too obvious to her, but as she went to touch it she heard an overly exerted cough. Ada looked around to see the redhead stood in the doorway, camera pointed where he'd already got a fantastic shot of her arse and then another of her cleavage as she turned around.

"Miss me chica?"

"Not now." Ada jested and looked up. "What do you do exactly as 'General Affairs' or Turks? Whatever you are?"

"We do the shit that no one else would." He settled down on the chair again and smirked. "But we're very well paid for it."
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