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Are you kidding me?

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suprises suprises.

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author's note:please continue with the rates and reviews hehe.Here is chapter 3 finally :]
I would also like to take a moment to say Welcome to the world!! on March 26th Erin Dawn Bixel
was born 4 pounds,12 oz.Although she was born 2 months premature,I am happy that she is alive and well.I miss you Becky!!!

Anyways,Enjoy. :D

Chapter 3.

Once Asia finished eating I began to get ready for work. I walked into my closet and picked out a white dress that was knee high and black leggings.The white dress had Black lacing through it and I grabbed my black sweater to go over it. I smiled to myself as Spring was officially arriving. Winters in Newark are incredibly freezing and no matter what Jacket I wear I'm still an icicle. Now that it's warmer I can actually wear dresses. I put my outfit on and walked to the bathroom where I stared at the mirror for a minute.Nothing had changed too much about my appearance. I was still short. My once shoulder length hair had grown several inches and I had it layered with blonde flyaways. I pulled the front part of my hair up and applied my makeup. When I finished with my eyeliner, I walked back to my bedroom and grabbed my necklace and my black ballet flats. I called for Asia so that I could get her dressed. I met her in her room where I picked out a white and hot pink polkadot shirt with matching pants and her favorite sneakers. I pulled hair into a ponytail and let some bangs hang down. When she was ready I grabbed my purse and keys and we were out the door.

I dropped Asia at the small daycare center they have in Newark, it was pretty nice for a daycare and Asia had plenty of friends including her best friend Tianna. " Bye love,I'll see
later kay? be good." I said giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Bye mommy I wuv you." she mumbled. "I love you too." I smiled as she ran to the coloring center where Tianna and her both shared a hug and they began coloring. I waved to the Katie who was the daycarewatcher for the day.

SceneStyle Inc.,was a good 10 minute drive from my apartment.It was a pretty big building. I ran my ID through the scan and waited for the light to flash green. I opened the door and greeted Laila who was the receptionist. Normally Laila isn't to friendly but she always was with me. I walked into my small office where I had a papers stacked neatly on my desk. It was sketch ideas for Paramore's new merchandise. It was halfway finished all they needed was new shirts to sell on Warped Tour this year. I sat down and began to sketch out the rest of the sketch I had done yesterday. It was a white Tee, Paramore was written in neon Pink and it had neon blue and green splatters on it. A black and rose pink lightning strike went through it and it had small orange hearts on it. That was the girl tee's. The guy tee's was a blue shirt with Paramore written in green and Riot! was written 3 times in orange with black splatters also. All in all it looked amazing. I was finally done and it only took 3 hours. I looked at the small digital clock where it blared 10:12. I looked at the pictures that were framed at my desk. One was a picture of Asia when she was 4 months old and one where it was professionally done that was taken on Halloween. She was dressed as a ladybug and she was smiling a toothless smile and her small baby hands grabbed a pumpkin. I smiled as it seems like yesterday that she was barely learning to crawl. I put my sketches into a manila folder and walked them over to Charlie's office. Charlie was pretty much the best boss you could ever have as long as you don't get him mad. Then it's a different story. I knocked two times until it was confirmed to come in. I opened the door and Charlie was on the phone but hung up when I came fully in. "Ah! hey Talisa,good to see you, have you finished Paramore's shirts yet?" I nodded and handed him my folder. "Yes sir just now." he also nodded and began to flip through the white papers. I
waited for his approval but I wasn't sure until he finally closed the folder. "Very nice Talisa, very nice." I breathed in relief. "Thank you sir." I smiled.

"Great! well let me get these to Charlotte who will give them to Paramore's Rep and we'll go from there." He smiled. I nodded. "Okay I think you're good for now, I may need you to for another project." "Ofcourse sir,just say the word." I laughed. "Thank you Talisa." He said getting up from his chair. I gave a nod and went back to my office where I overlooked
minor projects and doing final touches for small upcoming bands. There's one in paticular named 'CrazedLove'. I met the lead singer named Trae and he was absolutely sweet. I got
to listen to a demo and all they're songs are my favorite. I'm proud to do they're merchandise. Being a project designer is awesome yet stressful. I sometimes have to do several merchandise at once and it becomes a handful but I still love it.

I had knocked out most projects and by the time I noticed it was already lunch. I walked down to the cafeteria and grabbed a chicken salad and a mountain dew. I sat down and grabbed my cellphone out and called the daycare to check on Asia. I talked to Katie and Asia was playing storytime with Tianna and her other friend Rose. I thanked her and hung up the phone. I was halfway finished when a girl came up to me and smiled. She looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Hi,I'm sorry to bother you but are you any chance "Talisa Mohr?" the girl asked. Her brown hair was curled and she wore white rimmed glasses. She had a Black pantsuit on with a beautiful black heart necklace on.

"Uh yes I am,you look familiar do I know you?" I asked softly. She looked so familiar! "We went to school together." she smiled. I studied her carefully when it hit me.
"Sadie! Sadie Hawthorne?" I asked hoping it was her,I would like an complete idiot if it wasn't. "Yeah it's me." she laughed. I gasped. "Hi how are you? I haven't seen you since we graduated." She looked good. "Thank you so do you, I didn't know you worked here" she smiled. "Yeah for two years now,when did you start?" "it'll be 3 years in two days." She giggled. "Wow! are you a merhcandise rep?" I asked. I wonder what she did, I haven't seen her here ever.

"Oh no,I'm a tour manager." My eyes widened."Really? that's awesome." "yeah it's pretty cool,but it'll only be for a few more months,I'll be leaving on maternity leave." I stared confused and looked at her stomach and indeed there was a bump. I smiled. "Aww congradualations." "Thank you.I'm so sorry but I have to go, I just wanted to say hi,maybe we could do lunch sometime? to catch up?" "Ofcourse! Anytime." "great! here." she said grabbing a piece of paper out and writing numbers down. "here,call me sometime." I grabbed the paper from her hands and smiled."yeah totally. Good seeing you Sadie." "Likewise" she giggled and walked away.

I finished the last of my salad and threw it in the trash and walked back to my office,where I saw yellow post-its stuck on my desk. One read 'conference meeting' thursday. Another
read 'don't forget to have your design layout on Friday,we need to be prepared when Maia Revanoli comes. I groaned. Maia Revanoli was a upscale high class lady who was uber picky about the smallest things. She was coming on Friday to discuss the marketing compaign for SceneStyle. I took off the post-its and tossed them in the trashcan.

Just then Charlie walked in."Talisa! I need your help with this real quick. Me and Shana can't decide wether or not to use this style or that one for Paige's album cover. Paige Stewart was another upcoming singer ; she was okay. I looked at the two covers and they both sucked but if I had to choose one it would be the beige one. "Umm the beige?" Charlie looked at me then the paper and nodded. "I like it! Thanks Talisa you're the sweetest." he said walking back out. I continued on with my the small projects and before I knew it it was 30 minutes before I could go home.

I was wrapping up the last of it when Charlie came back in and was smiling like a little kid. "Charlie may I ask what hit your funny bone?" I laughed. "Hmm? oh i'm sorry guess who
were in charge of doing they're new album and merchandise?" he gushed. "umm Madonna?" I said sarcastically. He laughed. "I wish! but still good." "okay who?" I asked.

"My Chemical Romance!" He laughed. I choked. "Who?!" I asked. Maybe I misheard him. "MCR is coming on thursday to discuss they're new album! can you believe it?" My heart pumped super fast and I swear i'm gonna faint. "yeah that's awesome." I mumbled.He smiled and went back to his office where I sat back down in my seat and put my head in my hands.This was not happening. This was not happening!! They're coming? here? omg.omg.omg.No that's not possible oh god no!
That means that...........He's coming. I breathed a deep breath as the picture of Asia stared me in the eye.
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