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Ando and Shuichi

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Can a friendship be ruined by one little trip?

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Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Violet eyes and amber brown eyes both shut with sleep trying to beat the jet lag. Shuichi had his chin on Ando’s shoulder as the boys slept.

“Attention passengers,” the pilot announced to the passengers on the plane. “The seat belt sign is now off. You are now free to move around the cabin. Drinks and snacks will be served in a few minutes. The in-flight movie will be on shortly. You may now use any electronics.” He then processed on with the stats of the flight. Shuichi and Ando both woke up at that moment. The vocalist looked over at his pal.

“Sorry Ando,” he said as he sat up straight. Ando just nodded at him.

“It’s okay,” he replied. Shuichi looked down at his lap. Ando looked with him. The Buddhist had a huge budge in pants with his hentai magazine covering it. Ando looked up quickly with a red face.

“That’s not from you!” he said quickly. “It’s the vibrations!” Shuichi smirked at him.

“Sure it is!” he replied acting like he didn’t believe him. Ando flipped him off.

“F**k off, homo!” he said with a half-joking tone. Shuichi smirked at him again. He just loved messing with Ando’s head like that. Next to Hiro and Lexie, he was his close friend. It basically went like this: Hiro came first hands down. Then, it was a tie of Lexie and Ando one notch behind the guitarist. Simple as that.

“Are you going to be this horny on the entire trip?” the vocalist asked his friend. Ando smiled at him boldly.

“It’s going to be great, man! Just wait until we get there!” he replied. “Bisexual Cambodian virgins and all the drinks without the guilt! Man, those country Cambodian babes will do anything for a DVD player and some jeans.” Shuichi just smiled and shook his head. Ando was just a straight up pervert. Buddhist, but still a pervert never the less. In fact, he was more of a sinful Buddhist. Shuichi could sum his friend’s hobbies in six words: girls, drugs, booze, porno, and partying. However, Ando did try to stay on the right path. The boys and their class were going to Cambodia for a field trip in Geography class. The trip was planned to last for eight days. Arisu couldn’t come because she was in the hospital for her suicide attempt five days ago.

“Alright everyone!” Amuro-san spoke up to the students. “Listen up!” All eyes were upon the lost and confused teacher.

“Now remember,” she went on. “This is not a vacation. Right? You are to do an observation journal about Cambodia. This is your chance to nail your final grade in class.”

“/Whoopee!/” Casper mumbled sarcastically under her breath next to Fujisaki.

“/We will be working hard on this trip,/” Amuro-san went on. “/We will not muck around. There will be work to be done! I want your journals by the time we come back to Tokyo. This is total education.”

“Are we going to screw it up on this trip?” Shuichi asked aloud trying to be funny. The other students laughed. Amuro-san kept her composure.

“We are not going to ‘screw-up’,” she replied. “We’re going to understand the history of the people and see how they live today. We will understand their culture fully. We will come to terms about the hardships that they had to endure. We will see the real Cambodia. This is adventure, yeah? This is living, breathing history! You all represent the school. So, I expect you to be on your best behavior. I don’t want us to have to get departed because of the actions of one or two people. Are we clear?” The students all mumbled and groaned at that one. Fujisaki rolled his eyes at her words. The woman was telling them things that they already knew. They had no intention of behaving. Let’s just be real here. There is always that small group of students that acts up on school trips. It was just universal. This trip was no exception. Amuro-san clapped her hands together while she smiled.

“Great,” she said. “I hope we all have a great trip then. Who’s with me?” Everyone was quiet on that one. One of the older passengers on the plane raised his hand. Amuro-can looked back at him. A couple of students laughed at that reaction. Amuro-san was a little embarrassed.

“Thank you san,” she said. “I was addressing my students, not you.” She sank down in her seat next to Ken-san. She turned to her colleague.

“How was that?” she asked excited. The English sensei shrugged at her.

“Good, I guess,” he replied. Amuro-san became overjoyed. You see, she too had a crush on the English teacher. She lured him on this field trip as a chaperone so that she could hit on him. Too bad Emma beat her to him already.

“Great!” she called happily. Ken-san rolled his eyes and looked out the window. Amuro-san smiled up to her ears.

“This trip is going to blow their minds!” she went on. Ken-san smiled t her in agreement.

“And yours!” she said to him.

“Great,” the English teacher replied. Emma leaned across the aisle to Ando.

“#So Ando,#” she whispered. “#Where did you hide the drugs then?#”

“+What? I don’t have them. I thought you did,” the Japanese boy whispered.

“#No,#” she replied. “#I thought that you were going to put them in your priest robes.#” Ando rolled his eyes annoyed.

“+I don’t have priest robes, Emma!+” he hissed. “+I’m not even a monk!+”

“#I thought you were going to get some especially!#” she argued back. Ando sighed annoyed. Simon leaned over the seats to the trio.

“Don’t worry guys,” he said. “I have a backup plan.” The trio turned right to their friend. He motioned over behind him. The three of them looked over at Sid. He looked as if he was going to be sick. The crew put the whole plot together in their minds. Looks of disgust came onto their faces.

“Ewww!” Shuichi said aloud. “Tell me that you didn’t… Aw, not up his ass!” Simon and Emma laughed at his pain. Sid sat on in pain. Why did he let Simon talk him into this one?

Subject: Ando and Shuichi

Phnom Penh, Friday 10:00 AM

All of the students walked off the plane complaining. Sid walked on uncomfortable. He hoped he that he would crap himself too early. The airport was smoldering hot today for spring. The class was waiting for their luggage. The kids were all sweating like pigs. They thought that they would pass out from the heat. The students were all dragging their feet. Shuichi was leaning on Hiro as if he would faint on him. Hiro looked over at his friend.

“Come on Shuichi,” he said. “It’s too hot for that.” Shuichi looked up at his best pal as he was too tired to move.

“But Hiro,” he wailed. “I’m too tired to move!” Hiro sighed aloud.

“Leaning on me doesn’t help either,” he replied. Sweat drop on Hiro’s head Guards were all around the airport. This was due to the drug smuggling in the country. Sid became really nervous. He hoped he could get though security just fine. Emma walked through the metal detector just fine. The guards body checked her all over. Sid watched in fear. This was not good at all. These guys meant business. Once Emma went through clean, it was Sid’s turn. He walked through the metal detector. Then, the English boy walked over to the guards. They began their body check right away. Sid took in deep breaths to make himself relax. He came up clean so far. Even the dog sniffing him came up with nothing. Sid breathed out in relief.

“/Thank you!/” he called out. Then, he walked over to Emma. Ando walked through the metal detector next. Sadly, he set off the metal detector. Everyone looked up right away. Ando looked around confused. The guards raced over to him and grabbed him up. They took him over to the back room. The poor soul looked around confused the whole time.

“What’s going on?!?” he asked aloud. Everyone watched him nervously. The guards were yelling in Cambodian at Ando. Their words only confused Ando even more.

“They think you’re a f***g terrorist!!!” one of the students yelled out. Ando was dragged further down the hall.

“What are they going to do?!?” he yelled back. Then, the door to the back room slammed shut. Ken-san turned to Amuro-san.

“Aren’t you going to do something?” he asked her.

“Right!” she called. “Okay, leave it to me!”

“Setsuko, maybe I should…” Ken-san began to say. Amuro-san held up her hand.

“No,” she replied. “If anyone’s going to be anally searched, it should be me!” Ken-san looked at her nervously.

“Okay, trip leader coming through!” the female sensei called. Ken-san watched on nervously. Then, Amuro-san pushed her way through the metal detector to the back room. She knocked on the door. It opened wide for her. One of the guards stopped her in her tracks. He was putting on some rubber gloves. He said something to her in Cambodian and shut the door. Amuro-san tried to force it open again.

“No, no, no!” she called quickly. “Let’s talk about this!” The guard came back out to her. Amuro-san took in a deep breath.

“That boy is my responsibility,” she explained. “And I can give you my personal grantee…” The guard then held out his hand for money. The sensei’s face dropped right away.

“Oh,” she said. “You want money?” The guard kept quiet and stared at her coldly. Amuro-san took in another deep breath.

“Fine,” she sighed. “I see it! I see how it is!” Then, the sensei drew out her wallet, pulled out some riel[1], and paid the guard. He counted up the money. Amuro-san waited nervously. The guard looked back up at her again. The sensei waited nervously again. He held out his hand for more money as he put that sum into his pocket.. Amuro-san sighed and took out her wallet again. She paid the guard more money. He counted that up and held out his hand for more as he pocketed that sum. Amuro-can held up her hands in the defensive.

“No!” she called. “I’ve given you everything that I have!” The guard turned back to the other guards inside. He went back inside.

“No!” Ando cried out. “There’s nothing f***g up there!!!”

“No, no! Okay!” Amuro-san cried out. “Okay, okay.” Amuro-san began digging in her pockets for more money. The guard came back out to her. She pulled out a bra from her backpack. The students and Ken-san watched on in shook.

Shuichi looked on in disgust. “She’s stereotyping!” he whispered. The vocalist leaned over to Ken-san.

“Are you going to do something?” he whispered to the English sensei. “You going to let him get away with it?” Ken-san didn’t answer at all. In a few minutes, Ando was returned back to the class. He came back out frustrated.

“Now what?” he asked in anger. The class looked right at him.

“Just walk on,” Ken-san told him.

“I’m trying,” Ando replied. “It’s just that they look so disappointed that I’m not a terrorist.”

“Well you are a boring Buddhist, Ando,” Simon pointed out. The Japanese boy glared at his British friend coldly. Simon shrugged at him.

“Very dull indeed,” he added on.

Outside, everyone waited for the bus. Jake (who is another one of Lexie’s personalities) came over to Shuichi and Ando. The boys looked over at him. Jake looked like a slender bloke. He always dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. He looked pretty cute with his short brown tussled hair and sweet brown eyes. Like Lexie, Jake was a shy and generous boy. He didn’t talk much either. Shuichi looked at him closely.

“+What is it, Jake?+” he asked in his best English. The boy shuffled his feet a bit nervously. He swallowed hard.

“+It’s just…+” Jake spoke up. He looked away. “+Never mind,+” Shuichi smiled at him kindly. He patted his pal on the shoulder.

“+Don’t worry,+” he replied. “+Hiro, Ando, and I will take good care of you during this trip.+” Jake looked at him with a little joy.

“+You really mean it?+” he asked.

“+Yeah,+” Shuichi replied. “+Isn’t that right, Ando?+”

“+Yeah,+” his friend said. Jake was overjoyed now.

“+Oh thank you, guys!+” he called out. Then, he hugged the pink-haired vocalist in joy. Shuichi shook his head with a little smile. Of course, no field trip was complete without “Lexie duty” as they all called it. Her DID was unpredictable and had to be monitored at all times. The group talked about this before they all left home and assigned Shuichi, Ando, and Hiro to take care of Lexie and keep her out of trouble. And trust me, that was no walk in the park!

Meanwhile, Amuro-san was looking around for the bus. She tried to flag down one of the guards for help.

“Excuse me!” she called. They just kept walking by. It seemed hopeless at for a moment. But then, her luck turned around.

“Excuse me!” she called to another guard. He stopped and walked over to her.

“Hello, uh hi,” she began. “We’re looking for our bus. Uh… we had an arrangement for our bus to the Golden Duck Hostel.” Her hands motions weren’t helping either. The man mumbled something in Cambodian.

“Uh…” the sensei began again. “We ordered a bus!” Silence passed again. Then, the man began to get what Amuro-san was saying.

“Ah!” he called in Cambodian. Then, he turned to the men. He called something to his boys. Sadly, they were still working on the broken down bus. One of the workers turned to the boss. He shouted something back to him. The guard nodded. He turned back to the sensei. He made the motion for no bus. Then, he walked off. Amuro-san’s face dropped. Now what? This trip was not going as she expected so far. Okay, time for plan B.

Ha, some plan B! Amuro-san had convinced a cargo truck to carry them to the hostel. Not what everyone to do. But, what choice did they have at the moment? This was just poor planning on Amuro-san’s part. Now, they were stuck with the consequences. That’s just how it was. But it would get better, right? Amuro-san turned to Ken-san smiling.

“Bet you thought you would never be doing this last week, huh?” she asked. Ken-san looked at her unhappily.

“No,” he replied. The man looked away in misery again. The truck kept going down the road. It finally pulled into the hostel and stopped. Everyone began climbing off.

“/This place better be good!/” Casper complained. “/My hair is destroyed. I need a shower…/” But then, she looked up. The place looked like a run-down nunnery.

“/And a decent hair dyer…/” she finished upset.

“Oh great, Amuro-san!” Fujisaki called. “We’re staying in a f***g prison!”

“Right, don’t judge a book by its cover!” Amuro-san replied. “That’s what this trip is all about, understanding our people’s culture.” She looked around for a moment. The sensei finally spotted the keeper of the hostel. She was a hefty woman to behold. She could put any sumo wrestler in fear of her just by the sight of her. She even looked like a sumo herself. Her black hair in a high knot added to her look. Amuro-san flagged her down.

“Excuse me, miss!” she called. The woman looked up at her almost immediately. She walked straight over to them. The owner and one of her worker’s unlocked the cargo truck for the class.

“Uh, Good morning!” Amuro-san greeted her Cambodian. Then, she hopped off of the truck down to the hostel owner. She stood up straight right away.

“Yeah,” the sensei went on. “I’m Amuro Setsuko. And you are…”

“Botum Sin!” the woman replied in Japanese. “Translator!” Amuro-san looked on happily. Botum held up the keys to the hostel.

“Come!” she called. “I lock you in!” Fujisaki and Casper looked at Ken-san in worry at those words. That didn’t sound good at all. Inside was quite nice though. For a cheap hostel that is. The class and Ken-san looked around uneasily. Jake stayed by Ando and Shuichi at all times. They all gathered around Amuro-san. She clapped her hands together firmly.

“Alright everyone,” she said. “It’s two to a room. So everyone pair up!” The students’ eyes lit up brightly at that one. Finally, something good out of this trip!

“Hell yeah!” Jack called out as he put his arms around two random girls in the class. “That’s what I’m talking about! Tonight’s going to be hot!”

“No, no!” Amuro-san said quickly. “You all will be rooming with the same sex. So rearrange yourselves, sorry.”

“Awww!” the whole class called out. And just like that, the trip began to suck again. Casper and Simon looked on disappointed in each other’s arms. Everyone moved to someone of the same gender as them. Jack let go of his girls.

“Spoil-sport!” he said to the geography sensei. Amuro-san gave him a little shrug.

“Come on!” Botum called to the students. Then, she led them away to their rooms. Jack glared at Amuro-san the whole time. The sensei turned to Ken-san.

“And we are going to be roomies, I’m afraid,” she said in a flirty way to him. Ken-san looked at her in shock.

“What?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Setsuko replied. “Budget. Couldn’t stretch it to single rooms. So, we’ll make ourselves at home? Yeah? Yeah?” Then, the sensei nodded and began following the students. Ken-san looked on in deep worry. That’s what he was afraid of. He shut his eyes and followed along. The rooming went like this:

Simon and Sid

Casper and Emma

Fujisaki and Nick

Cassie and Nicole

Lucas and Jack

Hiro and “Jake”

Ando and Shuichi

Amuro-san and Ken-san

Sid walked down the hall to his room. He was still in deep pain from the “cargo.” He opened the door wide. Simon sat up quickly.

“/I tried and tried pushing,/” Sid announced. “/But nothing is coming./” His pal became annoyed fast.

“/What the f**k are we going to do here without any drugs?!?/” he asked in stress. “/I mean look at it!/”

“/Don’t blame me if I have guts of steel!/” Sid replied. He walked over to his bed. “/Don’t know why you came away,” the boy mumbled. “/You’re not even in this class!/” Sid sat down uneasily in pain. Simon gave him a little shrug.

“/Thought it would be uplifting,/” he replied. Sid just looked at him like he was crazy. He could never understand his mate at all.

Meanwhile, Shuichi and Ando were unpacking in their rooms. Shuichi was on the phone with his boyfriend, Yuki. He had promised the writer that he would call when they landed in Cambodia safely. His love just rolled his eyes at that one.

“Whatever,” Yuki mumbled to him as he was writing on his laptop as Shuichi was packing. So now, Shuichi was making good on his promise. Four hours now, the vocalist had been itching to pick up the phone and call. But yet, time zones can throw anyone off. they lost two hours coming here. Yuki would just be getting out of bed right now. Shuichi discussed this problem to Hiro many times at the Japanese airport.

“Just wait until we get our rooms in the hostel,” Hiro replied. “That should give him some time to get out of bed at least.” Shuichi tried his best to follow that piece of advice. But, waiting can be so evil! Shuichi tried his best to think about something else until they got into their rooms. But, Yuki kept coming back into his mind. The vocalist thought that he was going to snap. But now, here they were in the hostel and now Shuichi could make his call. Then, there was a problem with cell phone reception. The Golden Duck had next to no reception. Shuichi had to stand up straight in his corner to talk. But, he didn’t care by this point. He was just happy to be calling Yuki now.

“Hey Yuki,” he said. “It’s me. We all made it to Cambodia just fine. We’re in this hostel called the Golden Duck. Very crappy place, but it could be worse. I’m rooming with Ando. You remember, the pervert. Yes, him. Anyway, I’ll let you get back to work now. Love you, bye-bye.” Shuichi hung up his phone. He looked over and noticed that Ando was having trouble getting his suitcase open. The zipper wouldn’t open up at all. Shuichi decided to help out.

“Here,” he said. “Let me see it.” Then, the vocalist walked over to his friend. Ando handed him the suitcase. Shuichi took the zipper and in one tug, got it free from the shirt it was stuck on. Ando looked on impressed.

“Thanks yo!” he called to his vocalist pal.

“Magic fingers!” Shuichi replied as he waved his fingers around in the air. Then, the vocalist looked into the luggage. Everything looked neat and tidy. Ando’s clothes were in separate bags with the days of the week labeled on them. Sweat drop on Shuichi’s head

“What the f**k?” he asked in almost silence. Ando sighed and rolled his eyes.

“What?” he asked as he looked up at his friend. Shuichi pulled out at bag of house socks in confused shock.

“Rainy day comfy socks?” the vocalist asked aloud. Ando rolled his eyes annoyed again.

“You try living with a widowed sixty-three year old woman!” he called defensive. “She packed my bags!” Something else caught Shuichi’s eye as his friend was saying that last statement. The vocalist drew out a fresh roll of condoms. Sweat drop on Shuichi’s head

“And I suppose she packed you these as well?” he asked. Ando flipped him off again.

“No,” the Buddhist replied. “But she did pack me this!” Shuichi put the roll back into the suitcase.

“Shuichi,” Ando spoke again. “When was this taken?”

“Hm?” the vocalist asked as he looked up. Ando showed him the photo in the photo album that Shuichi brought along with him to combat homesickness. The vocalist looked on with him. The picture in question was of Shuichi, Ando, Hiro, and Lexie on the beach. They were in swimsuits near the water. Lexie was sitting on the sand while the boys stood behind her. Smiles were all around. Shuichi smiled as he remembered the picture again.

“Oh,” he replied. “That was our little trip to the beach last year. Remember?” Ando was about to say no at first. But then, his memory clicked.

“Oh yeah!” he called. Ando chuckled a bit. “We had a hard time convincing Lucas to let Lexie come with us that day. But you wore him down.” Shuichi nodded with a smile.

“You can have it if you want,” he replied. Ando looked up at him surprised.

“What? Really?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Shuichi replied. “I already have a copy of this on my computer at home. So I can just print it out and replace it. I want you to have it.” Ando nodded at him with a smile.

“Okay,” he said. “Thanks.” Then, the door opened wide. Shuichi looked up and saw Emma in the doorway.

“#Dinner!#” she called as she was motioning them to follow her. Then, the Aussie headed down the hall. Shuichi got up off of the floor and followed behind. Ando stayed on the bed looking at the vocalist’s photo album. He slowly removed the beach photo and found another shook awaiting him. Shuichi had taken a picture of Yuki’s manhood and placed it in the album. Ando looked on with a red face. The writer was pretty much… over well-hung! Ando looked up at the door and lied back some. The Buddhist looked down his jeans. He couldn’t even begin to compete with Yuki! No wonder the writer had wooed so many women and Shuichi. Ando looked at the photo again and then at his own. Yuki was really pretty much well-hung!

Then, the boy heard a loud cracking noise outside. Ando looked out the window right away. He went over to investigate. A woman was hacking at sugar cane outside. She was a total fox. Her body was curved in a healthy way. Her thighs begged for someone to grab onto them. Boobs looked like they would spill out at any moment. Her long black hair was loose at the moment. She had the rosiest face that Ando had ever seen. She only had on short white shorts and a white halter top that showed her midriff. The sweat on her body heightened her charm. Ando smiled at her in delight. Maybe this trip won’t suck after all. Finally, a hot chick in Cambodia. He was breathing like crazy now. The girl kept hacking at her sugar cane. Suddenly, Ando was caught into a heavy dilemma.

“Jack or tell group?” he asked himself. “Jack or tell group?” The boy stared on. Such a hard decision… The girl was just so fit! Ando’s heart raced even more.

“Jack or tell group?” he asked himself again. The girl hacked at the sugar cane again.

“Jack…” Ando mumbled to himself once more. “Or tell group…” His heart raced even more. Her brown leather sweater, clothes, and body were all teasing him.

“Jack…” the Japanese boy said. “Or tell group…” The girl stood up straight to wipe the sweat off of her forehead. Her heavy set made up his mind for him.

“Aw! I’ll tell the group!” he replied. Then, he hurried down to the dining hall. The girl kept hacking away at the sugar cane in her yard.

The food wasn’t that great in the dining either. The lady was serving rice stick noodles and kroeung. She handed Sid his plate. He took it was a little disgust on his face. Amuro-san said that they had to eat the cuisine in Cambodia. They had to eat it no matter how odd it looked. The students just hoped it would taste good. Sid looked at the cook blankly. It was as if he was expecting more food. The cook stared back at him with a stoic face. Sid just took his tray and walked over to the table. But then, the cook hammered her spatula against her back pot. The English boy passed and turned around. He looked at her confused. The cook looked at him with her stoic face. Sid walked closer to the woman. He set the tray down on before her. She then served him more crayfish. Sid looked on in disgust. He hated fish so much. He couldn’t understand why his Japanese friends loved it so much. But what could he say? Sid had to eat the food with a smile in his face all for his grades. So, the boy looked on and took his plate. He took his plate and sat down with his friends.

“Guys!!!” Ando screamed out as he ran over to his friends. “Guys!!! Guys!!!” He made it over to his pals.

“I’ve seen boobs!” the Buddhist yelled out. Everyone looked up shocked. “A girl with boobs!” Ando cried out. Everyone got exactly really quickly. Everyone hurried up to leave and see this hot chick. Casper looked around confused.

“That’s pathetic Ando,” Fujisaki told him unimpressed.

“I’m serious!” Ando cried. “You’ll want to see this! She’s got a big chopper as well!”

“/Oh wow!/” Nicole yelled out. Everyone kept running to see this woman. Casper smiled at that one.

“/I’d like to see that!/” she called. Then, the hippie got up and followed the crowd. Fujisaki rolled his eyes and followed after her.

“Guys!” Amuro-san called out. “Slow down! Slow down! What about your dinner?” The students didn’t listen at all. Ken-san just smiled to himself politely. He turned his attention over to Emma. She sat there still eating her dinner.

“Don’t you want to see the girl with boobs?” he asked. Emma smiled at him and shrugged.

“Nah,” she said shaking her head. “I prefer Japanese men!” Ken-san looked down at his food flattered.

Ando ran back to his room over to the window. But when he looked out, the woman was gone. Disappointment met his face right away. “Where did she go?” he thought. Everyone came over to the window. They too saw nothing.

“She was there a second ago!” Ando cried. “She was there!” Casper and Fujisaki looked up at him like he was crazy. They rolled their eyes and walked off.

“But she’ll come back!” Ando cried. “She was just there, I promise!”

“Yeah!” Simon said not believing him. “Tell us when Kimi Koda shows up!” Then, he left as well. Ando sighed in disappointment.

“Aw, screw up,” he mumbled under his breath. Everyone else started leaving as well.

“She was there!” Ando swore to Shuichi again. “She had boobs!”

“Yeah, whatever,” the vocalist replied unconvinced. He sat down on the phone and looked at his cell phone. He had one missed call from Yuki. Shuichi became overjoyed instantly.

“Yuki called me back!!!” he cried happily. “Yuki called me back!!! Yuki called me back!!!” The vocalist began planning in his mind in bliss about some hot long-distance midnight phone sex to engage Yuki in while his friend was asleep. He had a huge grin up to his ears. His Buddhist friend stared at him nervously.

“Shuichi,” Ando spoke up. “Why are you grinning like that?” The vocalist turned to him in pride.

“Oh,” he replied. “Just planning for some phone sex with Yuki later tonight. I’ll share all the details in the morning.” Ando sat there looking uncomfortable. He had wanted to say this out loud to his friend since they boarded the plane here. Now was the good time to spit it out.

“Shuichi,” Ando spoke up.

“Hm?” his pal asked still floating on cloud nine. Ando shuffled his feet a bit.

“I would like it if you didn’t tell me about… you know… your hot call,” he forced out at last. Shuichi looked at him puzzled.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Ando swallowed at bit.

“Well, we are sharing a room together,” he went on. “I don’t want to pretend to be asleep while you are talking about blowing on your writer boyfriend.”

“Oh yeah?” Shuichi asked. “Well maybe you can tempt your big-boobed country girl to come along and we can all have a party!”

“Seriously Shuichi,” Ando cut in as he held up his hand. “I don’t want to be stuck around his hearing you talk about screwing Yuki.” Shuichi looked at him offended. This was all news to him. Ando had never complained about his relationship with his boyfriend before in his life. It made him ask another question.

“Would it be alright if I talked to a girl on the phone tonight?” Shuichi challenged. Ando looked at him in silence. That just confirmed everything. That just made the vocalist start to get angry.

“I could, couldn’t I?” he asked. “Your shit, Ando!” The Buddhist boy shook his head quickly.

“No, no!” he said quickly. “It’s not that!”

“Then what is it?” Shuichi asked as his anger shot up more. Ando breathed out uneasy to answer that question. Well, here goes…

“It’s just...” Ando began again. “Have you ever tried to be with a girl?” That just added insult to injury. Shuichi was really angry now.

“What the f**k is wrong with you?!?” he asked aloud. Ando was really worried now. This was now crashing and burning really fast. He had to fix this right away. But sadly, nothing he could say could fix anything would Shuichi got upset. He was pretty much a drama queen. (Yes, I said that right. Shuichi was a big girl in a boy’s body. Everyone knew that too well!)

“It’s just…” Ando began again. “Well have you?”

“Have you ever tried being with a man?!?” Shuichi snapped back.

“NO!!!” Ando cried out. “Don’t be sick!” That was just a slap in the face for Shuichi. He felt as if his heart just ripped out his chest and stepped all over it. The vocalist chuckled in pain.

“Sick?” he asked aloud. “Are you calling me sick because I’m dating Yuki?!?”

“No!!! No!!!” Ando said quickly. One would be wise enough to keep their mouth shut. But sadly, the boy just kept on. He was only making it worse for himself. “I don’t know what I think!” Ando went on. “I’m just a traditional Buddhist.” Shuichi looked at him crushed now. His friend had adopted the conservative American views on homosexuality. How could he stoop so low? This was… unforgivable! Ando just added one more kick to the pain.

“I think…” he said at last. “Gay’s just wrong…” Ando looked away ashamed. Shuichi was really hurting inside now. How could Ando say such a thing?

“So you don’t want anything to do with me?” Shuichi asked him fighting back his tears. Ando looked away in hurt as well. He didn’t mean it like that. Maybe, he should have just kept his mouth shut. It was too late now. Shuichi just got up and walked out of the room. Ando looked out the window in distress. He looked down on the floor. That was a big mistake.

Shuichi walked the halls to Hiro’s room. The boy leaned up against the wall. How could Ando even think like that? He thought Ando was better than that. The vocalist must have been dead wrong about him. The poor soul needed to talk to his first best friend. He knocked on the door.

“Coming!” his friend called. Shuichi waited in sorrow. The door opened wide. Hiro looked at his friend in concern.

“Shuichi,” Hiro replied. “Come in. What’s the matter?” The vocalist couldn’t hold it back anymore. Shuichi broke down into tears as he told the whole story about Ando and the falling out that they had while Hiro walked him into the room. As usual, the guitarist listened quietly. Usually, his friend was weepy over petty little things. But this time was really serious. Hiro was shocked to hear this about Ando. He knew that the boy always got uncomfortable when Shuichi talked endlessly about Yuki. But, this was worse! Shuichi sat down on Hiro’s bed when he was finished. He looked up at his best friend with more tears in his eyes.

“What about I going to do?” he whined out. Hiro sat down beside of him. He put his arm around his friend. Shuichi just sobbed again. The boys were interrupted when they heard a small shuffle. They looked up to see Jake sitting on the bed staring at them blankly. He quickly looked down at his/her feet.

“+Uh… I’m sorry…+” he mumbled. “+Do you guys need to be alone now?+” The boys didn’t say anything at first. Hiro sat up some.

“+If you want to,+” he replied to him. Jake froze for a moment as if to think about that.

“+Okay…+” he said at last. “+I’ll go see Ando now.+” Hiro kept his mouth shut on that one. Ando was not a nice word to say around him at the moment. How could that boy be so stupid? Hiro thought that the Buddhist was much better than that! But worrying about that would come later when he was calm enough to think. Rushing in to deal with Ando would not be wise in the mood that he was in right now. Besides, Lucas could trust Ando around his girlfriend/boyfriend. It wasn’t like the boy was going to do anything perverted to Jake.

“+Fine, fine,+” Hiro said at last. Jake nodded his head once and left the room. Hiro turned his attention back to Shuichi. His friend had calmed down some at the moment. However, the guitarist figured it would be wiser if Shuichi stayed with him the whole trip until he and Ando had sorted things out again. How ever long that would take…

Jake made it over to Ando’s door. He knocked on it politely.

“Please go away,” Ando called from inside.

“+But it’s me,+” Jake spoke up. Silence on the other side came. Then, there came footsteps to the door. The door opened wide to Jake. The American “boy” looked into his friend’s eyes. Jake could see that Ando was pretty upset. Maybe this had something to do with Shuichi. If only Jake could understand Japanese… He suddenly felt uncertain about staying.

“+Uh…+” the boy said at last. “+Is this a bad time?+” Ando nodded at him without thinking. Jake looked away some.

“+Okay,+” he said. “+I’ll come back later.+” Ando nodded at him slowly. Then, he closed the door lightly. Jake turned and walked away. The American boy wandered the hall for a while. The three people that were to take care of him had their own problems at the moment. Jake just couldn’t understand it all. He didn’t know a single word of Japanese at all. All of the Japanese people of their group spoke English to him. Jake was just stuck beside himself at the moment.

The boy soon found himself at Simon and Sid’s room. He just opened the door and walked inside. Sid looked up at him right away.

“/Jake,/” he called. “/What are you doing here?/” Jake shut the door behind him and came in. He sat down beside of Sid.

“+I can’t really talk to anybody here at the moment,+” he explained. “+Shuichi and Ando seemed to have had a falling out and I can’t get a single word out of them or Hiro.+” Jake fell backwards on the bed.

Sigh +If only could understand Japanese…+” he said in stress. Sid looked at him confused.

“/Ah,/” he said. “/I see. I guess…/” Simon looked over at the boys.

“/That sucks,/” he said. Jake and Sid looked over at him. Simon shrugged at them.

“/It’s just not fair,/” he said to Jake. “/You’re left out because you don’t speak Japanese./” Jake shrugged at him and shook his head.

“+I’m sure that they mean well…+” he suggested. Simon shrugged at him as well.

“/Maybe,/” he said. “/But isn’t it just a little bit annoying?/” Jake sat up and thought about that for a moment.

“+Yeah,+” he said. “+But, they mean well to keep me in the dark at times.+” Simon nodded at that a bit. Then, an idea came into his head. He always wanted to sleep with at least three of Lexie’s other personalities. Plus, the boy always wondered what it would be like with another guy. Since Lexie was Jake right now, it was just a two for one deal. Simon smiled at Jake a little bit.

“/Stay in here with us,/” he suggested. Jake looked up at him confused.

“+What?+” he asked. Simon shrugged a little bit again.

“/I mean come on,/” he said. “/Sid will swop! You don’t mean, do you?/” His friend looked at him confused.

“/Uh… with who?/” he asked. Simon had that one figured out already.

“/Shuichi will be rooming with Hiro since Ando had made him upset, yeah?/” he asked. “/He always turns to Hiro when something or someone kicks his pride down into the sorrow gutter. So, you’ll stay with Ando while Jake here stays with me and Casper. You got me?/” Sid thought about that for a moment. He couldn’t argue with that kind of logic.

“/Sure, it’s cool./” Sid said at last.

“/There, you see?/” Simon asked. “/Problem solved./” Jake looked at him nervously.

“+I’m sure about that...+” Jake began. “+Lucas told me that I was supposed to stay with Shuichi, Hiro, or Ando at all times…+” Simon was all ready for that argument.

“/Well what a great job that they’re doing with taking care of you,/” he said. “/They can’t be doing that if they are wrapped up in their own little dramas, now can they?/” Jake thought about that for a moment. Simon did have a point there once again. How did that charming bastard do it? Sid said nothing and rose up to his feet to leave.

“/Take your bags too!/” Simon called. Sid turned and did so. His pal smirked at him as he did so. Too easy. So easy, a play could do it. The other English boy walked out the door and closed it behind him. Jake sat back on the bed.

“+Thanks,+” he said. Simon just nodded at him. Meanwhile, Shuichi was still upset about Ando. He had stopped crying now at least. The vocalist sniffled a little bit.

“I just can’t believe him!” he wailed out. “How could Ando be like that?” Hiro lightly put his arm around his friend.

“Shhh. It’s okay. I’ll talk to him later,” he said. Shuichi looked up at him with some leftover tears in his eyes.

“You mean it?” he whimpered out.

“Yes, I do,” Hiro replied. Shuichi rushed forward and hugged the guitarist tightly. Words couldn’t describe how grateful he was to have a friend like Hiro at the moment. He cried at Hiro’s chest. His friend just watched him in silence. Ando would seriously have to pay for this later. He should have at least kept it to himself. If he was so high and mighty with his Buddhist values, then why did he drink, lust after women, and do drugs constantly. He was just a straight up hypocrite. Hiro shook his head away from those thoughts. He was starting to get angry again. It was just not worth it for both Ando and Shuichi at the moment. The last thing Hiro wanted was to do something they would all regret in the end. Well, time to think about something else to cheer Shuichi up. Suddenly, an idea came into Hiro’s mind. He picked up his cell phone and handed it to his friend.

“Here,” he said. “Will calling Yuki make you feel better?” Shuichi looked up at him quietly.

“Okay,” he said softly. Then, he took the phone and dialed Yuki’s number back in Japan. Hiro watched on silently. Meanwhile in Simon’s room, the boys were sitting together in silence.

“/So what do you think happened?/” the English boy asked the American one. Jake shrugged and shook his head.

“+Couldn’t say,+” he replied. Shuichi came in our room crying. He and Hiro began talking. I decided I wanted to leave them alone for a minute. So I said that I was going over to stay with Ando until everything was clear. Hiro gave me an icy stare when I mentioned Ando. But, he didn’t say anything at all. I just quietly got up and walked away. When I got down to Ando’s room, he opened the door and looked distressed. So, I just wandered the halls until I came here.+” Jake sighed again. “+I just wish that I could help them somehow,+” he went on. “+I just don’t know what to do.+” Simon leaned in him closely.

“/How about I give you head?/” he suggested in a cheeky way. Jake looked at him in disgusted shock.

“+What?!?+” he asked in shock.

“/Thought it would cheer you up!/” Simon said smoothly. Jake was really offended now.

“+What do you take me for?!?+” he cried out. “+I’m trying to find a way to help my friends and your proportioning me for sex! What is wrong with you?!?” Simon rushed over to the “boy” and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Poor Jake was caught off guard by this gesture. Simon pulled away from him after a good fifteen seconds. Jake stared at his friend as if he was mad!

“+You’re sick!+” he cried out.

“/It’s Cambodia!/” Simon called out. “/I want to try something new!/”

“+I’m not a play thing, Simon!+” Jake shot back. “+You’re not playing with a life-size doll here!+”

“/I know,/” the English boy replied. “/I’ve played with life-size dolls before./”

“+Then, what about Casper?+” Jake challenged. Simon gave him a little shrug.

“/What about her?/” he challenged.

“+Simon,+” Jake called.

“/Fine,/” the English boy replied. Then, he got off of the bed and began taking off his shirt. Jake became nervous right away.

“+Wh-What are you doing?+” he asked. Simon looked over at his friend.

“/Want to get a leg up[2]?/” he offered. “/Come to bed!/” Then, he lied back onto his bed. Suddenly, the door opened wide. Both boys looked up. Casper walked right into the room. She looked just as hot as ever. Her dark blue short shorts drew heavy attention to her ass. Her pink halter top made her chest perkier. The hair and make-up completed her looks. Pity she wasn’t wearing any jewelry. (“/It’s too hot for that,/” she reasoned.) She smiled at the boys in her sweet 60’s cheerful way.

“/Hey Jake!/” she called to the American “boy.” The hippie shut the door behind her. “/Could you give Simon and I some alone time, please?/” she asked. She sat down next to her dog boyfriend.

“+No,+” Jake replied. “+Yeah… sure! Sorry!+” Then, they “boy” hurried away as fast as he could. Casper turned to her boyfriend smiling. She had yet to know what her man was planning.

The night was hot and muggy. Everyone did not sleep well. It all put a new meaning to the phrase “drowning in heat.” Emma was in the hallway at the moment. The Aussie only had on panties and a white t-shirt. She was looking at Ken-san and Amuro-san’s room. That girl was planning something tonight. Emma just couldn’t stand the wait any longer. The Aussie was determined to have Ken-san all to herself. This trip was the perfect opportunity for her to do that. All she needed now was the timing. She waited outside of his door and listened closely. Meanwhile, the English sensei was getting right for bed tonight. He had just finished brushing his teeth. The boy only had on boxers tonight. It was too hot to wear pajamas. He was careful however to wear a light over-shirt just to be modest. The sensei wanted to set an example for the students. But that would all soon change quickly. A knock came on his door.

“Don’t come in Setsuko!” he called.

“It’s Emma,” the Aussie whispered to him.

“Emma?” Ken asked in slight surprise. “I’m changing!” The Aussie waited for a moment.

“You okay?” the English sensei asked.

“I can’t sleep,” Emma answered.

“Well,” Ken-san replied with a smile on his face. “You need a book?”

“I don’t need a book,” the Aussie said as if that was a new concept to her.

“You’re a student!” Ken-san called. The lights clicked on in the girl’s head.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!” she replied. “A book! Well, we don’t have to bring books for your sort of thing, do we? Being an English class and all. The story is all in your head, isn’t it?” Ken-san was smiling at that Aussie’s warm charm.

“Well, let me in and I’ll play Juliet to your Romeo!” Emma called. Ken-san kept his smile.

“No,” he answered.

“Fine,” Emma replied. “I’ll go away then.” Ken-san whipped around to the door.

“Alright!” he called quickly. Emma smiled to herself wickedly. Score one for Australia! The door opened wide and the Aussie walked right in. Ken-san looked away smiling to himself. He turned back to her.

“Very clever!” he called to her. Emma smiled at him in a devilish way.

“So, what do you want?” Ken-san asked her. Emma smiled at him again.

“Just wanted to see you,” she replied. Ken-san smiled at her a bit.

“Okay,” he said. A slight pause came for a moment.

“And a,” Emma went on. “Maybe a goodnight kiss.” Ken-san smiled at her brightly. He wanted to do so badly…

But then, a knock on the door came and ruined everything. The potential couple looked up quickly.

“Hope you’re decent!” Amuro-san called cheerfully. Ken-san panicked for a minute.

“Give me a minute!” the man called out. He turned back to his crush.

“Shit!” he whispered to her. “Hide!” Emma nodded right away. Ken-san quickly shoved her under his bed and sat down on it. “Okay!” he yelled. “Come in!” Amuro-san opened the door and walked inside. She was wearing little tonight. The sensei only had on a black strapless bra with matching panties. Ken-san looked her nervously. The other sensei came in and shut the door behind her. She stood at the doorway in a sexy way and sighed. Ken stood up and closed the blinds. He turned to the other sensei unimpressed.

“Setsuko,” he spoke. “You’re staring.” Amuro-san kept looking at him lovingly.

“Was I?” she asked quickly. She sighed again happily and kept looking at him.

“Setsuko!” he yelled again. The other sensei came back to earth again.

“Sorry!” she called. “Well, I’ll be over there if you need me!” Then she walked over to her bed in a sexy way. Emma watched from under the bed. Ken-san was uncomfortable now. He was stuck in a room with the most dorkeist sensei in all of Tokyo Cram College. Could this just get any worse?

“Oh god!” he mumbled to himself.

“You okay?” Amuro-san questioned him.

“Yes!” Ken-san replied in a rush. “Um… I feel hot tonight.” He began getting right into bed.

“I bet you do!” Setsuko replied. She was smiling at him in utter desire. Ken-san lied back in bed some. Then, something disturbing caught his.

“Setsuko,” he said. Amuro-san was stretching around some in a sexy way.

“Just some nightly exercises!” she replied. Ken-san lied back in stress again. Oh boy! This was going to be a long night! Emma wasn’t enjoying herself either. She kept getting a view of Amuro-san’s camel toe as she kept bending down. The Aussie looked away in disgust.

“Two, three, four, five, six,” the sensei kept counting as she was bending down. She kept counting like that over and over again. Emma just laid her head down on the floor and shut her eyes in terror. It would take years to get that image out of her head.

Meanwhile, Ando looked at the picture of him, Shuichi, Lexie, and Hiro on the beach. He really messed up big time. He didn’t mean to insult his friend in that way. Why is that talking always got him into trouble? Why couldn’t he say the right thing for once in his life? Ando looked out the window slowly. The house across the street looked dark except for one light on the second floor facing him. Curious, Ando looked out closely. He slowly walked over to the window and looked out. His dream girl was at the window looking for something to wear for tomorrow. Once that was done, she began undressing for bed. She was dressed up like a little sex kitten in her black and red corset with matching panties. Ando stared on with big eyes. He wasn’t dreaming after all! She was real!

Suddenly, the girl noticed him in her mirror on her dresser. She turned and looked out the window at the hostel across the sugar cane field. The girl stared back at Ando. He was really overjoyed now! She saw him!

“Oh my god!” he cried out. The girl watched him back with a smile on his face. She waved at him in a flirty way. Ando waited back eagerly. The girl waved back at him. Ando couldn’t take it anymore. This type of joy couldn’t be kept to himself any longer.

“Sid!!!” he called aloud. “Come quick!” The English was just returning back from the bathroom again. Ando looked at him overjoyed.

“She’s back!” the Buddhist called out in joy. “And she’s in a corset and underwear!”

“/What?/” Sid asked. “/Your pretend geisha?/” He hurried over to the window with his friend. Ando showed his friend to the window. But disappointment met their faces again. Once again, the girl was gone. The lights were even out across the street. The house was now completely pitch black. Only a dog barking in the night proved that there was life outside for the night. Ando was crushed yet again.

“/You know sometimes,/” Sid spoke up. “/People want to see something so bad that they start to imagine that they have seen something…/” Then, he patted him on the shoulder and walked away to get ready for bed. Ando still stood at the window. It was all still dark outside. Why did she do him like that?

Meanwhile, Ken-san was faring too well either. Amuro-san snored when she slept. Pretty loudly. So much so that the English sensei couldn’t sleep at all. The poor man could only stare up at the ceiling. Then, he heard a soft shuffle. The sensei looked down slightly. Emma was slowly crawling out from under the bed. Once out, she sat down on Ken-san’s bed. They shared a kiss together. Emma quietly left and went back to her room for the night. The English sensei lied back onto his bed and looked up at the ceiling again. At least the night would be a little more enjoyable now. Maybe this trip won’t be so bad after all.

The morning rang loudly for breakfast. It was just as muggy as it was yesterday. Everyone peeked out into the hall. Botum smiled brightly at them all.

“Wakey! Wakey!” she called out. “Time for cleansing! First girls clean! Then, boys clean!”

“/There’s no f***g way I am taking a shower in one of those boxes!/” Casper complained to Fujisaki before they parted for the showers. Ando came in passed them only dressed in a robe. He came past Shuichi on the way to the showers. The pink-haired vocalist had on a robe as well. The Buddhist smiled at him warmly.

“Hello Shuichi!” he called. “Sid’s snoring last night was really rough!” The vocalist tried to walk away and ignore him at first. But then, he stopped and turned to his frienemy.

“Just take it back,” he replied. Ando looked at him in discomfort.

“Take back what you said,” Shuichi pleaded to him. Ando just looked down at the floor. Shuichi looked at him bitterly. It was silly to think that his friend would change overnight. But then, Hiro came along just in time. He put his arm around Shuichi’s shoulders.

“Come on Shuichi,” he said. “Let’s get going.” His friend nodded at him and walked off. Hiro turned to Ando. The Buddhist stared back him frozen sickly. Part of him was afraid of what the guitarist would do to him since he hurt Shuichi yesterday. Hiro was very understanding, right?

“Listen me Ando,” he hissed under his breath. “Unless you are going to apologize to Shuichi, don’t even think about going near him! You got me?” Ando stared on pale and silent. Hiro just shook his head in disgust and walked off.

“See you,” he called unimpressed. Ando watched on in worry. He shrugged in distress and walked on to the showers. He seemed to be just making it worse for himself. The showers were just all little tall boxes. There wasn’t much room to move around in. The people inside could only stand up straight in them. The water was icy cold as well. Great! Freezing water and cramped space. Beautiful way to start a morning! Ando shook his head uneasily. “Oh hell no!” he thought. Then, the Buddhist turned to leave. But, Botum blocked the doorway.

“Shower!!!” she yelled at him.

“Okay, okay!!!” Ando cried out. He turned around and hurried over to one of the box showers. Botum grabbed his robe as Ando went into the shower and shut the door. He turned on the water in the same rush.

“AHHHH!!!!” the poor boy screamed out in surprise. “COLD WATER!!!!”

“Don’t worry boys!” Amuro-san yelled on the other side of the wall. “It’s all part of the culture!”

“Stop saying that Setsuko!” Nick yelled out. Shuichi was lost in his thoughts at the moment was there was a tap on the left side of his shower cubicle. He looked up right away.

“Hello?” he asked aloud.

“+Shuichi,+” a voice whimpered out to him. The vocalist relaxed some.

“+Jake?+” he asked back in his best English. “+What’s the matter?+”

“+It’s Simon,+” the American “boy” answered. “+He keeps hitting on me!+” Shuichi froze up at those words. Something told him that it wasn’t a good idea to let Jake go off on his own. Simon just couldn’t be trusted with Lexie when she was one of her other personalities. He was just that sneaky.

“+Okay,+” Shuichi whispered to him. “+Has he touched you in anyway?+”

“+No,+” Jake said. “+I’m really nervous. I don’t know what to do.+” Shuichi paused for a moment to think about that.

“+Okay,+” he said again. “+Just stay away from him. I’ll talk to him.+” Jake breathed out in relief on his side.

“+Thanks Shuichi!+” he said. The vocalist smiled to himself warmly. He was happy to help out his friend. If only Ando could take back what he said yesterday… Shuichi shook his head from those thoughts. Hiro told him to worry about that for the rest of the trip. “It’s not worth getting worried over it,” he said to his best friend. “I’ll deal with him myself.” Shuichi suddenly felt better again. Now, he would have to watch after Lexie/Jake and keep him away from Simon. However fun that would be.

Afterwards, everyone sat in the lobby of the hostel. The showers were not that great for them all. Jake sat with Shuichi and Lucas for protection.

“Okie Dokey karaoke folks!” Amuro-san called out as she snapped her fingers walking down the aisle. “Listen up!” She made her way to the front.

“This way please!” she called. Botum and Ken-san sat down in the front. “Now,” the geography sensei went on. “There’s been a few problems. But, are we gonna let it get us down?” Silence sat in the room. Emma looked over at Ken-san. The English sensei stared at Setsuko blankly. Amuro-san kept her big smile.

“No,” she replied. “So, let the education begin!” Today was some sight-seeing first. The heat didn’t help at all. The fans on trolley didn’t really help either. Shuichi leaned on Hiro once again.

“Shuichi,” he said. “It’s too hot to lean on me.”

“But you’re helping me walk,” the vocalist said. “Besides, it’s too hot to move!” Sweat drop on Hiro’s head

“Leaning on me doesn’t help!” he replied.

“/This is crap!/” Nicole complained. “/My make-up is going to be ruined again!/”

“Then why wear it?” Fujisaki asked. Nicole shrugged at him.

“/Cause,/” she said. “/I just wanted to!/” Fujisaki sighed annoyed. Shawn put his arm around Nicole.

“/There, there babes!/” he said. “/You’re still look hot!/” Nicole smiled at him kindly. They shared a kiss together. Jake and Lucas sat together behind Shuichi and Hiro. Jake tried his best to look away from his boyfriend. You see, Jake was in love with Lucas. However, there was a problem. Luke was straight and dating Lexie. So, the unrequited love was overpowering. Trolley pulled up to the main street. The doors opened wide. Amuro-san turned to her students.

“Alright everybody!” she called. “Stay together and remember your manners!” The students looked at her bored. Amuro-san smiled at them brightly again. She clapped her hands together cheerfully. “Right!” she said. “Now go out and enjoy yourselves!” They all boarded off the bus and went their separate ways.
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